Chapter 2

Junshin gritted his teeth. How could his brother greet him so cheerfully, as though nothing happened? He wasn't ready to accept life here at SeRAPH yet.

"Oh, you're still frowning at me, Junshin?" Kazuki teased. "You know, I thought sending a cute girl to retrieve you would help soften the blow, but I guess even that isn't enough to make you forgive me."

"Cut the crap, Kazuki," Junshin said. "You're so cheerful for someone who ruined my life, you know?"

"Did I really though, Junshin," Kazuki said, before a more somber expression came across his face. "I was only showing you how things are to take you out of your complacency."

"Now now, Junshin-kun," Hina said, trying to mediate the blow towards the two brothers. "Kazuki was assigned a big mission, and he can keep an eye better on you here while you're at SeRAPH."

"So Kazuki is a big shot now?" Junshin said, while Hina clapped her hands together.

"You can talk with Kazuki-san so casually like that. I admire that, Junshin-kun."

"Don't think I'm impressed, Kazuki," Junshin said with a frown. "I still have a bone to pick with you."

"But ah, you and Hina-chan are friends now, aren't you?"

"Well true, but…"

"No buts about it, Little Brother. Hina is the divine intervention in your life, the angel of mercy that will take you out of your stagnant life and spur you on towards greatness, I'm sure."

"Kazuki…why didn't you tell me about SeRAPH sooner? Why did you keep me away from such a place when it could've helped me?"

Kazuki paused for a moment, before saying, "Well, Junshin, father and I were actually mediating over you so you would get tangled in SeRAPH politics. With your powers, you can wreck an entire city landscape, especially when under stress, but Father and I mostly were able to handle you without stressing you out much because things didn't change. However, as I'm now your elder brother and caretaker, I thought I would need more assistance—and I've also got promoted in the ANGeLs as well. I might be on my way to becoming a teacher like Reito-sensei."

"Slow down, you said that you were keeping me from SeRAPH and me finding out about my powers because…of SeRAPH politics?"

"It's complicated, little Bro. Don't worry your head about it. Because I know if I say anything, you will fret and stress over it. However, your powers have been growing even stronger by the way, and I guess it was about time that we introduced you to SeRAPH. Personally, Father didn't want you to be part of SeRAPH, because he didn't want you to live the kind of life that I had to go through, but I'm giving you no choice. You have to stay at SeRAPH and train."

"You upended my entire life…just for that reason?"

"Don't think of it as upending your life. Think of it as a lifestyle change. Honestly, Junshin, what would've you done in your old school? Stick around with friends who would probably abandon you because you have psychic powers? Stick around with teachers that don't truly understand you or your situation?"

"There was you," Junshin murmured, before Kazuki ruffled Junshin's hair playfully.

"Come on, little bro. You can't stay mad forever."

"When you two properly make up," Hina said while clapping her hands together. "Kazuki-san…do you think that Junshin-kun is ready to meet them?"

Kazuki put a finger to his lip.

"I don't know, to say for sure. But I suppose it wouldn't hurt, would it?"

"Meeting who? "Junshin said.

"Kazuki grinned.

"You know more friends. Actual friends rather than the ones that you had before, little Bro."

Junshin still grumbled.

Kazuki put an arm around Junshin's shoulder.

"First you need to meet Reito-sensei. But bro, I'm pretty busy, so I'll have to go off on an ANGeLS mission soon. You will be assigned with Reito as your mentor to help you control your powers better."

"Why didn't you send Reito to me directly instead of trying to bribe me by sending a nice girl like Hina to do your dirty work?"

"All will be explained in time."

"You need to explain everything to me," Junshin said, annoyed with his brother's seemingly uncaring attitude towards his life being upended. He was sure somewhere in that general douchebag demeanor that Kazuki cared about him somewhat though Junshin wasn't willing to be reasonable with Kazuki just yet. This was a big life change, and to move from an entire different school and make new sets of friends, of which he hasn't really particularly made any yet, much to Kazuki's insistence…it grew wary on the nerves after a while.

"Don't be that way, little bro," Kazuki said. "Reito will most likely explain everything after you get situated and whatnot. Do you need Hina to show you a tour through the school?"

"I don't need a babysitter monitoring my every single move," Junshin said a bit coldly.

"Well, that doesn't matter," Kazuki said while he patted Junshin on the soulder. "You're going to start training pretty soon, actually, so we need to file in the paperwork for your ANGeLS license. We're going to be playing a few games for that, okay?"

