So…This was an idea I had a while ago when I first came up with Felecia Flea a few months ago, however I wasn't sure if it fit in Mizzer because Mizzer has so few crimes and only the most petty of crimes, shoplifting and vandalism mostly done by hyperactive teenagers, but I realized I could do this story of a creepy cult if it happened sometime in the past before my Main Mizzer Heroine Marzipan was born because this takes place in remote 'flyover country' so the story could be kept relatively small, also I have established Mizzer is a planet with a haunted past, once part of a larger planet before a war between two alien races caused Heaven to intervene and an angel divided the planet in two and send the other half to another solar system in another part of the Milky Way Galaxy the ghosts of the original inhabitants of the planet went into some of the new plants and became the Biollante so it figures there would be a lot of strange spirits haunting Mizzer, and occasionally humans and Humanimals run afoul of these spirits.

This story takes place ten years before the Wrangler Invasion of Mizzer.

It was a hot summer night, once again Felecia was up late long after her parents had gone to bed, it was Summer Vacation…She didn't have anything to wake up for! So she spent her night in her room, listening to her favorite Jazz and R&B station on the radio while reading the latest in the John Doe Mysteries….The Ghosts of Maple Creek. In this story John Doe gets called to go the sleepy, seemingly perfectly innocent little town of Maple Creek where a teenage girl had vanished and where several other teenage girls had disappeared before and the Detective who was put on the case many years ago had vanished also without a trace!

As typical of a John Doe Mystery, it became clear supernatural forces were at work! Seemed there was a creepy cult running the town that had most of the citizens under its spell…Just as she was getting to the part where John Doe was about to dismantle the enchanted church bell that kept everyone hypnotized with its ringing…Suddenly the radio that had been playing George Michael's Careless Whisper suddenly went on the fritz, jolting Felecia out of the experience of the story and she turned the radio on her bedside table. She fiddled with the dials, seemed every radio station was on the fritz and all she could hear was static…How very odd.

She couldn't return to the story now, her focus was all messed up…So she decided she would head to her favorite 'hideaway' spot when she was a child…The attic.

The Attic had a window with which she could view the surface world…When she was a child she loved to looked at the rolling green meadows and the blue skies and white clouds, as she grew into a teenager she found she no longer wanted to just look at the surface world….She wanted to BE on the surface world and only being able to look at it from the attic window became painful for her.

But tonight she wanted to see the clear summer night, however she was not prepared for what she was about to see…A few feet away from the mound the attic formed, Felecia could see several Vertebrate Humanimals…All different kinds…And they were all NAKED!

Felecia immediately had to duck back down and she quickly covered her mouth to prevent what was a cross between a laugh and a scream from escaping…Then she heard the sounds of speaking…Her curiosity got the best of her she had to hear what was being said, she opened the window, and only had her eyes peeking above the windowsill before all the naked Humanimals stood a great Galapagos Tortoise-Man he was naked too but because of his shell his 'naughty bits were naturally covered.

"My children…" Said the Tortoise-Man "…Tonight is the first night we begin the process of liberating ourselves from the confines of civilization…Starting with the confines of our own clothes! How absurd is it for Animals do have to wear clothes over our fur, feathers or scales? Nature has already clothed us and we reject her gifts by covering her designer fashions with cheap human made items from the department stores! Don't you feel so much freer without those clothes?"

A murmur of agreement from the other Humanimals…

"So tonight we dance My Children!" Proclaimed the Tortoise

And so music came down from the sky and the Humanimals all began to waltz with a partner of their own species…As Felecia watched with rapt fascination.

Any of you got flashbacks to the Naturalist Club scene from Zootopia? I admit Ghosts of Maple Creek is the name of a computer game I watched YouTuber Brutalmoose play on his streaming channel and the description of the plot of barrowed from that game as well