The rest of the remaining months before the pregnancy were surely... something! But before I knew it, I was in labour.

I realized this when I felt my undies soak heavily as Tyler and I were doing a normal walk for casual pleasure. It happened so fast, it felt like time was absent in those last five months. All except the fact that every day my belly grew a bit bigger, and every day Luke inside me was transforming into a fully functioning human being. A baby, an infant that was starting again.

Sometimes at night, I would talk to my 'son', just to ask him things and to know him better. When you are pregnant, your child becomes your world. Everything I did affected him some way, somehow. I often would wonder what it would be like if I was still pregnant with Oisin. Would I ever meet my original son in this world? Or in the world to come.

I didn't know... but I hoped, I hoped.

But back to the story of how my water broke and the contractions started.

I wasn't in pain, being an immortal and all. But my body was growing in large discomfort.

"Jessica!" Tyler said in shock as water dripped to the ground from my soaked undies, "You just pissed everywhere!"

No, Tyler! Luke suddenly thought to the both of us, I'm getting ready to be born!

"Ahh!" I yelped as I felt the infant in me start to move about into position, "Tyler! HE'S COMING!"

We were at the hospital in seconds – y'know, with the whole teleportation power and all – and before I could even say the whole alphabet I was on a hospital trolley bed and I was being pushed through the white medical halls to the maternal emergency room. I was panting quickly, in and out, in and out as Tyler held my hand with his both.

I was propped up on a few pillows at my back, and I began doing two seconds breaths in and out. Almost panting like a tired dog.

It was within two hours that all our immediate friends and family showed up. I could see them through the glass windows and I saw Amy looking distraught as she mouthed the words, Sorry!

What was she sorry for? I was the one that had to give birth in the next few hours.

I saw Padraig by her side, and even Cammie and Ben for some bizarre reason.

It was like everybody I had ever known had shown up for the birth of my son – or in other words, the rebirth of Luke.

C'mon, mum! Luke begged and I felt myself crowning. My friends and family flinched away at that scene, Amy swallowing back her puke.

"Why are they looking at my privates!" I yelled at Tyler, in huge embarrassments and he only laughed, still holding tight my hand and replying.

"The beauty of BIRTH!"

"Okay, Jessica," The male doctor said to me as he sat himself in between my legs for the labour, "I want you to give me one BIG push!"

"GRRR!" I screeched, pushing as hard as I could and he called at me in delight.


"GET OUT!" I screamed at Luke and within seconds I felt the pressure suddenly and quickly decrease from my privates.


"ARGH!" I yelled and felt the rest of him pop out of me.

"Congratulations, it's a GIRL!"


"Just kidding," The doctor laughed, and I laughed back hard with fake humour at his joking, "You have a beautiful baby boy."

"Aww..." Tyler cooed as the tiny baby was wrapped up and handed to him. He looked dotingly at the squished-up tiny face, before handing the baby gently to me and I held my child, my body trembling as the infant tried to open his eyes weakly, and that is when I froze.

My baby... his eyes were of two different colours. One was light piercing blue, and the other... golden in colour.

"Is he... meant to be that way?"

"Look," The doctor said honestly, seeing the two different eyes on the infant, "This is my first time delivering a child from an immortal."


I looked back at Luke, so very timid and small and I smiled, tears in my eyes.

"Yes, Luke...?" I whispered and the baby blinked his eyes in soreness.

Why can't I see properly? Why am I witnessing this..?

Because, I suddenly heard Sebastian say with thought from the other side of the glass window, filled with family and friends, because you already have a full grown adult conscious...

"A mind," Tyler added on, sitting down beside me and just looking still in awe at the new human life that had entered our world, "A mind is stronger than a brain..."

So what does that mean?! Luke asked in despair, and he looked his weak baby eyes up at him, then at me.

"Humility," Tyler only responded, looking dead serious at the infant and his golden and blue eyes, "That's what..."

