A voiceover who sounds like Keith David begins to narrate the official start of season 2 cos you know I like to start this in style.

"Comradery. Webster defines Comradery as a feeling of friendliness, goodwill, and familiarity among the people in a group, where a bond between two people are strong like steel."

"In a very distant world, two beings from opposite lands have a sense of comradery like no other."

"Their bond is unexpected, but incredibly strong."

"Together, they will face what is about to come."

And so, we see our Bonnie and Clyde-esque team of Lük and Bea sleeping in separate beds in the same room in Lük trailer.

If you read the end of Lük goes back to hell, you now know that Bea has moved into her friend's place and the demon-angel pair are now roommates. Jesus, what next, a republican and a democrat sharing the same flat together.

"Er, uh, not likely." said JFK.

"I strongly disagree with your idea, writer.", said Richard Nixon.

ANYWAY! Lük and Bea wake up from the alarm.

Lük turns it off by blasting it with a shotgun.

The two go into the bathroom together.

Not the way you think, viewers. This isn't a Rated-R Netflix romcom, you know.

Lük puts shaving cream on his face to shave off the stubble on his face.

While Bea uses the shaving cream to shave down below, if you get what I'm saying.

Oh, alright, I'll say it. Bea is shaving her vagina.

Lük was staring at what Bea was doing.

He was so disgusted at what he saw, he scrubbed his eyes with soap.

"Lük, I didn't know we could also use soap for our eyes" said Bea as she did the exact same thing.

Stupid angel.