Lük is relaxing in a soapy bath, as he feels relaxed. Then, a mysterious voice is suddenly heard. "Lük I need your help.", said Bea who appeared in the bath tub out of nowhere, startling Lük. "What the? Bea. Why are you in my bath tub?", said Lük. "Dr. Featherton said my problem with beavers must be confronted by attending a tour of the forest.", said Bea. "And dare I ask, what role do I have in your beaver problem?", said Lük. "Can you, like, come with me for moral support, please?", said Bea. "[sigh] If you get out of my bath right now, I'll consider it.", said Lük. "Oh, thank you, thank you, Lük. You're the greatest.", said Bea before hugging Lük in the bath. "Why do I have the feeling we should fool around in the bath?", Lük said to himself.

The next day, Lük and Bea are at the Heaven forest park, where they begin touring the place. "Well, red. Are you ready to face those beavers again?", said Lük. "[sigh] It's been a long time coming, but I think I'm ready.", said Bea. The two join a crowd, where they're all being welcomed by a happy-go-lucky park ranger. "Welcome to the Heaven forest park. I'm your park ranger Cole Edwin. And today, we're gonna be taking a look at the biggest attraction of this park. Heaven's largest dam, made by the masters of dams, the beavers!", said Ranger Edwin. "Beavers(!)", said Bea in a silent, angry tone. "Easy, red. Save it for when we see the dam.", said Lük.

Everyone goes on a boat to get up close at Heaven's largest dam. "Alright, people, if you take a look to your left, you'll see a couple of beavers carrying large logs of wood. They use that wood to build their dam, as a matter of fact, did you know that it took these brave, tireless beavers 150 years to build this dam.", said Ranger Edwin. The crowd, apart from Lük and Bea, are in awe. "I know, right.", said Ranger Edwin. "Look at those freakin' beavers. I just wanna do very, very, bad things to them... so badly.", said a very tense and angry Bea. "Wow, I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to like this side of you, red.", said Lük. "Wait? You like me?", asked Bea. "Uh, only this side of you. It's killer.", said Lük. Then, one of the beavers spots Bea, and pulls a face at her. "[gasp] "LÜK! DID YOU SEE THAT?!", shouted Bea. "See what?", asked Lük. "That beaver! It just mocked me or something!", said Bea. Lük was looking at the beaver, but when he saw it, it acted all innocent. "Hmm, looks normal to me.", said Lük. Bea pouts, folds her arms. A few more beavers get Bea's attention. She sees a wooden sculpture of her being stabbed by the beavers. "LÜK! LOOK!", shouted Bea. "What now?!", said Lük. "They're at it again, Lük. They're really bullying me.", said Bea. Lük looks at the beavers, acting all innocent again. "Red, will you calm your damn tits off? They're just beavers working on their dam.", said Lük. "Or working on their next move to destroy me.", said Bea. Lük hand palms. Soon, Bea suddenly sees what appears to be a piece of her balloon that was blown by the beaver who took it from her years ago. The beavers taunt Bea by rubbing burst balloon on their crotch, while Bea looks on cross looking. They soon eat the piece of the balloon, spit it on Bea's face and laugh at her. Bea slowly breathes heavily, and shouts "BEAVERS!" She gets out of the boat to give the beavers a piece of her mind. "Bea! Are you freakin' nuts?! Come back! It's not worth it!", said Lük. "Sorry. Can't hear you, Lük. Just gonna kill some beavers.", said Bea. Lük follows her and tries to stop her. "Beavers! You're gonna pay for what you did to me long ago!", said Bea as she tries to get her hands on the beavers, but Lük pulls her away. "Oh, look. Here we see a woman trying to confront some beavers. Oh, ain't that something you don't see everyday?", said Ranger Edwin. The crowd takes pictures.

Bea is still trying to get her hands on beavers, but Lük still won't let her go. "Come on, red. They're just harmless beavers. And the boat's getting further away.", said Lük. "I don't give a damn!", said Bea. "Now's not the time for dam puns, red. Just get back to the... boat.", said Lük when he saw that the boat disappeared. The beavers laughed at both Lük and Bea. "Did those beavers just laugh at us?", asked Lük. "I told you, Lük. Those beavers are pure evil.", said Bea in a tough-guy voice. "Oh, come on. They're not that evil.", said Lük before a beaver throws a plank of wood at him. "Hey. Who threw that plank at me?", said Lük. The beavers acted innocent again. "Hmm, maybe it was some other trespasser.", said Lük before getting hit by another plank. "Hey! Who keeps throwing planks at me?!", said Lük. "It's the beavers, Lük. The beavers!", said Bea. "Red, I've had it with your bullshit theories. There is no way those gentle, buck-toothed mammals would possible be evi-", said Lük when one beaver jumped over Bea and shoved a plank onto Lük's mouth. All the beavers laugh at him. Lük realizes this, spits out the plank and says, "Oh, my god, red. You were actually right for once in your life. These beavers ARE pure evil." "See. I told you. Why won't you listen to me ever?", said a pouting Bea. "Honestly, it was because you're an idiot. But now I'm taking back every remark about you.", said Lük. "Apology accepted. Now can we please fight back already?", said Bea. "You're 'dam' right we're fighting back! And there was time for a dam pun after all", said Lük

And so Lük and Bea traded fists against a couple of beavers. The beavers also fought back by hitting the two with their tails and chewing on their heads with their buck teeth. But Lük and Bea take some pieces of wood and use them as weapons against the beavers. As soon as the two have the upper hand, one beaver uses a mating call to call for reinforcements. Soon, several hundred beavers arrive to confront Lük and Bea. "Oh, shit.", said both Lük and Bea. The several hundred beavers throw Bea into the water and beat up Lük. They end up kidnapping him. Bea gets unconscious from being underwater and she is dragged into the deeper part of the forest.