It's nearly quitting time at Are You Coddin' Me, and Sal Coddington is holding a meeting in his office with Lük, Bea and Horoshi. "'Right, folks. It's time for a little staff meeting. As you can see by this graph, profits have gone way down for 8 months. Apparently, our salmon steak burgers somehow had a very unsettling scent. Who here was in charge of keeping the fish fresh?", said Sal. "I believe that was Bea.", said Lük. "What? I thought keeping them fresh as in spraying them with air freshener. That's how you keep food fresh, right?", said Bea as Lük nods in disappointment. "Horoshi, what's our current budget?", asked Sal as Horoshi points the graph with his sword. "Based on the number of food sales, costs of maintenance for oven and grill and purchases of new salmon steaks after the red-haired buffoon tainted all the previous ones, our budget is an estimated total of... $42.94.", said Horoshi. "$42?! Goddamn! The HIRS is gonna have our asses for this.", said Sal. "If this restaurant does not survive any longer, Sal-san, I will have no choice but to resort to seppuku to make up for financial dishonor.", said Horoshi. "Shit. We've keep our station up and running again, people, the sooner the better. Anyone got ideas?", said Sal. "How about I threaten people with severe wounding until they agree to eat at this establishment.", said Horoshi. "Let's go dress up like fishes, ring people's doorbells and scare them into coming here.", said Bea. "Why don't we just send some flyers or shit. Sounds simple enough, and doesn't involve scaring and/or maiming anybody.", said Lük. "Flyers? Hmm... yeah... That's it, Lük. We can send flyers. That's what we need, some promotion. Everyone, make as many flyers as you can. We gotta save Are You Coddin Me.", said Sal. "As you command, Sal-san.", said Horoshi. "You're the boss.", said Lük. "Do we need more air fresheners?", said Bea.

Later, the employees are writing down flyers. "Lük. Take a look of the flyer I made. 'Eat at Are You Coddin' Me and win a free car'", said Bea. "Why the hell would we give away a car, red?", asked Lük. "To add some pizzazz, obviously. A car for a prize would make this restaurant look incredible.", said Bea. "Do you have any idea what you're talkin' about.", said Lük. "I'm talking about pizzazz, Lük. Pizzazz equals customers equals the restaurant is saved.", said Bea. "Oh, of course it would... if we had a budget of a million dollars.", said Lük sarcastically. "Hey, Horoshi. Did you write anything down with your flyer?", he also said. "I will personally tell people to eat at this establishment, or face certain death!", said Horoshi. "Jesus, man. That's downright extreme.", said Lük. "Extreme is all I know in this world.", said Horoshi. "Anyway, my flyer is the most logical than all your ones combined. It says 'Eating fish? Are You Coddin Me? No, we're serving you.' What do you think?", said Lük. "Hmm... clever, Lüktipher-san. Those with common sense can make up something as clever as that.", said Horoshi. "Bea, what are your thoughts?", asked Lük. "Can we still do the car giveaway for pizzazz?", said Bea as Lük pulls a grumpy face.