In the Mackmill house, Heather spots Bea packing up suitcases. "Beatris? What are you doing? Please don't tell me you fell for that vacation scam.", said Heather. "Oh, no, Mom. I have something very important to tell you. I'm moving out.", said Bea. "You're moving out? [sigh] Thank god- I mean, oh, what a shame. I'm gonna miss you very much.", said Heather. "Aw, I'll miss you too, mom.", said Bea as she and Heather hug. "So, where exactly do you plan on living from now on?", asked Heather.

Later, at Lük's home, the door knocks and Lük opens it. "Hello, new roomie.", said Bea. "Uh, I'm sorry, what?", said Lük. "Well, since you're staying in Heaven, I thought I give you a very special gift... Your very own roommate! And you're looking at her.", said Bea. "My own wha-?!", said Lük when he spilled his beer. "That's right, best friend. I'm officially moving in... with you. Now we can be besties... and roomies... forever.", said Bea as she hugs Lük, leaving Lük feeling shocked. DUM! DUM! DUM! "Fuck.", silently said Lük.