Time: 2282

Location: Pirate outpost in the outskirts of human space

The lone female walked down the hallway, wearing only a thin black bodysuit, and with a sheathed katana and a pair of guns at her side. With each step, she swayed her generous curves, as if trying to lure others in. Though those hiding from her already knew she was a monster of myth, not an ordinary woman.

Revy sought survivors to "clean up", after her team's raid on the pirate space station. Muffled gunfire in the distance betrayed an ongoing resistance against her giant, purple-haired partner. Revy smiled, mocking the concept of mere humans "resisting" Violet. Kittens trying to fend off a tiger. The rest of the team was blocking the exits, leaving her alone, meaning she could take her time, and savor the hunt.

She stopped at a security door, for a warehouse of some kind, focusing her supernatural hearing. She could hear panicked breaths and fast, heartbeats behind the airlock, whose hydraulics were disabled. Revy licked her lips, counting ten people of multiple species, and raised her hands.

She felt tendrils of dark energy go from her palms to the sealed door. Then clenched her fists and did a pulling motion. Her body slightly glowed with the telekinetic exertion, and the steel began to groan. With a final grunt, she increased her output and the two halves of the door ripped themselves off. She addressed her prey, ten people in defensive positions just behind the door, with a sultry voice.

"Hello, boys." She paid no need to the ensuing gunfire and simply stood there as the bullets stopped inches away from her, caught in her Vector field. When they stopped firing, she finally allowed them to fall, a few dozen bullets raining down all at once. "Sorry to disappoint, but that's not how this works." She took off her thin helmet, while the prey briefly paused in shock and fear of how useless their guns were. It tasted like wine, and a fine wine shouldn't be drunk quickly.

They were greeted with a somewhat pale but beautiful face, with plum hair set in a ponytail. She looked back at them with deep eyes, the irises glowing red. She smiled just enough to bear her fangs, like some vampire of old fiction. She wasn't even exerting any telepathic pressure, but just her presence was enough. She could sense their emotions. More than just fear, they felt the primal terror of prey knowing they are cornered, as a predator caressed them and tasted their scent, and she savored the feeling.

Three of them were braver than the rest, however. They dashed out, a vuwrelt with a fire axe, a woman with a pair of knives, and an hakrost, mid caste, with a sledgehammer. Revy sighed.

How does one train their skills against this kind of trash? Oh well.

It all happened in a flash. She drew her sword and focused her power on her legs. Telekinetically dashing as if skating on the floor, she landed a strike on each one, in a zig-zag pattern. She stopped behind all three and waited. None of the three even finished their strikes, and simply fell down with liberal jets of blood from their torsos. The other seven froze, like deer staring at headlights, their brains trying to process what happened. From their perspective, she had simply blurred her way past the attackers without attacking. In reality, she had landed a total of seven strikes. She once heard that her speed felt like "special effects" to humans.

She stared back at them, and slowly licked some of the blood off her sword. Suggestively. They slowly started to back up, and she was aroused at their now even greater terror.

They always think I'm being metaphorical when I say 'mortals are prey'.

She stuck her sword on the ground and raised a hand that began glowing. "Let's have some fun." They all started to run, even as her EMP evocation erupted in a cone. The room was cast into darkness as all the lights died. Hardened equipment such as guns should still function, but civilian flashlights and night vision goggles were dead. She could hear them scramble for whatever hiding spots there were.

Revy slowly walked inside and raised her hands. The two halves of the bulkhead emerged behind her and slammed the entrance shut. She made sure it was a tight fit, sealing the room in total darkness. But she wasn't ready yet.

All Cambions innately loved the dark. It was their realm. While seeing in the dark (night vision and infrared) wasn't a problem, sight wasn't really their primary sense. Every sense was equally important. She closed her eyes and took in the sounds, scents, bioelectric auras, and sentient minds. Now, everyone was on equal footing in terms of vision, but she still had the clear advantage, and they would find that out soon. She moaned softly. It was like having sex while blindfolded.

A few questions floated around.

"What happened?"

"She trapped us in!"

"Shut up, she's inside!", said a calmer, wiser voice, then they all went quiet.

Revy silently stalked the maze of crates and warehouse shelves, making no sound whatsoever, biting her lip as she chose which one would die first. She felt one prey, slowly walking, trying his best to keep quiet (even though his mere existence was loud enough), with a pistol in hand. She walked behind him and placed him in a chokehold. She allowed him a final split-second of realization and terror before breaking his neck. She gently placed him down, but sensed another one right around the corner must've heard it.

Indeed, he crossed the corner, in a stance clearly indicating he would open fire. He didn't get the chance as she drew her sword and stroke at just the right moment, literally disarming him. His screams filled the room as she sheathed her sword back, enjoying the music. She delivered a hard kick, shattering his ribs and sending him flying with enough force to dent the steel wall behind him. He fell down, dying from head trauma.

