While Joseph Girouard was still in the army, he got married and then moved to New York with his wife. In the new city, he bought a franchise and set up his first retail store. He had to work really hard to bring in customers, and with a lot of effort, turned the store into a success. After his five-year lease ended, the owner of the building took control of his business and Joseph learned a lesson the hard way.

Even though he had just suffered a major setback, Joseph Girouard wasn't one to give up. He was proactive in learning from his mistake and opened another store in a different city after purchasing his own building this time. He repeated his success. As the store started making more money, Girouard began to open new stores in other small towns. He incentivized his managers by offering them a profit from the store and they worked even harder. His journey has truly been exemplary.

About Joseph Girouard

Joseph Girouard was born in a farmer's family. He was the first one in his family who went to work in the farm mortgage business. He has been a hard-working person all his life who worked all sorts of jobs including a paper route. Not only was he good at working, but Joseph also did well in school, was a member of the Boy Scouts, and enjoyed sports. He was a star athlete in the high school football team.