Chapter 1: Olirian Academy:

"A long time ago, the world was ravaged by a massive war that involved every nation. During this war, a serum was created and unleashed on the public no matter what side you were on or whether you were a civilian or a soldier. Nobody knows who created this serum but after it was unleashed, people everywhere began developing abilities or powers. This only made the war worse and the body count began skyrocketing as a result. It was now not just a matter of guns or tanks or armor but instead, the concerns were what the other man could do to you with what you could not see. Some were able to create tornadoes of flames while others could create or control water. These abilities were not limited to any one thing like the elements. Some can manipulate steel or wood or the very world around us. These strange abilities left behind fields of blood and bodies before a single pair of siblings rose above the rest. Two soldiers from an unknown nation used their powers and put an end to the war.

One of their many acts after ending the war was to create places of learning for the generation of children being born with these unique powers and abilities. Several academies were created on massive city sized ships that were each stationed near the great nations of the world. Olirian Academy is the prestigious academy for the gifted students that were hand chosen to take their place here. Even if you were all hand picked because of your abilities, the school will still hold a test to place you in ranks ranging from five to one. Five will be the lowest while one is the highest. No matter what rank you get here, I would like to remind you all that you were still chosen. Even the weakest here earned their spot and as a given, there is always room to grow." explained a blonde haired woman as she stood on a stage at the end of an auditorium. She was dressed in a fine suit and was standing behind a podium with a stack of papers in front of her. In front of her was a massive crowd of younger boys and girls, all teenagers, and all accepted students into their first year of highschool within this academy's halls.

Is there anything you wish to add, Professor?" the woman asked a taller man standing next to her. He had dark black hair with a streak of white that stood out clearly among the darker strands. His eyes were gold and seemed to have a strange kindness swimming in them. He nodded before stepping up to the podium, the woman stepping back. "To all of our new students, I am Professor Guji Hakamura but you can all simply call me Professor or Headmaster as I also play that role here. To start, I would like to encourage kindness among our students here, no matter their rankings or abilities. Second, I want upstanding behavior when traversing not only the school grounds but all of the Olirian. The crew of this vessel work hard everyday to make sure our needs are taken care of and it would not do to cause them too much trouble. Thirdly, your rooms and classes will all be messaged to the watches you should have received upon entering this building.

Finally, I wish to welcome you all to the academy and I hope you all have a wonderful time. With our necessities out of the way, you are all dismissed. Head to your dorms and get yourselves situated. Tomorrow morning, we will start the ranking tests in order to get your schedules situated. Ah, one final thing. Every student will receive a weekly allowance that they can spend however they wish but remember this, you will not receive more than your allowance unless you work for it yourself. Make sure to be cautious in how you spend your money or you will have to find a part time job aboard the ship to care for yourselves. The school does not reward foolish spending. All right, everyone, be careful and try to behave while you get yourselves comfortable in your new homes." The man finished his speech with a wide smile before turning to the woman. They talked but what they were saying could not be heard by a young fifteen year old girl that was standing in the back of the auditorium.

She brushed her scruffy brown bangs out of her eyes and sighed wearily. "Long speech huh?" asked a girl next to her. The brown haired girl looked over with her bright yellow eyes and observed the questioning girl. She too seemed fifteen and was just as short as herself. Both of them were about five feet tall but the girl's body was slightly thicker than her own. Her chest was larger by a size or two and the rest of her body had more curves that she had never had. The brown haired girl had a thinner frame, looking more like a middle schooler more than a person belonging in high school. The girl had white hair that was cut short so that it barely reached past her ears. The brown haired girl had hair that was tied into a ponytail that fell to the center of her back in a spiky and scruffy mess. "I'm Anita, it's a pleasure to meet you." said the white haired girl. "I'm Ferain but you can call me Fera, and yes, it was a long speech." replied the brown haired girl.

