This is another story I've had in my head for a while, this story takes place in Earth Town which is an Invertebrate Community somewhere north of the Great Plains area that's a bit richer than the others because of the Construction Worms discovering a rich vein of gold when they were digging so even if the Bugs still have to live underground, they basically live in underground houses with like actual walls instead of just living in decorated tunnels with walls of dirt, and some of the richest families get to have rooms that form mounds on the surface with windows so they can see the surface world.

Felecia Flea was a Flea-Girl Humanimal who lived in Earth Town, famous for being far richer than any of the other Invertebrate Communities because of the rich vein of gold discovered by the construction worms as the first tunnels were being dug.

Felecia was a bit of a loner and felt like no one understood her, her Mom was a Fat Flea who was obsessed with watching her soap operas and didn't seem to care about anything else and her Dad wasn't that much better.

So Felecia was content to mostly stay in her room, drinking her blood soda, (As a Flea she can't consume anything else except blood) and read books.

One of her favorite books to read were the 'John Doe' Supernatural Mysteries. A series of books about Paranormal Teenager Detective known only as John Doe. While he's supposed to be a mysterious figure he's at the very least human because he's never described having any animal anatomy presumably he's human because the Author is human. And the cover art depicts him as a Young Caucasian Teenager with short black hair dressed up like Dick Tracy, you know typical Trench coat and trilby hat.

He went from place to place solving Supernatural Mysteries whenever there was something involving demons or ghosts John Doe was the guy to call.

Reading these books made, Felecia want to be a detective but on Mizzer a place with hardly any crime there weren't exactly a lot of mysteries to solve.