Di Aubelo is taken to God's mansion by Archangel Grant, where God and Jesus Christ are having dinner. "Attention, God. Jesus. Cease your family dinner for I have here a fugitive from beneath the fiery underworld.", said Grant as he showed them Di. "Oh, me. You interrupted my dinner time just to show me a trespassing demon?", said God. "Well, of course, great almighty God, and I was wondering if you could give it a very extreme punishment.", said Grant. "I'm no evil demon, Honest. I can be friendly. Just like that Lükthiper demon.", said Di. "Oh, come on, now. We all know he's not friendly to all of us.", said Grant. "Archangel, it's not fair to assume automatically. Like the bible says, Judge not, that you be not judged.", said Jesus. "Yeah, what he said. Now will you let me eat in pe-", said God before choking on a bone. "Oh, no. Father is choking! Quick. Send help, archangel.", said Jesus. "I got this!", said Di as he escaped the clutches of Grant and ran to God. He was facing God's back and said, "Hold still, bearded man. This might hurt a bit.", as he swung his arm and gave one hard punch on the back of God and God spat out the bone. "Myself. You... saved me.", said God. "Uh, yeah. You were choking, ese.", said Di. "I don't believe it. A demon actually saved my father's life.", said Jesus. "Of course I did, I must be proof that not all demons are evil.", said Di. "I hate to admit it, but thank you, demon, for helping me.", said God. "You're thanking him?! After he snuck into heaven?!", said Grant. "Archangel, show some respect. We should be grateful for him, speaking of which. If there's anything you want, demon. You say it.", God said to Di. Di was thinking.

A day later at Are You Coddin' Me, Lük and Bea are working when Di Aubelo drops in and says, "Hey, eses. Who has two thumbs up, and just got dual citizenship for both hell and heaven? This chico." "Wow. Dual citizenship? So you're now living here?", said Bea. "Well, I'm sort of working here. God assigned me to give him a sponge bath for the next 9 months.", said Di. "[shudders] God, that's disgusting.", said Lük. "Well, I just wanted to thank you two compadres for everything.", said Di. "Really? After we got you busted and all?", asked Lük. "Ah, you're OK, ese. The important thing is, I can live a perfect life here in heaven.", said Di. Di's pager vibrates. "Oh, time to rub God's back with soapy suds. Later, amigos.", said Di. "Bye, Di.", said Bea. "Yeah, whatever.", said Lük. Grant comes in and says to Bea, "Beatris, for telling an unforgivable fib to me, I will refuse to speak to you for 1 month.", said Grant. "Um, OK.", said Bea. "Demon, tell me what she said.", said Grant. "The lady says it's fine by her, genius. Now order something or get out.", said Lük. "No, I can not look at a liar's face for the next month. She broke my heart.", said Grant before running away in tears. "Sheesh, what a fucking drama queen.", said Lük.