Flight on Waters Edge

Opaque tepid waves idly, furl

Glittering scales reflecting sun's light, curl

Winding, swaying lazily beneath

Crimson red eyes angled knowing,

Glowing, contemplating light above

Rays of gold pierce downwards

Like wavering long fingers reaching

Gently, lovingly caressing scaled form

A smile cast upon reptilian teeth

Eyes cast heavenwards she sways

She sways on her way

With each powerful thrust of her serpent frame

She gains speed

the waters around her growing warmer

Growing brighter, lighter

A great crash and roar breaks through morning air

Silver and blue scales flying heavenwards

Her eyes closed, feeling the warmth of sun as she flies

Each scale reflects with a vivid cry

Her horned snout opens wide

Teeth shines with multifaceted diamond light

Spray of water glides with flying form

She crashes back into the beautiful blue

Haunting the breach between sea and sky

And with a sigh she descends back to

The dark, deep womb