St. Peter, the pearly gatekeeper, is at the pearly gates doing his job letting the departed into heaven. "'Kay. Says here you were drowned by your wife at the playboy mansion.", said St. Peter. "Yeah, she caught me cheating on her in public.", said the bg character. "Sucks to be you. In you go.", said St. Peter as the pearly gates open up. Then all of a sudden, the ground starts shaking, and a huge circle of flames opens up. A large figure rises from the flames. It is revealed to be... Satan, ruler of Hell. He goes straight to the pearly gates but St. Peter blocks him. "Excuse me. Have you died?", said St. Peter. "Well, no.", said Satan. "Sorry, big red fella, but only dead people are allowed in heaven.", said St. Peter. "I can't imagine why. Anyway, I don't have time for this, I have important business to attend to. Hitler!", said Satan as he summons Adolf Hitler. Hitler pulls out a gun, point it at St. Peter and says, "You let ze prince of darkness through zose gates, or else!" "Oh, good, a gun. Um, over here might do it.", said St. Peter as he pointed to his forehead. "I said move, arschloch!", said Hitler. "Look, I'm very sorry about my second-in-command. He's still pissed off about the Jewish population still around and whatnot. Anyway, just do what he says, you know how worked up he gets.", said Satan. "[sigh] Whatever.", said St. Peter as he let Adolf and Satan into heaven. After that, Peter took out a bottle of whiskey and a glass. "So, what did you die of?", St. Peter said to a female bg character. "Umm, was that... the devil?", said the bg character. "I don't really care anymore.", said St Peter as he drank his glass of whiskey.