Lūk is drinking a can of beer and watching TV when all of a sudden, a giant truck arrives outside. The truck driver comes out and knocks on the door. "Delivery for a, umm, Lūk Demonson.", said the truck driver. "That's me.", said Lūk. 2 muscular men inside the truck lift up a large crate and take it to the front of Lūk's trailer. "Oh, good. The package I ordered arrived.", said Lūk. "Sign here, please.", said the truck driver as Lūk signed a form. The truck leaves Lūk's trailer. Lūk opens the crate with a crowbar. It is revealed as a hot tub. "Oh, boy.", said Lūk as he whips out his phone to call somebody. "Hey, red. You gotta come over here. I got myself a hot tub. You wanna join me for some hot tubbin'?", said Lūk. "Would I.", said Bea.

Later, Bea arrives at the trailer, where she sees the hot tub. "Wow, Lūk. How'd get this?", she asks. "Well, I figured since it's the summer season and I wanna enjoy myself without anyone annoying my ass, I'd thought I get this big-ass hot tub.", said Lūk as he jumps in the hot tub. "Whaddya waitin' for, red? Jump in. The water's pipin' hot.", said Lūk. "OK.", said Bea as she tore off her clothes, and shows off her bathing bikini suit. She jumps in the hot tub and shudders in the hot water. "You're right, Lūk. The water is pipin' hot.", said Bea. "Kinda like you, red.", said Lūk while he drinks a can of beer.

2 hours have passed, and Lūk and Bea are still in the hot tub, looking relaxed. "Hey, Lūk.", said Bea. "Yeah?", said Lūk. "How long have we been here?", asks Bea. "[sigh] I wish I'd see my watch, but I'm too god damn relaxed to move my arm.", said Lūk. "Me too.", said Bea as she stretches her arms up high. "The time is 4:27 PM.", said Stroodle who appeared unexpectedly inside the hot tub, startling Bea and Lūk. "Stroodle?! What the hell are you doing in here?!", shouted Lūk. "I dunno. One minute, I was making trash angels in my garbage home, the next I landed inside a crate.", said Stroodle. "So, you've been in the hot tub this entire time?" How'd you even survive a couple of hours underwater?", said Lūk. "That's what I was wondering.", said Stroodle.

"Did I hear someone meantion hot tub?", said Archangel Grant. "Aw, shit. Not this prick again.", said Lūk. "Why, hello, Bea.", said Grant. "Oh, hey, Grant.", said Bea. "Say, is there room for one more?", asked Grant. "Sure.", said Bea. "Absolutely not.", said Lūk. "Am I not the one more?", asked a confused Stroodle. Grant rips off his armor and shows off his bathing suit and jumps in. He sits right beside Bea. "Oh, my bdearest Beatris. I cherish this moment we have together. This hot tub isn't the only thing that's... hot... in here.", said Grant in a seductive voice. "You know, my skin does feel a little hot.", said Bea. "Here, let me cool you down.", said Grant as he cools down Bea's arm by blowing air in it.

Sal and Horoshi drop by. "Hey, Lūk. Shouldn't you be coming to work- Is that a hot tub?", said Sal. "Oh, hey, Sal." Horoshi puts his arm in the hot tub. "This water. It is, how you say, stimulating.", said Horoshi. "Hmm, stimulating you say. Good enough for me.", said Sal as he rips off his clothes and hops in the tub. "Oh, come one, guys. It's bad enough that I have a hobo and a quote, unquote ladies man in here. I don't need anymore folks.", said Lūk.

"A little too late, ese.", said Di Aubelo who unexpectedly came out from the water. "Are you shittin' me right now?", said Lūk. "Hey, chicos and muchacha, Let's fiesta!", said Di as he whips out a stereo and everyone dances, except a disgruntled Lūk.

God drops by and asks, "Hey, are you all having a hot tub party? Mind if I join in?" "Yes. I seriously min-", said Lūk before God interrupted him by saying, "CANNONBALL!" and jumping up in the air. "GOD! NOOOO!", shouted Lūk before God landed on the hot tub and completely destroyed it, sweeping everyone away.

Lūk gets up, slowly gets angry and throws some things. "EVERYONE GET THE THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! NOW!", he shouted as everyone left. "So? Same time next week?", asked Bea as Lūk pointed at her to leave his home. "Right.", slowly said Bea. Lūk went back inside furious.

Lūk is seen smoking a cigar and says, "[exhale] Now this is a tub I can enjoy in." as he relaxes in his bathroom tub. "You can say that again.", said Stroodle as he pops out of the water and does a backstroke. Lūk hand palms and groans furiously.