Across the land and the forests

Beyond the city of Ibing

And into it's enveloping garden

Where the beast or it's summoner

Should still stand

Lest they have feet like a horse

And have long since departed

But all knew that not to be the case

And that they would have surprise on their side.

So when they came over the hill

Coming to find the masters of the night

In a tight spot where their power

Was left to roast in the sun

And where the heat of their exchange

Was enough to rival that star in the sky

And all spilled into the site

As though they were a riptide of anger.

Onto the land did they thrust

And before came the opposition to their city

Whose stance invited a fight

With the might of the two clashing fairly

Through the green inferno, enduring for many a hour

But the rivals of the city had a way out

As a hole ripped through the space betwixt

Something that only Arcuclus saw with his two eyes.

Their enemies were preparing an escape

From right under their hands

And through the mist of blood

Arcuclus had enough sight

To witness such things unfolding

And to act was always on his mind

So while all where encumbered by the fray

He fought his way to his opponents' stay.

Routing away, he found them

And a firm resolution to end this today

Took hold over the rushing Arcuclus

But as he finally came before the fleeing enemy

A sense of all consuming dread gathered at his knees

And gave them the weight of the world

As he was seen by the runners

And was violently thrown back by a grand force.

Today would not be the day

That the epic came to it's close

As the survivors of the rival camp

Scampered away in their cowardice

And left none with any answer

Nor recourse for the losses endured

But for now the nine stand unbroken

Even if their trials are still standing

And the will of the world is intact.

The earth was left a mess of itself

As the fury took the land

And ravaged it for it's own purposes

Like the storms that had struck the city

It showed no mercy for any life

That did not join it's red cloud

As it left all exhausted

And one with great disappointment.

Following the proceedings of battle

All gathered back to the city

To discuss their hollow victory

And all that it told them so

Which would at last provide some light

To their fight in the dark

And though all were not vanquished

They most certainly knew more then yonder..

Magicians and men of arts beyond comprehension

These are whose orientation leaned towards hate

For the tallest city of brass

Such wishes of hate, sculpted into spears

That would fall upon the city

Though no-one knew any names

All would have to become resolved

To go on the hunt for them.