* We begin with a confession of guilt. The beginning of the end is never easy to accept but we accept it after a while.

There was a time

We were partners in crime

You led the cavalry

As we danced at your birthday party

You uncovered pieces of me

I thought no one would see

You stayed while I lost everything

It was really something

Monogamy seemed old school

Polyamorous love is cool

Give all the love in your heart

No stopping once you start

Problem is that I get love drunk

I get caught up in stupid junk

You tried to warn me

I thought I could handle anybody

Lost in the fantasy

Far removed from reality

I fell down the rabbit hole

My demons swallowed me whole

I hide from the truth

So simple yet so uncouth

Thing is that I'm the cheater

Standing naked in the theater

Playing at being Queen of Hearts

When all I do is break hearts

You are the Tin Man of Oz

Breaking your heart is a lost cause

Far from being heartless

You relish this hot mess

Holding my hand in the rain

Sharing in my pain

I don't deserve you

This much is true

You have loved me more

I can't settle this score