So finally the climax of the story, this is one of the few Fictionpress Stories that seem to be on the verge of completion (Technically Tale of Shale has one more chapter to go I've just been putting it off because I've just not wanted to do it and/or waiting until next Christmas Season so it will be thematically appropriate)

Felecia found herself flying like a rocket toward the Tortoise-Man's head and then suddenly she was inside of it!

For a few moments she was completely disoriented, tumbling down a strange tunnel that seemed to have pulses of electricity moving in between the cracks, Felecia quickly realized this strange tunnel resembled the gray matter of the brain!

It took her a few moments, but she finally managed to stabilize herself, as soon as she did, she was startled when she heard a voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

"Hello? Is someone there?"

"John-Meriweather?" Felecia squeaked "Is that you?"

"It is me" Said the Tortoise-Man's voice "The real me! Not the Spirit who is currently controlling my body!"

I have come to exorcise the spirit!" Felecia declared

"Oh please do!" Replied John-Meriweather "I didn't realize what the Spirit's actual plans were! I thought he was helping me create a Utopia where all creatures would be free! He thought he has replaced me, he thinks I couldn't hear what what he was saying with my own mouth, but I'm awake I just can't do anything!"

Felecia was tempted to ask John-Meriweather what he thought the Utopia would look like and what everyone would do all day in that Utopia, but she knew she only had a few minutes to spare before the witching hour so she said "I need to find where the Spirit is..."

"I'll help you." Said John-Meriweather "I'll take you to where he is."

Before Felecia could even think she was suddenly in a different place, she seemed to be outside the brain, right at the base of the brain where the Brain stem connected...On the Brain stem, was a strange silver-gray shape, it was vaguely shaped like a mushroom.

"If you can remove him..." John-Meriweather said "...I would be ever so grateful, I can't do it myself, his roots are too deep in me."

The strange mushroom like growth seemed nearly as large as her entire body! But rather than waste time thinking...Felecia spat on her hands...All four of them...And tried to pull the the spectral fungus out...That was easier said than done as it felt like it was stuck with super glue!

"I had begun to admire you..." Said John-Meriweather "...I realized you and I are similar in quite a few ways..."

"What do you mean?" Felecia asked as she continued to struggle to move the mushroom

"You're an insect and I'm a reptile," John-Meriweather "We're both creatures that suffer from stigma because humans see us as disgusting creepy-crawlies."

That caused Felecia to remember the taunt when first facing the Tortoise-Man when he said no one would believe her because he was a lovable, grandfatherly old Tortoise and she was the most unlovable of all creatures, a blood sucking parasite. But she was now in the position to realize that may have been the Professor talking not what John-Meriweather actually believed

"Humans like Turtles and Tortoises..." Felecia said

"Yes..."John-Meriweather said "...I have been blessed with the good fortune to be born the one kind of reptile that is universally liked by humans...But it some ways that causes more sorrow, knowing that I am blessed but my more slithery brethren the serpents and the like are seen as frighting and symbols of evil..."

Felecia briefly had to stop trying to pull up the mushroom, so she stopped to pant...But then she realized what she actually had to do...

She slipped her fingers under the mushroom, where it was touching the brain stem...Getting her hands into the mushroom...She was able to get glimpses into The Professor's life...She learned he was a sensitive, libertine soul who felt oppressed by society...As she lifted with her strong Flea legs...She got glimpses of his memories of being pushed around by the neighborhood bullies for being a nerd...She finally began to lift the mushroom off the brain stem...She got into her head his belief that he should rule the world not because he believed he could make the world a better place, no he genuinely believed Humanity was irredeemable and deserved to be tortured by him for all eternity...

Finally with a great grunt, Felecia lifted the mushroom...Crackling bits of electricity streamed from it as it left the brain stem...

As Felecia roared from the strain from all that effort, the Mushroom actually floated out of her hands as now she had done the hard work...The Lord took it from her and sent the Wraith out of John-Meriweather's body and straight to Hell!

And with that, Felecia was sent back to her body and she was immediately knocked out, so was John-Meriweather who collapsed on the ground, and all his naked Humanimal followers who were mentally connected to him fainted too...

Sam and the Psychic woman took the time to untie John Dewclaw from the wooden stake, the Dog-Man Police Officer was very grateful but also asked the psychic woman if she had any spare clothes or at least a blanket in her car.

The Spirit taking the shape of a mushroom was inspired by those kinds of parasitic fungus that infect ants or other kinds of insects that cause a spore to grow from the back of their heads, the struggle Felecia has with the exorcism is partly inspired by the last episode of Avatar the Last Airbender where in order the ability to bend from the evil Fire Lord, Aang must be able to resist the evil of Fire Lord's Ozai's Soul as their minds meld for the duration of the process