A/N: I write a series of ninja/shinobi stories. My goal is at least 108 stories, the same amount of warriors in Water Margin (Suikoden, Shuǐhǔ zhuàn). It's very difficult but want to challenge various themes. Back in April, I began a story that reflect the erotic tendencies of author Yamada Futaro (1922 – 2001; who wrote the Ninpocho series and detective/mystery stories, his version of Hakkenden) . I simply titled it "As a man" and its an R-18 story. R-rated due to its sexual depiction and some violence from the character's nightmares (omitted). For this very short version, taking/modifying pieces out, tried to water it down a bit just to be safe.

Far from being complete. Still in the draft stages, I often look over it and edit details. I don't write these kinds of stories; it's my first as I usually write action/adventure type stories such as for Monster Rancher and Saint Seiya at a reasonable rating.

With some modifications, and it being all over the place, he's a small look into this story. I couldn't water it down THAT much.

"Lady Ueno!"

"Hello, son of Ryo." The old woman was jovial as usual, ignorant of how her presence portends – by reading the stars, she is seen as Iga and Koga's herald of the future. She also has a penchant to suddenly appear like a ghost in the foggy mist. Now she appears by one of the Iga sons.

"For you to be here only means one thing…No I don't want it!" Meaning he didn't want to hear it!

"Haha, why do you treat like some kind of bird that heralds your doom?"

"You know…" The boy began to shy away. For her age, and perhaps because she lived quite long, she always carried a cheery atmosphere. However, there was her suspicious quality— she always appeared before sharing a fortune, whether good or bad.

"Two stars brighten. They glow like the skins of sakura. Oh? Your eyes do no feign surprise."

"…do you…know?"

"And your aura is yellow today." That color could invite different things. A happy marriage and security could mean that the boy, and the girl that he was usually seen with, were undoubtedly a pair. Shou asked if there was "anything bad" and she only stated that he run afoul of his own insecurities, passed down the lineage.

Ueno knew they were sneaking out on a few nights.

It was their third night at the barnhouse, the hour of Dog. The moonlight leaked through the window, highlighting two figures inside. Held by her arms, Shiori was leaned by her heels and felt her back being smoothed against a bundle of rice straw. She had stripped off her robe moments before; above her was the young man she had wedded years before. He was also disrobed.

"Wait," she said, pushing her hands against his chest, "It's our third night, so now, I wish to ask, please."

"Ask me what?" Shou stared at her keenly. His urges were eased by the warmth of her touch, brimming against his chest.

"Stay with me. You and I are together now. Ever since you saved me from the pirate trade, you stayed by my side. Moons passed since then, and I've become dedicated to you." After her words, she took his cheek. "I truly want to be your woman. Do you not believe the same?"

"I do." There was little hesitation to the answer, but he wondered where she was going.

"Then," Her hand slid down his cheek. "I ask that, this time…" Moving her head, she reached up to his ear and whispered.


"As your wife, it is only natural."

"but..." He moved his mouth, but it only came out as air. He then held his tongue. What should I do? His thoughts pulsed with the thrums of his heart. They were only about 16 or 17, and she now asked for children. He reflected to the past couple of nights, remembering the touch of her skin. On those nights, going by her guidance from when she was in slave trade, he explored her body with his fingers and mouth. How do women have children…he had asked others? Other women from the village, including his mother, told him "from eggs".

"Eh?!" He found that almost unbelievable, and his mind immediately turned to birds. He was also told that the women needed the men to assist. "Men bear seeds of life inside, and bring over the same life to the women. A seed needs to join with an egg. That's really all."

"How do I give her… 'life'?" One of the women kneeled and lifted her hand. Her palm closed, and Shou fastened his eye shut from a surge shooting through his thighs. At this time, Shiori wasn't with him. He kept being inquisitive, and the more the answers became direct and embarrassing. He was told it was the best way to receive answers.

"Don't be ashamed," his mother had said. It now made sense to him why his hips seared in pain when he saw beauties, or when blood filled his face.

On the 1st night, it was Shou's first most sensual kiss. He was the one on the straw, and his wife fell on him; before that, she had kissed him on the cheek under a tree. On the 2nd, they further experimented with their bodies. Shiori had brought a small vial of carrageenan and slid it over Shou's nerve. The boy, feeling the slime and her soft fingertips, had his face in folds. He whiffed a scent in his nostrils. It smelled fresh as the salt sea air and calmed him, while at the same, motivated him.

Everyone in Iga, and even Lord Ban of Koga, agreed on one thing – Men wanted it more than women.

In the 16th century, the research of sex was barely comprehensive. The hormone called Oxtytocin, existing among all living things, was said to enhance human bonding, particularly a mother with their children, in labor and afterward. The male bonding was the same, intensifying after love making. Overall, it conjures positivity, and increases the chance of pregnancy. Everyone was aware of lubrication with tororo-jiru (grating yams) and carrageenan from boiled seaweed. Also, animal intestine condoms.

To have children? Shou wasn't sure what to expect; maybe a lot of noise, peeing, smells, but he'll train and protect this child with all of his strength. He also had the support of his family and countrymen. Maybe when the child was born, he'll be overwhelmed with emotion. He often heard that it was a beautiful moment to see new life, especially after the woman's battle of a painful childbirth…if she lives through it.