A Chicago Cub fan right from the very start, Joseph Girouard considers himself fortunate that he could witness the first night game in Wrigley Field history live. Recollecting his memories, Joseph talks about how the owner of the Cubs PK Wrigley was not in favor of night games but went on with it anyway.

For Joseph Girouard, where you sit at Wrigley field really impacts your viewing experience. He has always preferred sitting in the left-field bleachers even though some of his friends find the right-field bleachers better. For those who want a great view of the entire ballpark, Joseph suggests renting the rooftops across the street.

About Joseph Girouard

Joseph Girouard is a long-time philanthropist who is associated with several noble causes such as animals rights, the environment, global warming, and world peace.

Talking about his personal life, Joseph himself is a skilled baseball and pickleball player. He takes great pride in introducing himself as the biggest Chicago cub fan as he has attended more than 15 games to show his support for the team.