Voiceover who sounds like Keith David: Comradery. Webster defines Comradery as a feeling of friendliness, goodwill, and familiarity among the people in a group, where a bond between two people are strong like steel. In a very distant world, two beings from opposite lands have a sense of comradery like no other. Their bond is unexpected, but incredibly strong. Together, they will face what is about to come.

Lük the demon and Bea the angel find themselves in new misadventures. There will be new faces, more humor, more violence, more raunchiness, more feuding and... more Stroodle.

"And more Prichard, right?!", said Simon Prichard.

Me: Of course. I wouldn't leave out Lük's bitter rival.

"And what about me, dick face?", said Winsel

Me: And you too, tiny.

"Tiny?!", shouted Winsel.

The Angel In Horns & The Angel Incompetent Season 2, coming this September

"September? Oh, I cannot wait! No, seriously, I don't wanna wait.", said Bea.

"Cool your tits, red. It won't kill ya to be away for weeks.", said Lük.

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