Lük and Bea are in Lük's car, on the way to Elderly Heaven. "So, red, who's this old-ass geezer you're always on about?", asked Lük. "You mean Grampa Schmitty? Oh, he's a cool guy once you get to know him. One time, he told me a story of how he single-handedly killed 100 demons with a single toothpick.", said Bea. "I can't tell if that was a lie or you're being idiotic as usual, red.", said Lük. "But it's true, my grampa said so.", said Lük. "I'll be the judge of that.", Lük said to himself.

Lük and Bea arrive at Elderly Heaven, where the population is an amazing 400,000,000 senior citizens. "So, this is what happens when old folks die in the living world, eh? They keep taking more and more space and next thing you know, they'll be the kings of queens of heaven.", said Lük. "There it is, Lük. That's the place my Grampa is living in.", said Bea when she pointed at retirement home #3,825.

Lük and Bea are inside the retirement home. "Oh, boy. I'm so excited to see him again.", said Bea. "Why would anyone ever be excited to see old people anyway?", said Lük. "Because they're kind, wise and full of tons of great stories, even if they do get weak permanently.", said Lük. They head to door #592. They go into the room. "Hello? Grampa?", said Bea. "I know this breaks the laws of heaven or something, red, but I think your grampa might've kicked the bucket.", said Lük. "And I think I agree with your prediction!", said Grampa Schmitty who appeared unexpectedly. "[gasp] Grampa!", said Bea when she went on Schmitty's lap and hugged him. "Beatris. How is my sweet literal angel?", said Schmitty. "Oh, I'm very sweet, grampa, here take a bite of me.", said Bea. "Ha. Still being nonsensical like always.", said Grampa Schmitty. "So, you must be the great Schmitty who killed 100 demons by yourself, huh?", said Lük. "Holy shit! A demon!", said Schmitty before getting out of his wheelchair, pinning down Lük and choking him with his metal-claw as a right hand. "Who sent you, you demon spy?!", said Schmitty. "Grampa, no. Don't kill him!", said Bea. "Yeah, Don't make me your 101st victim, or so you think.", said Lük. "Please, grampa. He's my best friend.", said Bea. "Friend? You're friends... with a demon?!", said Schmitty. "Well, yeah.", said Bea. "Aw, nuts. I wouldn't wanna make my only granddaughter very sad by killing her friends, but why is one of them a demon?", said Schmitty. "Well, for starters, he's very funny, and tough, and smart.", said Bea. "Really?. Hey, demon. Tell me a joke and a history lesson.", said Schmitty. "I have a name. It's Lük. And here's a joke, If you ever pin me down like that, I'll rip off that claw of yours and shove it up your ass. And here's a history lesson, Lük Demonson reveals Schmitty as a fraud after lying about killing 100 demons single-handedly.", said Lük. "Hmm, you got guts. I like that. Except you got one thing wrong. I really did kill those demons myself, back in the great angel-demon war of nineteen-something.", said Schmitty. "Yawn. Can we head off now, red.", said Lük. "Shhh. I wanna listen to grampa's story.", said Bea when he sat down on the floor with her legs crossed.

"So there we where, me and the troops were fighting off Satan's demon soldiers. They were mighty. They were tough. They were deadly. My fellow soldiers were being victimized by the opposing team. They were completely outmatched. As all hope seemed lost, I saw a toothpick on the mouth of a decapitated soldier, and I took it from him.", said Schmitty. "Hey, gimme that back.", said the soldier in the flashback. "And so I stabbed one of the demon soldiers in the eye. I removed his armor. And guess what I did next.", said Schmitty. "Did you have sex with him? Because that doesn't sound plausible, like your story.", said Lük. "Hush, demon. Anywho, I mercilessly stabbed the soldier leader in the chest, and I dragged the toothpick all the way down his stomach. I ripped open his chest, took out his heart and I drank the blood. Next, I shoved the toothpick down another demon's soldier's place where the sun don't shine. And I took out another demon's eye out with the toothpick. And next thing you know, I went bat-shit crazy and did even more sadistic things to all the enemies with my toothpick. It was my toothpick that saved the day. I was given a medal and a highest honor for my brave actions.", said Schmitty.

"WOW! That was the great story ever told, grampa!", said Bea. "Greatest story? Oh, come on. No man could ever kill a guy with just one tiny, puny toothpick.", said Lük. "Well, if you had a toothpick, you would've killed me, but no, the laws of heaven won't let me die.", said Schmitty. "Oh, silly grampa.", said Bea. "Who said I was silly?", said Schmitty.