It's morning in the outskirts of heaven and Lük is sleeping in his bed. He is woken up by some loud construction noises. He takes a look outside and finds work vehicles and other machinery outside his trailer. He gets outside to confront the workers. "Hey! Just what the hell are you doing in my land?!", shouted Lük. One of the workers say, "We were paid by some old rich couple to build a summer mansion on this spot." "What old rich couple?", said Lük.

Soon, a long black limo parks in front of Lük's trailer and two old people come out. One of the two says to Lük, "Greetings, creature from down under. I'm not sure if you're aware, but the area you're living in has been reserved by me and my wife here. You see, this will be the future site of our holiday home when we spend the summer season here." "Uh, who in the hell are you?", said Lük. "Oh, allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Lord Thaddeus Richard Snob.", said Thaddeus. "And I am his wife, Dame Vivian Alexis Snob.", said Vivian. "We hail from the wealthiest part of heaven called Rich Heaven. We have been prominent citizens there for 30 years.", said Thaddeus. "Prior to our arrival, we were the richest citizens in all of the United Kingdom. We had everything, money, mansions, luxury, gold clubs, alcohol. Until one day, when we went on our £120,000,000 cruise ship, it capsized during a hurricane and we both perished.", said Vivian. "But when we arrived to Rich Heaven, we became top dogs, bribing everyone to give us their best food, their parking spots, the use of bathrooms, even bribing opposing cricket players to take dives and let our favorite ones win. We were practically the king and queen of Rich Heaven.", said Thaddeus

"Well, your majesties, what's the big idea building a mansion on my land?!", said Lük. "Pardon me, good sir, but like the United States of America down in the living world, this is a free country.", said Thaddeus while God pops up for some reason and says, "It's true.", and leaves. "We can build anything anywhere we like.", said Thaddeus. "Oh, yeah, says who?", said Lük. "Says God. He gave us the planning permission.", said Vivian. "Yeah, I'd bet you gave him a bribe.", said Lük. "Good heavens, we would never stoop to that level.", said Thaddeus. Meanwhile, God is swimming in a pool of money given by the snobs. "The fact of the matter is, sir, we have legally acquired your land for our future summer mansion. You have 48 hours to remove yourself and that busted up oversized tin can you call a home from the premises.", said Vivian. Lük gets closer to the Snobs and says in an intimidating voice, "You talk trash 'bout my home one more time, and I'll shove that diamond necklace right next to the place where the sun don't shine, and I ain't going nowhere, you got that?" "Ugh, well then, it appears that this means war.", said Vivian. "I couldn't agree with you more, dear.", said Thaddeus. Thaddeus and Vivian leave Lük's home. "Hey, where'd you want this flag pole?", said a construction worker as Lük punches him in the groin.