Chapter 5

Lily made out with the Mayor for a long time, the two of them falling back on the couch as they continued to kiss and explore each other with their hands.

"I used to fantasy about this," Lily admitted between their smooching.


"The funny things we dream about," she laughed. "Is a dream a premonition of what to come or is it just something that inspires us to make it happen?"

"Both," Hannigan replied.

"My problem was that often times my fantasies were better than my real life encounters," she admitted.

"I should have asked you out," Hannigan said. "I always liked you."

"You can't like me," she joked. "I'm an Ellis."

"And I'm a Hannigan."

"So why are we doing this?" Lily wondered. "We're political opponents, aren't we?"

"We were friends first," Hannigan reminded her. "Our history is more than politics."

"I'm sorry I've been screwing with you politically," Lily said. "I hope you won't hold it against me."

"I already forgave you," He said, kissing her with affection and meaning.

"What are you going to tell your Staff?"

"They're not in charge of my personal life," The Mayor replied, kissing her some more. "What are you going to tell Lily's Loons on your concerned page?"

"It's not of their business," Lily decided as she broke from him and stood. Her bathrobe was open and her pajamas top skewed. "You don't think I'm fat?" She worried, pushing her robe off her shoulders and onto the floor.

Hannigan sighed painfully and slipped off the couch onto his knees, tugging down her pajama bottoms which dropped to her ankles. He reached up and unbuttoned her pajama top so it fell open and revealed her breasts. He reached his hands around her backside and gave her buns a squeeze.

"I think you're beautiful," he told her.

She let out a small emotional sigh and pulled him to his feet, drawing him close to her. "I believe you," she said. "Can you believe that?" She laughed. "You're a politician and we have nothing in common policy wise and I'll fight you to the death politically and here I am telling you that I believe you. I trust you. I believe in you. I want you."

"Anything's possible when you believe," he smiled.

She kicked her pajama bottoms away, took him by the hand and led him toward her bedroom – without apologies.