"Please put on your coat, Leticia," said Mrs. Mobec.

"Why? It is only 225 degrees below zero. It is not that cold," Leticia told her Mom.

"By the time you come home from school it will be 300 below and you will need your heavy coat, so take it," Her mom responded.


"Thank you."

Leticia left her house walking along the road to her school. She always loved seeing Jupiter. Even though she had seen this view ever since she was born, it never ceased to amaze her. Seeing the giant red spot was something else too. She better put on her heavy coat or else her mom would have a fit. Other kids were coming out of their homes too. It was time for school. She saw Ansel Iker. He had been her best friend for forever really.

"Hey, Leticia. Are you ready for our math lesson today?" He asked when he caught up to her.


"Me neither."

Neither Leticia nor Ansel knew what was about to happen. When they got to the school, the entire school was abuzz. Their teacher Mrs. Dineen was having trouble getting the other students under control. That is until the district advisor, Mr. Iker walked in. It went silent.

"Please listen to your teacher and do not worry. We have things under control."

"What is going on Uncle Rupert?" Ansel asked Mr. Iker.

"A satellite from Earth will be passing by here shortly," said Mr. Iker.

"Where can I see it?" Leticia excitedly asked.

"I want to see it too." Ansel also replied.

"We do not want to see it because if we see it then that will mean that they see us. We do not want them to see us," He responded.

"We want to see it though," Leticia responded feeling extremely disappointed.

"No, it is too dangerous. End of discussion. Now go sit in your seat."

Leticia and Ansel sat in their seat. While their teacher droned on about how it was dangerous to contact Earth, Ansel got out a piece of paper and started making up a plan to go see the satellite.

"Do any of you know why Earth is dangerous?" asked Mrs. Dineen. Several kids raised their hands. Mrs. Dineen called on a girl in the front row. Prissy Evans. She was a goody two-shoed type. Teacher's pet.

"They would do experiments on us," She answered.

"Correct. Any other ideas? Leticia? Ansel? Do either of you want to answer?" Mrs. Dineen directed her question to Leticia and Ansel.

"They would kill, maim, or hurt us. As Prissy already stated and I quote 'They would do experiments on us'," Ansel stated mindlessly, "But how do we know that they would do this stuff to us? Have any of us ever actually come across one of them? Maybe they are just like us."

"No, they are not just like us. They kill and maim their people. They are far below our intelligence too. They are not even worth talking about them," Concluded Mrs. Dineen. "Now pull out your mathematics book and turn to page 80, lesson 4." The entire class groaned collectively.

After their math class was over, it was time for lunch. Since today's temps were a little colder than normal at negative 375 degrees Fahrenheit, the kids were not allowed to go outside. Everybody stayed at their desks.

"Ask your Uncle when and where it is going to go over?" Leticia told Ansel.

"You know exactly how he will respond to that question," Ansel retorted.

"You're right," she said back.

"So, we just go find it ourselves," Ansel said.

"Even better," Leticia said with a grin.

"Can I go?" Asked a voice from behind them. Both turned around to see Prissy Evans.

"Why do you want to go?" Leticia asked with a confused look on her face.

"I want to see the satellite too. Simple as that."

"Ansel get over here. Excuse us Prissy while we discuss this." Replied Leticia.

"Is that the reason why she wants to go look at the satellite? Or does she just want to get us in trouble?" Leticia whispered to Ansel.

"Well, if she wanted to get us in trouble all she has to do is tell Mrs. Dineen that we are going to go see the satellite, and Mrs. Dineen would believe her," Ansel whispered back.

"So, we let her come?"


They walked back over to where Prissy was standing. She looked up hopefully.

"We have decided to let you come with us," Ansel said.

"Thank you," Squealed Prissy.

After school was over, the other kids all ran home. Leticia, Ansel, and Prissy however took a long way home. They had decided during lunch that the best place to see it would be the ridge. The ridge was a giant cliff that had dirt surrounding it except for the top of it. The top was covered in ice. An easy climb for them. They got to the top and sat up there just admiring the view. Looking up they saw the sun. It was smaller than it would have been on Earth but was still too bright to look at without some sort of safety glasses or eyewear.

"Look," Prissy said her voice full of wonder.

"What are we looking at?" Asked Leticia.

"The satellite," Ansel responded. The satellite was a moving light going across the sky. Their curiosity about what else was in the solar system was now piqued. While the satellite moved across the sky, it also took pictures to send back to Earth.

"What was so dangerous about that?" Prissy asked.

"I have no clue," Ansel replied.

The teens climbed down and went home.

"I am home," Leticia called out when she got into her house.

"Where have you been?" Mrs. Mobec asked.

"I went to see the satellite go over with friends," Leticia answered meekly.

"Just be back home sooner next time, okay?" Her mother responded.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now go do your chores."

"Yes, Ma'am." Leticia took off to do her chores and later call Prissy and Ansel.

Ansel and Prissy's families had not been as happy or understanding about their exploits as Leticia's Mom had. Unbeknownst to anybody in their town, a small crack appeared in the ice at the top of the Ridge. An old enemy had been reawakened. An old war had been restarted. One that Leticia, Ansel, and Prissy would need to lead and fight in. The enemy that walked out of the crack was not someone you would expect to be an enemy. He climbed down the ridge and walked into the town. It had begun.