And so, I became a mother. A mother to a child that had the mind of an adult, but the brain and body of a helpless infant.

And yet, even with knowing all that had come before to bring me to this moment... I still loved him.

I loved my baby. My heart told me to, insisted for me to warm up to and love this child... this teenager in a child's body. This immortal being who was going to grow up again... and be Luke Smith.

There was fear in his heart. I could tell.

He needed me, he had no choice in the matter. He was my baby boy and everything was now out of his reach... he was completely helpless.

And with any creature that was completely and utterly depending on other's love and protection, he had to change. Cos' he was going to grow up slow like a real child. He was going to start again. And so was I.

It was only one month later that it occurred.

I hadn't told Tyler I had took the antidote that night... I guess I wanted to 'surprise' him. I was being pumped full of endorphins and oxytocin, connecting more with my new baby... but I hurt inside of who I had lost.

I had lost Oisin, and in my heart I begged for my son to come back. Some way, some how.

And so I woke up the next morning, still naked and with Tyler hugging me close around my waist. I felt slightly bad about what I did. But I wanted to have Tyler's children. I wanted to start again and get things right this time.

I slipped out of my bed, and picked up Luke who was snoozing. I shook him softly and he creaked opened his two different coloured eyes.

What is it, Mum?

"Feeding time." I told him gently and he began to feed a bare few minutes later. I sat on the toilet as I breast fed him and when I had peed on the little medical checking stick, I held Luke against my side and only peered at the result.

It was positive...

A smile began to grow up my mouth.

Why are you smiling? Luke asked quickly and I showed him the pregnancy stick. He could read the result perfectly and he gulped afraid.

"I'm pregnant..." I whispered in hidden delight, "I am going to have Tyler's baby..."

Luke's mouth opened only the slightest in shock.

"C'mon," I told him gently and carried him back to Tyler's and my room. I said to Luke quietly, "Cry and wake him up."

Luke looked at me guiltily and I grinned childishly back. Sometimes it was hard telling who was the adult and who was the real baby.

"Come on," I repeated and he let off a loud shriek. Tyler instantly shot up in a stiff sitting position and looked around panicky, yelling.


"Calm down, Tyler Riler," I said back with a small giggle and he turned his gaze at me, his expression not convinced but he quickly saw Luke shut up as I cradled him in my arms, "I have to tell you something..."

"What." Tyler said, as he could sense I was withholding very important information. Luke turned his eyes away from his 'father' to me and I smiled at him, before glancing my own eyes over to my husband.

"I pregnant..."

"..." Tyler's jaw dropped and he only gazed dumbfounded at my news. He then said finally, "Please tell me it's mine this time."

"Yes," I replied with delight, "It is..."

"You took the antidote, didn't you?" He asked me point blank and I giggled, rolling my eyes and responding.


Tyler only sighed out heavily and stood up beside me. We were living in the temple now, and things had felt completely different then our time here before. We had knocked down walls, redid the place completely and in some rooms, to my glee, were completely pink. Tyler had agreed to it but it was a bit too much for baby Luke to handle.

"Parents get to choose," I had told him coyly and in response he would wail the whole night. But I knew when he was just being bold, and when he actually needed attention. Mother's intuition, I knew it to be sure.

"Jessica," Tyler asked her as I handed him Luke and he placed him gently back into the cot, "Why would you want another?"

"He won't be a baby forever, Tyler." I proclaimed and Tyler only uttered in sheer disbelief.

"That's not what I meant."

"Hmm?" I hummed and he placed his hand on my shoulder, looking dead serious into my eyes.

"I mean... why so soon?"

I held back my breath for a second, before blowing out in a sad scared sigh. I didn't know how else to answer, except... with the truth.

My truth.

"I want my son back,"


I closed my eyes tightly and showed the image of Oisin in my head. Tyler read the thought and said in sadness.

"Is that how things work?"

"I had to try," I whimpered and Tyler suddenly pulled me into a tight hug. I began to cry silently into his covered chest, and he whispered back to me after he kissed my forehead.

"I know..."

He leant back carefully and looked me in my teary eyes, "But why didn't you just tell me before?"

"I couldn't," I uttered, and placed my hand on his cheek, looking more deeply into his own eyes, "Because I knew you wanted to wait."


We both froze when we heard that timid voice speak to our minds. Tyler's immortality had changed my entire being... his gifts now coursing through me just like Luke's had when I had first conceived.

But that timid voice. I knew who it was.

Oisin, I whispered in reply back to embryo that had started its transforming in the depths of my womb, Oisin..?

Yes, mumma, he said back so softly and Tyler and I both looked at each other, letting out nervous laughs.

I've seen the future... Oisin continued and we both blinked in surprise, He told me I would come back... he showed me.

"Who did, sweety?" I asked on nervously.

God, Oisin only answered and became quiet now as he began to grow and transform. He needed energy and nutrition, and I had to supply both.

"God..." Tyler said with a scared smile, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me back into a fearful hug, "I'm beginning to know this God..."

"How?" I asked and Tyler winked at me, putting the images and memories he had had with Podge nearly a year ago now.

"He knows all..." Tyler began, and I gulped afraid of this incredible entity that was all around us, sustaining us and loving us, "He knows all of time... everything."

I realized then, once Tyler's words had been said, little Luke was remaining very quiet and I looked my eyes over to the cot, seeing him laying there, listening and learning.

God? He finally said, and I kissed his forehead like any mother would. The baby squirmed a bit but had to accept my love. He then looked over to Tyler and uttered out with a scared thought, Why did he let me come back? Why let me...? I'm... I'm e-evil.

Because, Oisin whispered in our minds so distantly but still with the strength he had, I sacrificed for you... and he granted my prayer.

And what is your prayer? Luke only asked, afraid as his baby eyes began to leak with upset tears.

To be with Mummy till the end.

And, Luke continued, still weeping and Tyler picked him up, holding him to his chest and bouncing Luke softly to stop his tears, Is there an end..?

Oisin didn't say anything for a minute. I held my hand to my belly and he finally let out his answer, If there's a start... there must be an end.

Tyler and I only looked between one another before I walked in quiet steps to the exit doors of the temple. I stood at the top of the stone hill, looking at the large city below our view.

I only stared my eyes up to the sky, the morning had pink clouds and a deep rising orange sun. I stared straight at it, no pain coming to my eyes as I had re-inherited the gifts from Tyler last night when I conceived another gifted child. Tyler came to the side of me a few moments later, Luke still wrapped up and being held against his chest. Luke had fallen asleep now, as being a newborn meant lots of sleep, a mind so big in contrast to the rest of his baby body, a body and mind that needed time to develop into the child he would one day be, and thee adult after that.

"What do you think, Jessie?" Tyler asked me, and I gripped his free hand with my own. He held Luke to him carefully with his other free arm and I smiled weakly to him.

"I think things will be alright... I really do..."

Tyler nodded, but after a few seconds asked afraid, "Even to the end of time?"

"Even," I replied and kissed him gently on the lips, hugging him close and whispering to the universe all around us, "Even to Eternality."