I am not coming back Tdelicot Summary: Remembering what Bishop had said to Gibbs in the episode RULE 91. You're not coming back? Gibbs disappears from his friends and loved ones going after the serial killer with help from his old Marine buddies and Metro. Cecelia and his friends begin to search for her husband. Notes: This story takes place after seasons 18th and 19th to continue on with Gibbs needing to find himself after the explosion months later.

Chapter 1

It's been a few months since her husband Leroy Jethro Gibbs had disappeared. She had delivered her baby boy named Shane Jackson Gibbs. However, the father wasn't aware that she had delivered the baby.

While he had been searching for the serial killer Marcie Warren in hiding. He had asked his friends from the Marines and Metro police to help him with the search taking whatever supplies as needed heading for Annadale, Virginia undercover.

They had been searching the woods for weeks along with the Crystal Lakes cabin without bothering to say a word to Cecelia and her friends at the rectory.

It was getting dark in the local woods of Annadale off the lake. Gibbs was going to take a watch with Rick and Jerome to be taking their sleep period after having a meal consisting of beans, protein bars, and coffee. Even though they could take the truck to the local diner a few miles down the road.

However, they didn't wish to be seen anywhere for anyone to be getting back to Cecelia and his family.

Gibbs looks over at his two friends asleep in the sleeping bags.

His hair had grown out along with his silver beard drinking his hot coffee over the roaring fireplace. It was cold during the winter at this point.

It was dark with very little cloud cover for the particular lake of Annadale. Yawning. he needed to sleep for a few hours leaving Rick and Jerome to search the area for anything that might move.

Gibbs watched his friends move off with him settling into the sleeping bag. He had been thinking too much about his family leaving them alone.

He had no choice in the matter with the threat on him and his family. He was wondering what Cecelia will do with being alone with their son...


Alexandria, Virginia

Since it's been two months with Special Agent Gibbs disappearing from the face of the Earth. She had her sister come over to the house. She and Elizabeth are very close-knit as sisters. She needed to ask her favor with going against all of her principals.

Elizabeth had been taking care of Shane Jackson Gibbs two-plus months old in the nursery that her husband had finished.

She had come downstairs with the baby asleep as she sees her talking to her friends Joshua and Jake of the Rectory of Crystal Lakes.

"Listen, Joshua, we need to do this before it's too late?" Cecelia noted with her comment.

"Hey, buddy, I am willing to do this with you. But who is going to watch your son?" is a good question to be asking at the moment.

"I will be working on it, Joshua. So please don't worry about it?" she questions him with her emotions running high.

"And you want me to ask Jake whether he will be interested in tracking your husband? You do realize that he's a real tracker and knows how to hide as a sniper?" he responded...

"I know that Joshua. Just get back to me on the question to search for him nevertheless?" she cried out with her emotional response.

She hung up the phone to turn to see her sister Elizabeth not exactly happy with what she had heard with the conversation.

Elizabeth was waiting to say something. "What the hell do you think you're doing Cecelia?" she was livid with the question.

"I need your help Elizabeth with taking care of Shane for a few weeks? I know that I am asking you a great deal with the question." she exhaled.

Elizabeth didn't know how to answer the question. She sat down on the kitchen chair taking the moment to think about it.

"I will need to speak with my husband Alex about it since this is a big deal for the both of us. It's a good thing I have decided to take all of my vacations working at the Pentagon, while Alex will be taking his in a few days. He is planning on going camping with his friends."

"Listen, you don't have to worry too much since I have a nanny from the D.O.D. as part of the protection detail." Cecelia needed to say to her sister.

"Did your husband know anything about this Cecelia?" Elizabeth snapped back with the question.

"No, he didn't Elizabeth and I need to do this with being extremely important to me." she cried out.

"Let me call my husband and ask him right now and see what he has to say?" Elizabeth said with pulling out her cell phone...

Pentagon Communications center

Alex Jamieson had been working on retrieving Intel from agents out in the field and overseas and mostly Paraguay. He had been told that the new Cartel leader Alfredo Riveria is a member of the Alejandro Riveria being the cousin. Even though having escaped from the Danville prison a year ago and having disappeared.

Jamieson sitting in his chair with two hours to go with his shift. When his phone was ringing on the side of him. Taking a look at the caller I.D. having to be his wife Elizabeth. He had to smile since she had been visiting her sister trying to help her out with the disappearance of her husband Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

"Hey, how's the visit going with your sister?" he will ask with the importance of the question.

"Not what I have expected Alex. I need to ask you something and I need your honest answer to the question?" she exclaimed with the shake of her demeanor.

"What's going on Lizzy?" he was picking up the stress of her voice.

She was able to explain to him the situation as he was listening to what she was saying to him with great interest.

"Listen Elizabeth, I think it will be a great idea in order to take care of Shane to let Cecelia do this since she is very experienced with tracking her husband. She needs to do this or else she will be lost like she was with her daughter dying in the crash six years ago?" Alex just needed to say.

"I understand Alex. I will do it since it will be good for me as well since we had been trying to have a baby for a while now. Even though our two older boys in the Marines and Air Force have been doing well and will be coming back from deployment."

"Okay, but in the meantime, I will cancel my camping plans?" Alex snapped back with his comment.

"No way in hell will you do that Alex. Besides, there is a nanny that had been helping Cecelia from the D.O.D. as part of the protection detail. So you don't have to cancel your plans Alex." she exhales.