The twins felt like they were part of the elite as they drove into the parking lot in their Ford Ranger. Done were the days of spending over an hour on a school bus with so many annoying people who were either bumming cigarettes from each other or wanting to fight each other for some stupid reason. They were always way too loud so early in the morning. They weren't just localized to the back of the bus. The whole bus was packed with them. Things got louder when the local retard, Art, got on the bus. He was big into wrestling and always wore a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt. He was often seen trying to do wrestling moves, particularly the Stone Cold Stunner, on people.

Driving to school made the trip quieter and relaxing. They could listen to anything they wanted without headphones. Their only issue was their truck had a tape deck and not a CD player. Most of their modern music were CDs. Their mother had a giant tape case full of cassettes but most of it wasn't their style of music. It wasn't a big problem to get around. They had to use the cassette adapter for their CD player but it'd still be nice to not have such a middle man. It would have to suffice for now.

The lot wasn't full but vehicles were beginning to flow in. There were some cars and some of them still had people in them. Two spots over was a blue Camaro. Everyone knew it belonged to Lucas Bailey, the starting quarterback. As the twins hopped out of the truck, they noticed Lucas was not alone. In the passenger seat was his girlfriend, Lana Endick.

"If they're going to do shit like that, they better get some tint for those windows," Riley said. Ryan didn't get a chance to see what she was meaning as a car pulled into the spot between them but he had an idea. Lucas and Lana were the standard upper-class student couples. They both were athletes that played multiple sports. He played football, basketball and baseball and she played soccer and basketball. Lucas was the son of the football head coach and Lana was the daughter of a lawyer.

The twins approached the school as students poured from the buses. The stares weren't as common but there were still some. It could've been that because of the new freshmen and the graduation of the seniors, the stares didn't seem as frequent or that people were getting over last year's issue. Or both.

Only a handful of teachers returned this year after the investigation ended. They were the only teachers that weren't involved in the sex scandal involving the basketball teams. His schedule was full of names he didn't recognize. The only one on it that he knew was his computer teacher. She was an older woman who only had a few years left before retirement. In fact, all of the teachers who were not involved in the scandal were teachers on the verge of retirement.


The twins walked together through the crowd of people to get into the cafeteria. Steven and Wayne also had lunch this period and were already at their usual table. They hoped they'd get lucky this year and not have lunch with Vince but that dream was quickly destroyed when they saw him standing at a nearby table with a group of freshman girls.

"What is he doing?" Riley asked nodding toward Vince.

"He claims he was street racing in Parkersburg," Steven said.

"I didn't know he had a car."

Steven shrugged. "I didn't either but apparently he doesn't anymore because he wrecked it down there."

"Convenient." The group listened to what Vince was conjuring up this time hoping to get a laugh out of it.

"Yeah, things were pretty rough down in Parkersburg," Vince said. There were a lot of racers down there. We'd race for slips all the time. I've won a few times and the only times I lost was when I was using the cars I won. It was a brand-new Camaro. In fact, one time I beat someone from Ohio who got so angry he pulled a gun. I hadn't even gotten out of my car when he did that. I sped off but he and his friends came after me. I was coming off the bridge and waiting to hit a straight-a-way before hitting my NOS. But one of those bullets hit my tire and I lost control on the ramp. I slammed into the median wall and flipped my car. I was lucky they didn't hit my NOS tank. It's how I got this scar."

He pulled up his shirt to show the girls a scar on his abdomen. The girls reacted in shock. Some of them even asked if they could feel it. The twins couldn't see the scar from their position. Riley wanted to see the scar to see if it was real or not.

"I hope those girls don't believe that story," Ryan said.

"A retarded child wouldn't even believe it."

"Something is seriously wrong with him to come up with such a story. I mean why?"

"I'm guessing he's lonely and is wanting to make friends. There's always the old-fashioned way of introducing yourself but I guess his style is to lie and make up stories to get people to like him. Either that or he's just trying to get laid."

"Alright, let's change the subject," Riley said finally pulling out her lunch bag. "It's too early in the day for me to be annoyed by Vince."

"I wish I would've bet Will on who'd win the finals," Ryan said. "I said the Spurs would win it. And if the Bulls didn't break up then they would have won it."

"For fuck's sake, this debate again?" Wayne asked. "It seems like we just had this conversation."

"We like basketball, it's a big part of our lives. What would you rather talk about? The shitty Cowboys?" Riley asked.

"Yeah, cause the Cowboys are the best."

"We could make Super Bowl predictions but that would be pointless as you'd go with the Cowboys, we'd know the Steelers wouldn't make it but we'd still be hopeful and Steven wouldn't really care as long as it wasn't the Steelers."

"Yeah, that's about right," Steven said.

"Anyway," Ryan said turning away from Wayne. "If Jordan hadn't retired the first time, then they would've won nine straight."

"The Bulls were old," Ben said from another table. "The Spurs are young and would have swept them."

"You mean the way you said the Sonics would sweep the Bulls?" Ryan asked. "Jordan wouldn't have let the Spurs dominate like that."

"They wouldn't win the championship," he said.

"That's also retarded," Riley said. "They've always won with Jordan."

"They lost to the Magic in ninety-five."

"Oh, you mean when Jordan came back in the middle of the year and they lost in the playoffs? Can't expect them to mesh well when coming back so late. With the exception of Pippen, the team was new. Besides, that was a playoff game and not the finals."

"Why are you talking basketball when it's football season?" Wayne asked cutting off Ben's retort that the twins were ignoring anyway.

"Basketball starts up soon," Ryan said.

"And it'll still be football season. It'll be football season until February then it can be basketball season."

"Cowboys won't make it to February."

"Oh, and you think the Steelers will?"

"I just explained this," Riley said.

"They have a better shot than the Cowboys," Ryan said.

"And uh, what happened the last time they played the Cowboys?" Wayne had a giant smile as he knew the twins couldn't counter without lying. The Steelers not only lost to the Cowboys in the Super Bowl nearly four years before but also in the first game of the 1997 season. "You guys won one game in the preseason and will lose to the Browns. Tim Couch will tear your team apart. Anyway, you are a football player now so you should be talking football."

"Whatever," Ryan said. There was a possibility that Wayne was right about the Steelers losing. They didn't do well last year and their preseason performance was horrible. Fortunately, he didn't know of any Browns fans that would annoy him if the Steelers lost. Only Vince would be bringing it up despite being a Bengals fan. For once, the twins would like some bragging rights when it came to the Steelers.