We were on holiday, me and my parents and my friend from next door. We grew up together, we spent days talking about our lives, the things we were going to do. He was the best friend I could wish for, I got used to him coming along for a holiday so often, he was almost part of the family. Though we are very different people. He is outgoing, I'm very much introverted. My parents had rented a house, but the place was just a bit too small and also we thought it would be cool to put up a tent outside, so we did. We had a place up the hill a bit, a view on the river and the town below. Wine ranks to the right of us. Whoever built this house wanted to enjoy the view, the garden was straightened out as much as it could be and it was separated from the town by a small fence and a wall that supported the garden. It couldn't have been a better place to be at.

I remember the crickets chirping, it had been a really warm day too. Something about then, the air was warm, but it felt light. It was already dark, but somehow it felt like my cheeks were still glowing. There were moments that I imagined I could fly, that the warm air would carry me. But I sat there on the lawn looking over the town below. Today was a festival or a party, I'm not sure, but there was wine everywhere. I heard the glasses fill up. I was smiling, it was such a beautiful moment. I looked down and the streets were lit by these yellow sodium lights. It amplified the warmth of the party. In the distance I could see tables, people sitting at them, casual conversation.

The stars were out too, I'm sure it was a mirage of sorts, but I swear I saw the milkyway. So many stars out there. Rarely did the night look so bright. I was the river and the hills on the other side. The moment seemed to slow down time itself. For a moment the voices seemed distant. I looked down and saw two people speak, their lips move slow-motion. A warmth flowed over me, I was an introverted teenager, but hormones coursed through me, rapidly and unpredictably. Their conversation continued, then after a few minutes, they moved closer and their lips touched. My heart froze for a moment, the excitement almost too much. At least in part attributed to the voyeuristic excitement.

My friend had joined the party, over the past few years, although we were close friends, our lives diverged further and further. Being a year older, he had just finished his exams and was getting ready for college, I was still struggling through school. He would already go out and enjoy the occasional party, the few times I had joined him, I knew it was not for me. I was fine sitting here, enjoying the view, the sounds, the warmth, the space to myself.

I moved over a bit and saw more of the party. The street was wide, there was live music, most notably an eager violin player. People dancing moved in and out of my view. Women's dresses would fan out, I'd see the dress come first, the person wearing it later. I couldn't but imitate their smiles, delicate, sweet, warm. Their cheeks red from the wine and the long gone sun. It felt deeply comfortable to just sit there. I moved in closer towards a shrub. A little more of the street came into view, but also the shrub gave a sense of comfort. Not so much that I was hiding in it, but it felt protected.

The evening went on and the party continued, people drank more and as more people got inebriated, people felt more comfortable. I saw more hugging, people moved in closer and would hold each other. Their comfort towards each other, every time I saw an arm, one move over the other, I somehow emulated the move, my shoulders would move, my head would turn into the movement and somehow I'd feel warmth, I'd smile and feel a moment of relief. I'd exhale deeply, with a sense of satisfaction.

As the evening progressed, inhibitions slowly disappeared. Kisses became more frequent. Hands would travel more. The dresses would twirl higher and the humor moved further down. My excitement grew with each moment, I constantly choked up, my heart constantly raced. My eyes would fall on parts of a womans bosom or a piece of underwear peeking by, yet here I sat, no more than enjoying the spectacle below. My attention constantly pulled to these moments.

The woman and the man I saw suddenly ran in to the alley below the garden. She noticed me and looked me straight in the eye, but continued to run all the while looking at me. She turned around, pulled the man in and kissed him. Then turned back again, She was facing the wall, I saw her taking off a piece of clothing, she held up her dress and then put her hands on the wall, her eyes came back to me. She smiled the next 5 minutes as she looked at me. She turned around, kissed the man again and they slowly walked back to the street. Halfway she turned around, blew me kiss and then continued. I was shook, I layed down and watched the sky. My body felt electrified, excitement coursed through every facet of me.

I stared at the night sky, at the stars, I heard the party in the distance slowly wind down. My friend came back, drunk was probably the best word for it. He laid down next to me. I turned my head to him and he kissed me. I was surprised, a bit shocked. I saw the girl from before sitting on the porch of the house watching us. Our eyes locked and the same smile as before appeared on her face. My friend continued kissing me, his hand moved to the bulge in my pants, he undressed us both and I remember waking up the next morning naked, invigorated, invincible.