I am not coming back

Chapter 66

"And you're going to get yourself killed in the process?" Joshua was being too forward with the comment to Gibbs.

Coughing slightly..." I hope not Joshua. I just need to be serving justice after 30 years plus of my brand with the enemies of this world." he makes mention with his angered deep inside of his gut.

"It's a real shame that Cecelia just might be losing you to that very fact of fighting crime?" Joshua needed to say to him with making a course adjustment to be talking to someone over the radio advising him that a representative of the hotel will be waiting for them on the top of the roof.

"What's wrong Joshua?" Gibbs will say to him with the question.

"Nothing is wrong. We will be landing in ten minutes with the hotel representative waiting for you to take you down to the lobby to sign in and meet up with your team for NCIS," he said...

"Thanks, for telling me, Joshua." pausing for the moment. "I just hope to god that it doesn't come to the point that Cecelia will be attending my funeral?" he cried out with needing to exhale with the stress beginning to get to him.

He stayed quiet until they reached the hotel. Joshua was able to land with very little wind as the rotors had been shut down so that Gibbs is able to get out of the helicopter to meet with his team downstairs. It was going to be interesting nevertheless.

Joshua watched inside the helicopter with the young male representative of the hotel to take him down to the hotel lobby and hotel manager. In the lobby was Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee waiting for him now standing at the desk as an older male in his early sixties looked up from the hotel registry.

"Can I help you, sir?" he will ask him...

"Yes, I am Leroy Jethro Gibbs having called earlier with a reservation." Gibbs paused for the moment with the manager to check the computer making sure.

"Of course Mr. Gibbs, Please sign the registry with a suite on the eighth floor," he tells him with Gibbs taking the pen quickly to sign the registry.