Immaculate Brilliance

Turn your face towards the sun.
Your reason for being here will never be none.
Within you is the strength of hope and a presence of mind to be undaunted.
I promise that you will never be unwanted.

The challenges you face may seem beyond your ken.
But I ask you to rise up all over again.
I know the alternative is a void of empty darkness.
A danger of lies is what you'll find within that starkness.

Keep yourself open and genuine.
Do not take the route to disincline.
You are so much stronger than you could ever know.
The will and determination within you is yours to show.

Do not feel that you are wanting.
A new day is dawning.
You are a warrior that will face what will feel like an impossible disparity.
I call on all of you not to give in to asperity.

You are here for a purpose and the reason is for you to decide.
I want you to accept yourself and not set it aside.
You are valued beyond measure.
I will be there for you at your leisure.

The faith to overcome will set you to rise.
Though it may take many tries.
You are exceptional.
That's more than conceptional.

Your character will be tested.
You will not be bested.
This is not to say you will be without pining.
Still your immaculate brilliance will always stay shining.