Lük and Bea are having breakfast when they hear the door opening.

The two of them go to the door.

When the door opens, all of the father figures appear at the doorstep.

"Uh, what are all of you doing here?" asked Lük.

"Why, we're here to collect our payment." said Sammy.

"Payment?" said Lük.

"That's-a right. We've-a come for the money for doing the activities we did with-a Bea." said Vicenzo.

"And here is the bill, maggot. You better say your prayers." said Sergeant Suthers.

Lük looks at the bill. It is $38,000.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" shouted Lük.

"I didn't know we had to pay that much." said Bea.

"Those are the expenses for spending quality time that you owe us, missy." said the old man.

"Um... [laugh] about that. Uhhhh... we don't have that kind of money." said Bea.

"And I used to have a shitload of mula. But SOMEBODY decided to steal it from me." said Lük when he looked at Bea.

"Well then, it appears that there's only one way you will pay for the expenses." said the old man as he took off his shoes again to show his infected feet.

"Start cleaning 'em, girl. You're gonna take a while." said the old man.

Bea looked worried, so she decided... to knock herself out with a lamp.

"Red? You alright?" Lük said to an unconscious Bea.