Lük and God are at the Heaven neighborhood. "Hey, God. I just wanna say sorry for kicking you in the balls.", said Lük. "Oh, that's alright, demon." "My name is Lük.", said Lük. "Very well, Lük. And now that you're a new citizen in Heaven, I will let you pick any of these houses to be your new home.", said God. "Meh, I ain't much of a people person, God. A bunch of angels are just gonna piss me off.", said Lük. "I see. Well, then where do you want to live?", said God. "How about up there?", said Lük when he pointed at an abandoned trailer at the outskirts. "Oh, you mean that trailer. Well, nobody used that for years ever since a guy used that to hide from the angelic guard.", said God. "What'd he do?" asked Lük. "He apparently shot JFK in the head... again.", said God. "The guy's Lee Harvey Oswald, isn't he?", said Lük. "He got sent to hell for his crime.", said God before giving keys to Lük. "Keep it away from the neighborhood,", said God.

Lük goes to his new home in a trailer. "Huh. So this is my new home. Typical.", said Lük when he looked around the inside of the trailer. Lük soon hears the door knocking. It is Bea. "Surprise! I have housewarming gifts for my new best friend.", said Bea. She gives Lük a box of old women's clothes. "Oh, boy. You gave clothes, which are meant for women.", said a sarcastic Lük. "Sorry, I didn't have any clothes for demons. So this was the best I can do.", said Bea. "And that's the only best thing you could've done.", Lük said to himself. "Hey, now that you're staying in Heaven, I though I make a list of all the thing we can do together. First, we can talk a walk down the park. Then, we can share very dark secrets with each other, under bed sheets. Also, we can wear identical clothing. I bought plaid skirts we can wear.", said Bea before Lük pushed her out of the house, shut the door and smoked a cigar. "Yep. This is my own kind of Hell.", said Lük