An Arab mailman by the name of Shimar is at the doorstep of Lük's trailer where he carries a medium-sized package for him.

He knocks on the door while Lük and Bea are watching TV.

Lük tells Bea to open it.

And so the red-haired angel opens the door.

"Package for a Mr. Lük Demonson." said Shimar.

"Oh, no. I'm not a Mr. Lük Demonson. I'm a Ms. Bea Mackmill." said Bea.

"He meant me, idiot." said Lük.

"Sign here, please." said Shimar went he presented Bea with a form for a signature.

She signs it, takes the package and gives it to Lük.

"Here. I'll give ya a tip." Bea said to Shimar.

"Oh, thank you, kind lady." said Shimar.

Bea gave Shimar a paper clip, a used tampon, a cigarette bud and a broken piece of glass with blood stains.

Shimar is stunned.

"There's more where that came from." said Bea before shutting the door on Shimar.

Lük opens his package and finds inside a letter the says 'Enjoy this hand-me-down, son. - Your dad"

Lük finds a leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders and a skull symbol sewed on the back.

"Wow, that was your dad's jacket?" asked Bea.

"Damn right, red. My dad was a pretty rockin' rebel back in high school when he wore this. He used to piss off the principal with his attitude, giving her wedgies, spraying on her car, even giving her a swirly. Yep, my dad was the coolest during his school years. But now, he's just boring and lazy. Always reading damn newspapers and shit." said Lük.

"Boy, I wish I had a dad like yours, Lük." said Bea.

"Really? You never told me anything about your dad." said Lük.

"Oh. Well... Lük... The truth is... um... I... uh... I..." said a nervous Bea

"Spit it out, red." said Lük.

"I... I... I NEVER KNEW MY FATHER!" shouted Bea before crying.

"Oh, god. That's sad." said Lük.

"I know, right. I can't believe I have no dad. I must be so pathetic." said a wailing Bea.

"Well..." said Lük.

"I mean. Why would I even have no dad? I wouldn't have been born without one." said a tearful Bea.

"Well, did you ask your mom?" said Lük.

"My mom. [sniff] Hey, yeah. Maybe she knows who my dad is." said Bea.

"Well, the sooner you find out the better, cos I do not wanna see you leave tears all over my trailer." said Lük.