Working in a respectable position with a popular real estate firm, Joe Girouard oversees all brokerage operations and also deals with over 20 active realtors, an inside sales team, and the on-site sales team. He had joined this firm as a Client Care Manager where he spearheaded the creation of the Client Care Team that served as the first point of contact for all new real estate leads.

Joe eventually transitioned to the Sales Manager before he was appointed the Broker-In-Charge last year. During this time, he was responsible for overseeing daily operations, providing support to the sales team, and managing sales at the firm.

While Joe Girouard serves on the Community Outreach Committee and chairs several housing committees, he is also a member of the Heroes for Children Board of Directors.

About Joe Girouard

Joe Girouard holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology and a Master of Business Administration degree as well. He is certified as an Active Adult Specialist in Housing (CAASH) by the National Association of Home Builders and is also a licensed Realtor in New York City. Professionally, he has an extensive background in the areas such as property management, sales, and marketing of new residential developments.