I am not coming back

Chapter 77

"So tell me Joshua how's a business with the helicopter business?" she alluded with asking of the question.

"It's going great Cecelia with getting more business every day." he will say with making a minor course change. "If it continues I will be able to take on another employee to fly with the two I have now." he coaxed out with his response.

"I am glad to hear that Joshua, maybe one of these days you don't have to work anymore at the rectory?" she hesitated for the moment.

"I would hate that nevertheless Cecelia. By the way, how's Shane been doing? does he know about what had happened with your husband?"


"He's good Joshua, however, he doesn't know about Jethro being injured," she tells him...

"Let's just hope that everything is going to be alright with Gibbs and whoever was behind it?" Joshua needed to say to her.

"Believe me it has something to do with Sonata Industries trying to destroy the ECOSYSTEM in Alaska, Montana, and many other locations Joshua." Cecelia cried out with the response.

"Damn! I don't like this at all Cecelia. How can I help when it comes to NCIS and other organizations?" he was offering to help with a possible chance of working for NCIS with finding the culprits.

"I will let you know if you're needed, Joshua. But it's going to be hard for you to drop everything without a proper explanation to the Navy since you do work for them? remember?" she barked back at him flying the helicopter another 15 minutes further to the hospital.

"I KNOW THAT, CECELIA!" he barked back with his smartass remark.