The Pugilist Precog

Summary: Sandra Jackson was an amateur boxer who used her ability to see a few seconds into the future to win matches. She encounters a match where she learns the limits of her powers.

For the first time in her life, Sandra Jackson never saw it coming. She'd never bothered with the intense conditioning other boxers did, since she could see their movements a second before they happened. As her opponents became professional, that changed.

Sandra was against a professional boxer, Lara Sanchez. While Lara trained rigorously, Sandra entered the ring in the lackadaisical way she always did. Sandra dodged her opponent's first blows, which was harder than she expected. Then came the hook punch.

Sandra saw all possible futures, where the hook punch would send her sprawling on the ground. Because she lacked Lara's conditioning, her movements would be far more sluggish. She felt the fist make contact, and she saw stars as she hit the floor.

When she woke up, Sandra knew what she had to do. She'd relied on her power to carry her all the way, when it would be best served in conjunction with conventional training. There was no substitute for hard work, as extraordinary as her ability was. She read up on Lara's training regimen, and she prepared for their inevitable rematch. Next time, she would send Lara sprawling.