Jessica Ashley Kahal gained fame during her high school days. She has the ability to keep audience in awe with her performance.

She could still recall the special memories of her performing in the high school choir. She got an opportunity to perform at the Kennedy Center as part of a special invitation. She also performed with her choir in a candlelight memorial for the September 11th terrorist attacks in the school's amphitheater. The combined choir sang "This is My Country" and "America the Beautiful" on this emotion-charged date, leaving the audience teary eyed.

Overall, Jessica Ashley Kahal is an American flute artist whose sensitive interpretations of the flute have won her worldwide recognition. She has done extensive international touring, frequent radio and television appearances, and promotion of arts.

About Jessica Ashley Kahal

Being the member of her high school Orchestra, Jessica Ashley Kahal got the opportunity to perform with them in their winter concert at Armstrong Theater. The orchestra program consisted of the Chamber Orchestra and the Symphonic Orchestra. Pertaining to the highlights of the program, it included the Theme from Forrest Gump, Schumann's Symphony No. 1, Movement IV, and the Mozart, Flute Concerto in D Major, Movement I.