As expected, that revealed a few of the others to her, as they whimpered, took louder steps due to the panic, or in one instance, knocked down a stack of boxes. She felt three prey approaching, and heard the pumping of a shotgun. She jumped up, quickly climbing the two-story tall shelf with unnatural grace. Still with her eyes closed, she jumped into the adjacent shelf, landing in complete silence. She sensed the prey right below.

Landing right behind them, she jumped on top of the first one, wrapping her legs around his face. She telekinetically brought the second one right into her hands, and twisting her whole body at once, cracked both their necks at the same time. The third one, who she knew held the shotgun, turned towards the commotion. Lunging at him, she grabbed the shotgun and kept it from being trained on her. Despite him being a large man, she easily stopped the weapon. The gun fired once, hitting a box. The loud noise briefly deafened her, but she had already prepared her strike. Focusing some darkfire on her fingers, she jabbed him near the heart. The anomalous black flame burned and corroded both suit and flesh, and he quickly died. She sniffed the scent of burned human flesh.

As the prey fell, she heard a loud clang at the door. Someone was escaping, having forced the door open, probably through hysterical strength.

She laughed a little and shouted. "Did I give you permission to escape?" She quickly raced back to the entrance. Quickly echo-locating him via his loud running, she drew her pistol and fired. Even blinded and 25 meters away, she didn't worry about her accuracy, and heard a sound similar to a watermelon bursting. "Bad." Then, all went quiet again.

But only for a moment. She heard something hit the ground, not far from her position. Then she heard a flashbang go off. Followed by another before her hearing could recover. And then another. She quickly deduced it was a belt of flashbang grenades. While they didn't hurt her, she could not echo-locate anymore.

Good thinking. I could open my eyes, but I will not concede the game just yet.

She opened her third eye, peering into all the possibilities of danger in the immediate timeline. And there it was. She was about to be shot in the back, in just a moment. A rifle, full auto. She had so many ways to counterattack, but she had decided on an idea. She lowered her defense shield. She would let him try.

Swaying just slightly to the side, the bullet missed her by a millimeter. Side stepping, she avoided another one. She kept doing this, perceiving each shot and dodging it, at speeds the human eye could never follow. Only a slow-motion camera could capture the minimalist, sensual dance she was doing around the bullets.

Finally, she drew her sword, and proceeded to parry the last five rounds, with more ease than swatting a fly in mid-air. And after fifteen shots, the magazine emptied, and the dance ended. The flashbangs stopped. He lowered his weapon.

"Fuck." He threw down the weapon. And drew a knife.

Revy put her sword away, and slowly walked towards him. "My, how brave. But you are aware this is over." She could feel the resignation. He was willing to die swinging.

The moment he took a step, she dashed, again at impossible speed, and seized his arms. His struggle to get free was futile.

Content with her game, and now wanting a different experience, she opened her eyes. "Killing just yet is a waste." She could sense him getting lost in her eyes, both threatening and inviting. This time, she applied some hypnosis. His meager mental defense quickly broke, and his mind numbed. He went silent and did not resist as she threw his knife down and slowly pushed him against the wall. By the time she embraced him, there was nothing but spicy lust and sweet anticipation in his mind. She gently took his helmet off and took a look at her prey.

Smart. Brave enough to come up with a decent plan, and did not run away or beg. Good looking. Yes, he will do.

Technically, she is prohibited from "playing" with her assigned targets, and should only fight or kill. But no one was watching. Why not share the ultimate ecstasy with him before his inevitable demise? As she merged her tactile sense with his, she leaned in for a kiss.

Then the comms piece in the helmet clicked, and she heard a loud, obnoxious voice.

"You done with these losers?"

Revy closed her eyes and sighed loudly. "I'm almost done."

"HA! Cockblocked you again, didn't I?" Violet then changed into a serious tone. "Kill them and come back. Now. Don't make me go down there."

The she-demon pouted, but not much she could do. The contract greatly limits how much fun she can have, and Violet is no exception when it comes to enforcing that. Violet was fun to be around, the only mortal she considered a physical equal, and quite satisfying in bed, but utterly uncompromising when it came to this. Somewhat morally ironic in her opinion, given the two were employed as murder machines, but she had given up on that argument. It does force her to get creative to satisfy her needs, however she can.

And there was some innate fun in indulging the fantasy of mortals controlling her. She was quite sure the big girl enjoyed "holding her leash", would never admit to it. At least publicly.

She snapped back to reality, where the prey was still gazing at her, empty-headed.

"Sorry, she is mean, we'll have to cut this short. But I'll still give you a parting gift, for impressing me. A quick, blissful end." Revy wanted a longer experience, but had some tricks to make it quicker, if not as satisfying for her. She planted a kiss, overloading his mind with induced pleasure. He almost fell from his knees growing weak. She drew her pistol and placed it beneath his chin, taking in the last drops of pleasure feedback.

Such a shame it must end so quickly. I'll demand compensation later.

Finishing the kiss, she abruptly cut the link and pulled the trigger.

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