Hello and welcome to my newest story! I'm really excited to bring this tale to you all to read and enjoy! Things might seem confusing at first, mostly because Henrie's main story isn't out yet, but I promise it'll all make sense soon. I'm trying to make it as simple as I can for anyone who stumbles across this story who hasn't read the main one yet.

Henrie's emotions and injuries are sorta connected to each other, no matter the timeline, but only the Henrie that is causing the emotion/getting the injury gets it the worst (so for example, one Henry could feel stressed, and all the other Henries feel a bit stressed too, same with injuries, other timeline Henries might feel a sharp pain in their arm etc, etc)

Hence, the title, Connect H. All of them are connected, and there's gonna be a lot of fun to be had with this little idea! Our first look is within the Government Agent ending, where Henrie's working for the government with Connor. I might dive into the other endings as well to see what they're up to before all the Henries meet or I might save that until that point. We'll see. Anyway, you guys get the gay bois~!

Henrie is also selectively mute. He can speak, but he doesn't most of the time. Due to trauma as well as speaking hurts his throat, so he signs a lot. Whatever is 'written like this' is him signing. Y'know, ASL.

Another day had come and went. It had been long and tiring to say the least. Running around catching criminals who thought they could get by us really took it out of a person. It wasn't all that bad, though. At least I got to spend time with Connor Chase. He was my best friend and personal pilot that helped me during missions. The two of us worked together to take down crime groups that had begun to spring up more and more as of late.

To think, I had once been on that side too... It was all I had ever known since I was a child. I grew up on the streets when I was six, stealing to survive after I escaped from the orphanage within the city. It was so awful there, I would rather have taken my chances living on the side of the road than that hellhole.

The government had kidnapped me after I had made a name for myself being a well-known thief around Hiles City. I wasn't part of the gangs that were running a muck around town, I was solo. I never did like working with others. I preferred to be on my own rather than with a group. I had trust issues and still did to this day. Years of bullying would do that to you.

And yet, here I was, working with someone else. Even after all that. I swore I wouldn't grow attached to others, I'd keep my distance from them. Be a 'lone wolf' type of guy. But then he came into my life. Connor had changed my life for the better, and it was because of him that I even accepted the general's offer to become an agent in the first place. If it wasn't for him, there was without a doubt in my mind that I would have fallen back into crime even after I was given a pardon for my thievery.

Now, I had a home. Granted, still an apartment, but it was a step-up from the rundown one I had managed to afford before. Even then, the rent was over the roof, which had caused me to steal once more in order to get by. Eating out was becoming common for me since it was cheaper when I could afford it, and I couldn't cook to begin with. I never learned how and even at twenty-six, I couldn't read. It was the price to pay living in a god awful orphanage and then living on the streets your whole life.

Connor wasn't going to judge me for it, I knew that for a fact. He was much too good-hearted and kind to do such a thing. If anything, he'd offer to help me in any way possible. He'd teach me to read and cook, and no one would ever know my secret. Even so, I didn't want to burden him with my troubles. He had done enough to help me already. He gave me a place to stay, allowing me to move into his apartment with my pet cat, Marshmallow. I could place pictures to words, so long as I had seen or heard the object before, so it wasn't all that bad.

Maybe one day I'd bring it up to him, but for now, this was fine with me. He had enough to deal with, and so did I.

"Man, we sure did good today, huh?" Connor commented as he turned his hazel eyes onto me. He set the helicopter into autopilot as he leaned back in his chair, a smile planted on his face. "You did great as always, Henrie! Your plans never fail!"

His voice snapped me out of my inner musings. My attention turned towards his, and I gave a sheepish smile in response. If only he knew of all the trouble I had to go through to make sure there wasn't a failure. No one else remembered what I did in order to do that, only I did, even if I died.

I was given choices to pick from and those would help me or fail, thus leaving me injured or dead sometimes. If I was lucky, nothing bad would happen, but those two happened the most. Whenever I failed, I could go back and try again until I got the correct one. It had been like that ever since I was four. I doubted it would ever go away. It was a curse I would be stuck with until the day I died and didn't come back. Maybe it only worked with a fail...

Not something I wanted to test out.

"You must be tired. Maybe even more than me!" Connor laughed. "Let's head back home and rest. We both could use it."

I couldn't argue with that. I was exhausted by that was normal. I didn't sleep much ever since I got these powers. I was haunted by visions and nightmares and left me with little to no sleep. It was a bit more easy to handle now that I wasn't on my own, though. I was lucky to have a friend like him. He was always looking out for me and doing whatever he could to make sure I was safe and sound. He truly was an amazing person, and I was so lucky to have met him.

I gave him a thumbs up as he turned back around in his seat, switching the helicopter back to where he was flying it. It didn't take us long to get back to base, at least, not to me. All I remembered was being shaken away with my friend standing over me. I probably dozed off at some point on the way back.

Connor helped me down from the helicopter before he went to report to our boss about our completed mission. Once he finished doing that, we were able to return to our apartment. I was happy to be home, but no one was happier than my pet cat.

The large fluffy white Maine Coon feline leaped into my arms as soon as the door was opened. I nearly fell backwards due to the sheer force from her. I chuckled softly as I stroke her snowy coat, and Connor did too. Mallow purred loudly at the attention, nuzzling my friend and I. She was such a sweetheart. I couldn't change the world about her.

I had found Marshmallow back when I was still a child living on the streets. The two of us became friends, and we looked out for each other. It was difficult looking after myself plus a cat, but we made it into adulthood. That had to count for something.

"I'm going to go get dinner started. You can go rest if you want to," Connor offered as he made his way towards the kitchen. "If you're asleep, I'll wake you up!"

Did I mention how great a guy he was? Shifting Mallow in my arms, so I wouldn't drop her, I gave a thumbs up to my best friend, before I ducked into the living room. I collapsed onto the couch and the feline wasted no time in making herself comfortable on my lap.

Due to cat law, I was no longer allowed to move from this spot until she allowed me to. Not that I minded. I'd do anything for her.

I made myself as comfortable as I could on the couch and was out within minutes.