His eyes burn

with a passion

unfamiliar to me,

yet so comforting

to me, that

passion seems, too.

And his voice

fills me with

a burning desire;

a desire so

familiar to me

that it hurts.

And now our

voices intertwine and

it hits me:

my Angel of

Music is standing

across from me.

And now he

is begging me

with Raoul's song.

I interrupt him

by removing the

mask he wears.

He's screaming and

grabs me, pulling

me with him.

So much sadness,

darkness in this

place he lives.

And now Raoul

has arrived and

interrupted our conversation.

My Angel has

put him in

that dreadful lasso.

He gives me

an impossible choice

and I'm crying.

And now I've

pressed my lips

against my Angel's.

He's letting us

go in the

little wooden boat.

My body is

numb with feeling.

I will return.