"Games? "Junshin said, somewhat intrigued, though he had a feeling that this was Kazuki manuevering and that there was something under these games that would try to coax Junshin into doing something for these ANGeLS.

"Yeah, no problem, right?" Kazuki said with an easy grin, before he led Junshin into a room and showed him an assortment of objects in the room, from notebooks and pens to children's toys and other knick knacks. "Choose one of these, please."

Junshin looked towards the stack of things in the room, wondering what Kazuki was playing at. This wasn't really so much a game as a test, though Junshin noticed through the assortment of stuff that some of them seemed to have some colors swirling around them. Some of these colors were concentrated strongly on some items more than others, and Junshin was drawn towards the pen that had a vibrant swirl of colors.

"There are some colors around these things," Junshin said. "Especially around the pen."

Kazuki nodded. "Good good, Little Bro. So you can see the remnants of psi on these objects? You obviously have a strong sense for sensing psi. Now if you can see these colors and Auras around objects that a Psion have left imprinted on these things like fingerprints, can you touch an object and leave an imprint on it?"

Junshin wondered about that, though he picked up the pen, which was the object that he was most drawn to, and decided to touch it. It felt light in his hand and then suddenly Junshin saw a memory within that pen. Of students writing with this special pen, many equations and complicated notes about various subjects, from science to history to English and Japanese and more. The psi imprint that he felt most strongly on this pen was…

"Kazuki," Junshin said. "This is your pen."

"I entrust this pen to you, LIttle Bro," Kazuki said with an easy grin. "Beginner Psions usually need an object for a 'focus', something that has particular meaning towards them and whatnot. YOu were drawn to the pen because it was the pen that I used pretty often during my elemetnary years in SeRaPH. That and, well, I think we're drawn together because we're brothers."

Junshin huffed a little. He didn't want to prove his brother right or inflate his overly large ego or anything like that, but still—there was a bond between teh two brothers, that was for sure. Even in a room with an assortment of objects, he could feel the psi imprint that his brother left on the pen and sensed the energies and beautiful aura that his brotehr exuded.

"Okay! So next game, Little Bro," Kazuki said with a twinkle in his eye, before he said. "This will test your mental fortitude, Junshin-kun. Are you prepared?"

Junshin nodded.

Kazuki then created an illusion of multiple girls surrounding Junshin, all wearing bikini swim suits. Junshin didn't bat an eye. So Kazuki tried an assortment of various handsome men in speedos. That didn't work. Then Kazuki decided to give an illusion of Hina about to kiss him on the lips, and Junshin started to sweat.

"Oh I see what you like, Little Bro," Kazuki said with a grin, before he dispelled the illusion. "Next is your greatest fear. You sure you can handle that?"

Junshin nodded his head.

"I'm ready for anything."

Kazuki flipped through Junshin's mind frightening images of things that couldn't be mentioned. Junshin withstood it, though his hands shook when he saw a particular image of a mangled corpse. After a while of this, kazuki nodded his head, before he said. "You did well, Little Bro."

Junshin swelled at the approval but then remembered—he was pissed at his brother. Yet Junshin didn't know whether he should hold onto the little bit of praise that Kazuki gave him would be enough to make up for his general assholeishness. Or should Junshin forgive him? Junshin wasn't the type to hold grudges for long, but to be honest, Junshin was actually scared. He was scared of the change in his environment, scared of the people that he would be working with and underneath, and scared of being seen as a failure. He felt that at his last school, he made a good impression, worked hard to build a reputation that was hard-working, smart, and popular with the other children in school—and then Kazuki took all that away from him. But some part of him realized that Kazuki had a point. How well would he have flourished in such an environment, when he had powers and abilities that were beyond human? Who would truly understand him? Who would he go to if his powers went out of control and he accidentally hurt someone?

"Thanks," Junshin said after a long while, before Kazuki through an arm around Junshin's shoulder with a grin.

"Little Bro," Kazuki said. "I think it's about time that you met Reito, okay."

Junshin nodded.

"All right," Kazuki said, before he cracked his knuckles. "We've got your paperwork and everything registered. You will eventually be registered in the school system for your vocation as of the ANGeLS."

"Are you sure it's okay for me to take on some missions?" Junshin said, a little startled.

"They will only be D Rank Missions for now," Kazuki said soothingly. "But mostly, what're you thinking about…one such mission that Reito will probably assign you will be a fun one. You'll see."