That night... I don't know why it happened... how it happened. But I felt like my child inside was dying.

I remember waking up in a sweat, my body and lips trembling as I sat there in the dark. The pain from within was agony. I began to cry tears that felt like blood to me.

What was happening?!

I could hear noise on the bed, shuffling right beside me as Tyler had been awoken and was looking at me with worry and fear.

"Jessie! Jessica?!" He squeaked, placing his hands, one on my back and the over on my pregnant stomach, "What's HAPPENING to YOU?!"

"The baby!" I instinctively knew, "Something is wrong with the baby!"

Tyler's eyes blew open and within minutes we were at the hospital. The female doctor examined me, putting gel on my stomach and rotating her microphone-like instrument around my flesh. I could see on the screen 3D images of my child and she said to me carefully.

"How far along are you?"

"F-four months," I stuttered in pain and she looked closely at me, examining me to see if I was lying or telling the truth.

"The baby seems to have gone through some sort of trauma, but he's alright."

"Trauma?" Tyler peeped.

"Him?!" I added on, just as astonished to know my baby's real gender just then.

"A boy..." Tyler said, a small smile slipping up his lips, "We're having a baby boy!"

"Are you the father-?" The doctor asked, and Tyler stepped back nervously, rubbing his arm and shyly shaking his head. I saw his pain and bit my bottom lip before answering.

"He will be... the child will be his by adoption."

"Oh," The female doctor only stumbled out, not catching her words. She then lifted her instrument off my round stomach and smiled shyly, adding, "He's fine..."

I breathed a sigh of relief out, and felt Tyler hold my sweaty hand in his.

When we arrived home, I still couldn't come to terms with all that had happened. Tyler led me back to our room, but I shook him off and only sat down at the edge of the bed... looking through nothing but thin air and he watched me nervously, before sitting hesitantly to my side.

He was about to place his hand on my shoulder again, to calm me, but just before he touched me, he pulled back a little and only put his hand down by his side instead.

"Are you okay, Jess?"

I didn't know how to answer that. I had been wrong... I had been so wrong...

"It's a boy..."


I shook my head, tears rising to my eyes and I whispered, leaning my head against him and crying.

"H-how did I get it so wrong?"

I began to weep just then, and Tyler carefully pulled me close to him in a half hug.

"How were you to know?" He asked me then, softly and kissing my forehead, "How?"

"Because..." I peeped, wiping my doe eyes with my sleeve, "I'm her mother- HIS, his mother..."

"No harm done." Tyler said, finishing off my worries, or at least trying to put me at ease, "Only five months left."

"Five months," I whispered, nearly inaudible. I placed my hand on the skin that separated me from my future son, "... so much could go wrong..."

"Nothing, will go wrong..." Tyler reassured me, "And then, once the baby's born... we can..."

I looked at him confused, not knowing where he was going with his words.

Tyler blushed a little bit, holding my hand in his and looking at me with a deep undying love.

"We can... try one for ourselves..."

I gulped when I heard this. Tyler and I trying to have a family once Luke's son was born? Was that even possible?

He looked at me worried while he read my thoughts and I shut my eyes slowly, a tear slipping down my cheek in pain. Tyler only turned his own eyes down and whispered.

"We won't then..."

I could feel his heartache at his words and I opened my eyes again, shaking my head in response to his worry.

"Maybe... one day..."

He looked back up at me, deep into my eyes, and gave a scared smile. He gripped my hands tight with his own and kissed me on my cheek.

"One day... any day... whenever you want we can take the antidote and start again."

I don't know why, but that idea filled me with delight and I smiled at him warmly. I kissed him back and we hugged before going back to bed.

Everything was working out. Everything. I was blessed to have the life I did... so very blessed. We had a choice now. We could freeze our age whenever we wanted, and unfreeze it if we eventually did decide to live our lives out normally.

So many possibilities... so very many.

The universe had felt somewhat peaceful in the last months leading up to Luke's death. When I had heard he had died, I didn't believe it at first. How? Just how?! I had thought. And when the news was brought to me, I couldn't stop crying for a whole two nights.

These weren't happy tears though.

These were tears of sadness.

In this state... I was still slightly Lovesick for him... I couldn't help it if I felt such sorrow over that evil evil boy.

He had done an unspeakable act to me... tricking me in my sleep into thinking it was Tyler who touched me.

But if he had never done that act to me, I wouldn't have become immortal... invincible. I now carried his infant son inside my womb. A child I already loved so deeply... but every time I thought of the baby, my heart wept inside... for it would never be Tyler's. But like Tyler had told me that night, we really COULD start again.

Just with one early edition... but he was a blessing. I had hoped so.

I had hoped.