"Your magic is different from his." Eli heard a voice behind him speak.

"Oh, you noticed that, did you?" He grinned as he turned to face the voice with golden eyes meeting black. "Well, you're not wrong by any means. It's quite the funny thing really. Soren and several others think I'm the source of his magic, that I'm like those silly gods granting their most loyal followers small vestiges of their power for playing nice"

Eli's tone grew sour as he spoke as that smile of his that was ever present fell away. "But it's not like that is it?" The other figure, Myriddia, spoke.

"Of course not. It's all him. Our magic does rhyme, largely due to our relationship, but the magic he uses is his own, the power, that limitless potential. It's all his. It's part of why I love him so." The smile returned, quieter but no less present.

"Well, you don't seem intent on hurting him at least." Myriddia nodded, a faint smile, relief? Playing on his face.

"Honestly, what is it with you mortals and thinking that I'm some sort of invading force or that I'd wish harm on Soren? I'll have you lot know that I was here long before any of you were, and that includes that silly little dutchess he's so fond of. I cared for him first you know" Eli sighed, golden eyes flickering across Myriddia's features, taking in the look on the drow's face.

Myriddia was silent for a bit. "Of course, of course. But back to the original question. You mentioned your magic rhyming?"

"Ah yes. How do I put this? I am, or well at least was, a celestial, but not one who was especially powerful. My own font of power was dreadfully limited, but I was a rather ambitious young spirit. So, I traveled about, listening in and prying into the more interesting affairs of you mortals. I saw some wonderful things, new creations, magics and arts completely new unlike the ever stagnancy of my home"

"As time passed, I began to… meddle a bit. I had a bit of magic, enough to open a person's mind ever so slightly to possibility. From there, things became even more interesting, creations more vibrant, more special. One day, I came across a young wizard. He was clever, smart, but lacked a certain fortitude to handle stronger magics. He spent years searching for a solution to the problem, and caught my attention. I opened his mind and he discovered something amazing."

"I don't… Bring my magic from my own font of power. Nor does Soren draw his power from me. This world we live in is incredible, thriving with magic. We… guide this magic in a way, asking it to move in certain ways to give us our desired outcomes."

"Did he discover this because of you?"

"No, no. He's oddly a natural. Or maybe magic is just rather fond of him. It's always so eager to follow his words. I do suspect that my being with him may have influenced how the magic moves, but he's always had magic bend to his whims. Soren is a nice person though, so the magic is nice. It's… gentle, careful to not hurt the subjects"

"And yours isn't"

"Ahahah, you caught that, didn't you. No. My magic is harsher, rougher and more carefree. It doesn't worry about people or things caught in its whirlwind. No. I love Soren, and I'll protect him with everything I have. Nor am I as forgiving as he is to those who hurt him, and my magic reflects this."

"Well, you're not alone then."

"I'd certainly hope not. It's a bit more convenient when I don't have to bend wills and such. And Soren would hardly approve of my charming the people he cares about" Eli gave a wave of his hand.

"But you would, I assume" The drow was smirking

"Of course, just as you would see threats to Soren burn. I'd see them submit." Golden eyes met black once more, each watching the other's smiling face.