The following day at high noon, Schmitty and Kenneth are on top of the retirement home preparing to battle. Howard Cosell commentates. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the battle of the broken senile senior citizens, a fight between two former soldier allies, a fight for bragging rights and the right to own a little, sharp piece of wood. In the red corner, the man who claimed to single-handedly massacre 100 demons with a small toothpick... Schmitty "Demon Killer" Mackmill. And in the blue corner, the man who claimed to be the sole owner of the toothpick... Kenneth "So-called Toothpick Owner" Samson."

Lük and Bea are the only attendees. "My god, could this story get any more stupid as shit.", said Lük. "But no one ever mentioned grampa's story today.", said Bea. "Not that. I meant the story that's being written by the writer right now. I mean, seriously, can't the guy who created us make up his god damn mind?", said Lük. "Quiet. The fight is about to start.", said Howard Cosell.

The bell rings. The match starts. Schmitty uses his claw to scape the iron chest of Kenneth. Kenneth lifts up Schmitty from his wheelchair and uses him as a hammer to beat his body up. "Oh, the pain. The gruesome, senile pain.", said Howard Cosell. Schmitty gets back up and takes off Kenneth's left robot arm to hit him in the head many times. "Yay. Go, grampa.", said Bea while Lük drinks beer from a flask. Kenneth counters by using his wheel legs to crush Schmitty's legs. "Kenneth Samson is crushing Schmitty Mackmill's legs with his own wheel legs. Oh, the irony.", said Howard Cosell. Schmitty is left looking lifeless as Kenneth transforms his right arm into a knife. "Any last words, Mackmill?", said Kenneth. "Yeah... Toothpick powers, activate!", said Schmitty as he took out his infamous blood-soaked toothpick and stabbed Kenneth in the eye. He then uses it to stab him in the brain many times until Kenneth can't continue anymore. "Down goes Samson. Down goes Samson. The self-proclaimed Demon Slayer wins the fight.", said Howard Cosell.

"Hooray! Grampa! Grampa! Grampa! Grampa!", cheered Bea. "Meh, I guess the fight was OK, but the stories, still more untrue than Bigfoot.", said Lük. "Oh, really.", said a mysterious voice, who revealed himself to be an old demon. "Jesus, how many demons are sneaking into heaven right now?", said Lük. "Schmitty Mackmill, I've been waiting hundred of years to see your face.", said the old demon. "Who are you?", asked Schmitty. "The one who you left a scar on me.", said the old demon as he showed his giant scar on his chest. "Woah, that was you? I thought you were dead or something.", said Schmitty. "As you were too busy killing my troops, I managed to place my heart which you bit off back into my chest the last minute. Since then, I was searching around Hell and Heaven for several decades to find you and finally get my revenge. And now here we are.", said the old demon.

"Hold up! Hold up! You mean to tell me that everything that old-ass geezer said... WAS REAL?!", said Lük. "Sure, Lük. Why else would he be faking it?", said Bea. Lük paused for a sec and said, "Touche." "Now, prepare to feel my destructive wrath, Mackmill.", said the old demon as he tried to slay Schmitty, but he was too old and slow to attack, so Schmitty pushed him down. "Man, this is so pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.", said Lük. "You'll never stop me, Mackmill. Everytime you knock me down, I will keep getting back up. And I will finally get my rev-", said the old demon before he was shot multiple times to death by Lük. "Alright, enough of this. I'm tired. I'm stressed out. My throat hurts like hell. I just wanna get back the fuck home! [sigh] Come on, red. Let's go.", said Lük. "Well, it was nice seeing you, grampa.", said Bea. "OK, bye bye, my sweet literal angel.", said Schmitty as Lük and Bea leave the retirement home and head out to their own homes. "What a explosive turn of events. Not only has Mackmill defeated his foe Samson and gets to keep his trusty toothpick for all eternity, but he prevails over a longtime enemy from Satan's playground. This is Howard Cosell saying good night.", said Howard Cosell