"Will we put him in the infirmary?" The doctor asked me and I blinked my eyes wide open, looking up at him in surprise.

"Can I keep my baby on me?" I asked and the doctor said with a warm smile.

"Of course... actually, why don't you feed him?"

"With what?"

"With your breasts,"

"My what...?" I asked, flabbergasted and the doctor only looked at me perplexed.

"The milk in your breast ducts?"

"Put his mouth near your nipple," Tyler told me, pointing down at my full breasts.

"Oh," I said, laughing nervously, and moved Luke's baby head over to my breasts, revealing them to the world now.

"Nice," Padraig and Sebastian both said together. At least Cameron and the others had the good sense to look away.

I don't want to, Luke thought to me and I bit my lip, before replying back to him with authority.

"You have to."

The baby tried to pull his weak head back away from the nipple but eventually went through with it.

Tastes... weird...

"Well, GET used to it." Tyler only said to him as Luke began to suckle uncomfortably at my nipple for milk.

"See," Sebastian said to the group of family and loved ones on the other side of the window, "Breasts can have more than just one purpose."

"Please just stop," Amy told him and soon I was moved into a different room. The nurses had pushed the trolley bed through the halls and had left me in a warm cozy white room.

Tyler was by my side through it all and soon one by one my loved ones came in to see me and the newborn infant.

"HE'S GORGEOUS!" Sophie said in delight, having come in the last five minutes and pushing past the others as she came to my free side, "He looks so DOTEY!"

"If I didn't know that was Luke, a psychopathic killer, I'd think this baby was actually adorable."

Luke frowned a little when Amy said this.

"WAS," I said back, holding my child close, "He is now, NO more."

"Hmm..." Amy only hummed and was pushed aside by Padraig and Cameron as the two stared down at my newborn son.

"So..." Padraig asked daringly to my child, "What happened to your original body?"

Luke squirmed a bit in my hold and Cameron looked down on him coldly, adding.

"What brought you back to our world? Couldn't face your punishment?"

Amy scorned the two of them, yanking them out of the room and I watched as my parents and Tyler's mum approached us, tears in their eyes. Confused tears of either joy or sadness.

"So... this is our grandson," My dad said to my mother and she nodded her head softly.

"Yes... he is..."

"What are you going to name him?" Tyler's mum quickly injected into the conversation and Tyler looked at me, and I at him.

"Er... Luke? I guess..." Tyler only uttered.

"Luke Smith," I repeated and the baby looked back up at me in a small startle.

I'm... really part of your family now? He asked, removing his mouth away from my nipple, as his infant body was full. He had the slightest bit of a potbelly.

"I guess so," Tyler said and held his index finger over Luke's head. The baby instantly caught his finger with the infant's tiny hand and Tyler smirked, adding, "He's strong..."

Yet, Luke responded in sadness, I feel so weak.

"Welcome, I guess..." My father spoke once more, "But if YOU ever hurt my daughter, YOUR MOTHER, I WILL KILL YOU."

Y-yes, Papa, Luke thought in fear at his new grandfather.

I giggled weakly at this and turned my face to Tyler, my husband looking back at me with lidded tired eyes.

"What is it...?" He asked softly and I kissed him on the cheek. I whispered in his ear, "Do you want to try again...?"

"Try what-?" His words fell short when I glanced my eyes at Luke who had now dozed off into sleep, then my eyes back at him.

"Try again?" I repeated with a small giddy smile.

"Maybe... wait a few months, yeah?" He replied like he had a frog stuck in his throat. He could feel the tension between us then and only stood up, laughing awkwardly at it.

"We can wait." He finally affirmed and I shrugged my shoulder, rolling my eyes and just looking at my new baby.

I pressed my lips gently to Luke's forehead, and whispered to his unconscious brain, "I will be a good mother to you. BUT you, you have to be a good son." I took a deep sad breath in, hoping as I said the words, "A GOOD person."

We'd see... we'd see.