Lük is reading a magazine on how to get away with paying tax to a local government. "Hmm, Interesting.", said Lük. He hears the door knocking and opens it. Bea is at the doorstep and says, "Hey, Lük. Can you do me a huge favor?" "If you want me to explain how cooking works, we've been through this a billion times.", said Lük. "No, not that. It's that I'm gonna be visiting my grandfather over at elderly heaven. You know, the part of heaven with only old people.", said Bea. "Figures.", said Lük. "So I was wondering if you would bring me to visit him.", said Bea. "Why can't your own mom bring ya?", said Lük. "I wish she could, but she got injured. Apparently, Grant talked her into trying to beat him in arm wrestling.", said Bea.

Meanwhile, Heather Mackmill is recuperating in her bed with a broken arm. "I'm am going to kill that archangel someday.", she said.

Back to Lük and Bea, "Sorry, red. I've got important things to do like scrub the dishes, pay my taxes, exercise, make myself a big dinner.", said Lük. "Oh, I see. You're a very busy guy. Well, I'll be off now. See ya.", said Bea. As soon as Lük closes his door, he lies on the couch, takes out a cigar and a bottle of vodka and watches TV out loud. Suddenly, Bea watches from the back window, knocks on it, startling Lük. "Is that paying taxes, Lük?", asked Bea. "[sigh] I'll get my car key.", said Lük.