It is night time, and pissing rain. Bea wakes up after being out cold from being thrown underwater by beavers. She finds herself in a very dark part of the forest. She is presumed lost. She tries to find a way out, until she sees a light from afar. She goes to the light, and finds the park ranger's office. She storms in and says, "Help! Ranger!", said Bea when she switched to a scary, tough voice after saying beavers. Ranger Edwin woke up from his sleep. "What in tarnation is going on? What's the matter, missy?", said Ranger Edwin. "My friend's been taken hostage by... beavers.", said Bea when she switched to a scary, tough voice after saying beavers. "Beavers? Oh, don't be ridiculous, missy. Beavers are elegant, innocent creatures, well, all except for the Buff Beaver.", said Ranger Edwin. "Who's Buff Beaver?", said Bea. "He's this one mighty, muscular beaver who is said to be the most ruthless, most vile, most deadly of all beavers. He protects the largest dam in heaven. When he spots any intruders around the dam, he quickly and literally rips them apart, just like that.", said Ranger Edwin. Bea gasps hysterically. "Well, ain't nothin' I can do. I need some shut-eye. Now good night, young lady.", said Ranger Edwin. "But, my friend-", said Bea. "I SAID GOOD NIGHT!", shouted Ranger Edwin. Bea is now left with no other choice but to once and for all face her biggest fear and save Lük.

Bea makes some weapons made out of the forest trees. She makes wooden blades, wooden brass knuckles and wooden axes. She puts on some paint on her face, a bandana on her head. "Alright, beavers. I'm ready for your buck-toothed asses.", said Bea in an intimidating voice.

Meanwhile, the beavers have Lük trapped in a wooden cage. "You know, I should go down there and have you all killed.", said Lük. The beavers stick out their tongues and throw planks at Lük. They laugh at him. "God, I should listen to Bea more often.", said Lük.

"Hey, beavers!", said a mysterious voice. A flash of lighting reveals the mystery person to be Bea in fighting condition. "You took my balloon. You took my humanity. You destroyed my life. And now, you're all going to meat your maker. Come at me if you dare.", said an intimidating Bea. The beavers paused for a sec, then laugh at her. Suddenly, Bea throws a spikey log at one of the beavers and kills it. "Holy fuck.", said Lük. "HYAAAAAHHHH!", shouted Bea as she fought the beavers off. Bea uses the wooden axe to chop off their tails. She uses wooden brass knuckles to break their buck teeth. She uses wooden blades to slice and dice their whole bodies. She then uses a giant log to stab as many beavers as she can and impales them onto a boulder. Thinking she has won the battle, she feels a vibration on the ground. Some giant entity walks up behind her. "What the fuck is that?", said Lük. "Buff Beaver.", silently said Bea. Buff Beaver stared at Bea and roared at her. He then scrapes her face hard with his claws, bites her waist with his sharp buck teeth, and impales her head onto the ground a few times. "You may have beaten me, beaver.", said Bea as it looks like she surrenders, until... "But you will never beat...", she said when she changes outfits and becomes her trademark alter-ego... "Lady Wingman!" "Lady Wingman? Ah, not this again.", said Lük. Lady Wingman takes out her knife and tries to slash Buff Beaver with it, but Buff Beaver uses his claws to dodge the knife. The two trade slashes until Buff Beaver grabs Lady Wingman, throws her into the air, preparing to eat her. But Lady Wingman plans to aim her knife at Buff Beaver. So she positions the trajectory to the scary killer behemoth while his mouth was still open. She holds the knife horizontally and shouts loudly. Lady Wingman lands hard on the ground. The knife goes through Buff Beaver, and his body slowly splits in half, with blood quickly coming out, and Lady Wingman ending up covered in it.

"I did it. I finally did it! I finally conquered my fear! I killed all the beavers! I'm a freaking hero!", said Bea. "Oh, you're something, alright, red. You're a mass murderer. Now get my ass outta this cage", said Lük. "Sure thing, Lük.", said Bea as she threw her knife at the cage, releasing Lük before he landed face first. "No need to thank me, old friend.", said Bea. Lük groans.

Later, Lük and Bea leave the forest with Bea still covered in blood. "So, you're no longer scared of beavers?", said Lük. "Oh, I still hate them, Lük. I hate them with all my heart. In fact, I'm gonna do something they'll remember me for.", said Bea. Bea is later seen on top of the largest dam. She takes out a piece of wood on the dam and water comes out. "There. That'll show those bastard beave-", said Bea until the dam bursts completely and a rapid trail of water traps Bea. "Oh, yeah. That is sure gonna make beavers remember your ass, red.", shouted Lük in a sarcastic tone. "Totally worth it!", shouted Bea while being swept away. Ranger Edwin suddenly appears in a jeep. "OH MY GOD! THE DAM! What the hell happened to this precious dam?", said Ranger Edwin. "Um, beavers did it.", said Lük before he quickly ran off.