Truth No. 2

He was lying I
Couldn't exactly pinpoint how I'd come to know it but I

It wasn't in the twitch of his eye
Or in the tremor of his voice
That would have been too obvious
The lying, when practiced skillfully, is somewhere else
In the sweet poisonous taste of certain words

People always find good reasons to lie
Tell tangled versions of the truth
Tryin' to keep it straight

It hadn't always been like this
Him spewing words in my face
Big words he didn't know how to use
Properly having never gone to college

Maybe that was it
It'd probably been a complex all along
Or maybe I was just projecting
Takes one to know one
But she was a college girl, dammit

All red hair and freckles
Not exactly beautiful but good enough
The kind of girls that make you tick
Takes two to tango

"Instead of drifting along toward tragedy
We will set a course toward safety"
As I watched him agree with the moron-in-chief
His sweet boyish features illuminated by the light emanating from the screen
I realized how wrong it was
And we were

All I could see was that kiss
And her, at home, wherever she lived
Probably watching the same speech
Her lips forming the words

She, like the truth, was dangerous
Her own brand of weapons of mass destruction
Everything – the world, resolves – was crumbling

He was lying
And of course he was
Because it's true
No one likes the sound
Of a crack