Kenneth Kremsky spent over 20 years in the manufacturing environment. He served as the plant controller and led numerous projects focused on cost reductions and higher efficiency. Formerly serving as the finance lead, he provided financial analysis for the Kraft Austerity team with the goal of reducing raw and packaging material losses by 5%, and reducing fixed expenses by 15% which was achieved. He has developed a daily management review process generating reports for reviewing the prior day's results regarding variances.

Being an affirmed Six Sigma Blackbelt, he holds a broad preparing in Lean Six Sigma costing and budgetary in investigation. He produced misfortune remittance reserve funds of ~$700K more than two years at Kraft Food Groups.

Kenneth Kremsky served as the former Assistant Financial Controller at Nabisco Biscuit Company where he was responsible for providing the financial statements and monthly results. He prepared the bills of materials for all the products including allocating fixed and indirect costs.

About Kenneth Kremsky

Kenneth Kremsky formerly filled in as an Associate Controller at Interstate Brands Corporation from 1996-1999. In 1999, he began filling in as director of cost accounting at Kraft Nabisco Inc where he worked until 2005. Afterward, Ken Kremsky began filling in as controller at Kraft Food Inc in 2005. From 2012, Ken filled in as a Senior Manager of Finance and Strategic Projects at Mondelez International. Here, he worked until 2017. Currently, he is working as consultant for a private value firm. He implements the new ERP accounting software and facilitates A2R process for the acquisition of the company.