Lük and Bea are at Bea's mom's house watching the Real Housewives of Rich Heaven. "Give me my husband's money back, you filthy rich skank.", said one housewife on TV. "Kiss my stinkin' rich ass, whore.", said another housewife. The housewives engage in a fight which involved scraping each other's faces with nails and tearing off their dresses. "[sigh] I wish I was rich, Lük.", said Bea. "And I wish I had a rich housewife.", said Lük. "Beatris, what in the lord's name are you watching?", said Heather. "It's the Real Housewives of Rich Heaven, mom.", said Bea. "Yeah, I watch it to get turned on by the catfights.", said Lük. "Good lord, you shouldn't be watching this filth, young lady. I'm changing the channel to something more sensible.", said Heather when she changed the channel to a nature documentary. "Aw, crap, boring nature shit.", said Lük.

The narrator on the TV says, "Here we see the glorious semi-aquatic Castorea creature, better known as the beaver." "Oh, who on heaven, besides nerds, would wanna watch 2 excruciatingly long hours of some guy explaining in great detail what animals do every day?", said Lük while Bea suddenly looked all tense when she saw beavers on TV. "These adorable little creatures are very productive as they build large dams in rivers to slow erosion.", said the narrator. "Turn. It. Off.", said Bea in a tense behavior. "Alright. Something we finally agree on.", said Lük as he walked to the back of the TV and plugged it out. "I think I'll go to bed, Lük. Good night.", said Bea. "But it's 4:30 in the afternoon.", said Lük. "I SAID GOOD NIGHT!", shouted Bea when she walked upstairs.

"What's wrong with Beatris? Did you tell her a naughty tale about your sex life again?", Heather said to Lük. "No. She somehow looked at some beavers on the TV.", said Lük. "Beavers? Oh, no.", said Heather. "What?", asked Lük. "This is hard to explain, but my daughter had a very unsettling history with beavers. It all started when Beatris was a very young child and she and I visited the Heaven forest park. We were looking at a large dam, made by over a hundred beavers. My daughter was holding a balloon at the time. One of the beavers spotted the balloon, and planned to steal it from her. When it got hold of her balloon, Beatris tried pulling it back, when she did, the beaver fought back... by biting her on the arm. And it took her balloon off her bitten arm. And the worst part of it was... it actually laughed at her, while she was left crying with an infected wound.", said Heather. Lük smirks, but stops when Heather pulls a disgruntled look at him. "When I took her to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed her with... rabies.", said Heather. Lük smirks again. "Ahem. sorry.", said Lük. "She had to get several shots on the stomach, and more embarrassing, her buttocks.", said Heather. Lük laughs out loud. "Ever since that day, Beatris had a great hatred of beavers, even toys, headwear and other merchandise that looked like beavers. I still grow very concerned about her.", said Heather. "Ah, well. Whatcha gonna do?", said Lük. "You know, Lüktipher, I would appreciate if you showed some emotional support for my daughter after being triggered by an emotionally scarring memory.", said Heather. "Yeah, right, lady. I don't do emotions, or support. And your daughter is a fully grown woman. Can't she just have some guts and get over that stupid incident already?", said Lük.

Meanwhile, Bea is in bed dreaming about the beaver incident, where she's seen being laughed at by hundred of beavers. One of them slowly points a toothpick at Bea's balloon. "No! Not my balloon.", said Bea, but it was too late as the beaver popped the balloon. Bea screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" and woke up from her nightmare. She heavily panted and said "God damn beavers."