Swathes of dark hair and a bright, alluring gaze

that I could drown in so easily if I had the notion

Yet it is not your looks or your charm that I love the most

but instead the honesty that spills from rose-petal lips,

the sweetness that lingers in shining eyes,

the happiness that lights up inside me like a beacon

as soon as I see your face

The feeling is indescribable, like joy overflowing straight from my heart

I want to feel that love once again

by someone who will never leave, never forget me

Someone who will spill the words of love from between his lips

with no ounce of fear or remorse for having said them

The pain still aches deep in my heart, fresh like a bruise left on my skin

and the memories of the one that came before won't fade or be forgotten

But I feel light, like I'm healing when I'm near you

Won't you let me be near you just a while longer?