"Ferain, well, that is convenient isn't it?" said Anita. "Why?" asked Fera. Anita raised her smartphone and on the screen was her name, Fera's name, and the words "Room 24-B". "That is…" "Our dorm room." interrupted Anita. Fera scowled as she examined the screen to confirm it. There was a quiet beep from her watch and when she raised it, a message read the same thing that the girl's phone did. "See? I guess we are roommates. I heard that once you are assigned to a room, the pair stay together for their entire stay on this ship." Anita said happily. Fera did not share the same enthusiasm. She had never been a people person to say the least. Crowds made her uneasy and sometimes, she would get dizzy and queasy from the overabundance of people. It took a lot out of her just to attend this mandatory welcome gathering. She put on a weak smile while clasping her hands behind her back. "I suppose we are. Do you know where our room is?" Fera asked. "Do you not?" asked Anita in surprise. "N-no, why would I?" Fera questioned nervously. "I don't know, I personally learned as much as I could about this place before coming here. The districts of The Olirian are named by letters. The B in our dorm room indicates that we are in District B which is the second section of the ship. The ship is like a big rectangle and in the center is District A which is the smallest so it is reserved for the academy and the staff that run it. Districts B and C and D are used for students and the people that live in those districts, each one getting larger as they go further out. The final District F is used for the ship's crew and important guests. Each district also has shopping areas as well as residential areas but since District B is so close to the center, there isn't too much in the way of shopping there so we will have to go to other districts for that stuff."

"How do you know so much?" asked Fera. "Because of this." the girl said as she pulled a book out of her bag. It was a thick, hardcover book with hundreds of pages. "It has everything from the building of the ship to the explanation about each district and the history of the school as well. It's actually a fascinating read to some extent." the girl said before shoving it back in her shoulder bag. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a blue and white shirt with long sleeves. Fera herself was wearing a pair of jeans, a white tank top, and a gray hoodie that almost reached her knees. "It sounds like it." Fera said, not fully meaning it, as she looked away from the girl's piercing glare. Anita had grayish eyes that almost looked like fog surrounding the tiny black dot that was her pupil.

"Anyways, long story short, I do know where the room is. Follow me." she said before grabbing Fera's hand and tugging her along behind her. She quickly yanked her hand away and clutched it to her chest. Anita stopped and gave her a curious glance. "Sorry, I uhhh… don't like touching people if I can help it." she said quietly. Anita smiled and bobbed her head. "Understandable. I suppose I don't have to touch you to guide you. Just keep pace with me and try not to get distracted." Fera nodded and continued a foot or two behind Anita, avoiding getting too close to her. She heard a faint crackling around her hand and she let her long sleeve cover it. "So, how come you didn't look into the school? I thought every person that was accepted here would read up on everything before arriving." asked Anita. "I wasn't exactly expecting to get accepted. I wasn't able to afford it and I just barely passed their criteria to join on a scholarship." "Ah, you got accepted because of test scores, I get it. I suppose that makes some sense then considering those results would have only come in a few weeks ago, right?" "Last week actually." Fera answered quietly. "There is also the criteria of your ability, did you pass that?" "Somewhat. It was really close." Fera answered.

"Is your power not that strong or something? Mine personally is pretty useful. I control the wind, you see." She held up her palm and a small whirlwind appeared, twisting faster and faster as she willed it. "I can do much more than this of course but this works for a demonstration." "I…" Fera started as she heard more crackling under her sleeve. She calmed her breath and raised her arm so the baggy sleeve slid down her forearm. She spread her fingers apart and a web of blue static filled the gaps between them. "A lightning user then?" she asked. Fera nodded before hiding her hand again. "That is about all I can do though. Even if I were to touch you, it would probably just sting a little." she said quietly. "Then how did you get accepted? No offense of course but your power isn't really that strong if that's all you can manage." "No offense taken. As I said, I barely passed the test. It was probably my test scores that primarily got me in and even those were close to failing." Fera explained.

"Do you mind if I ask you why you decided to come here?" Anita inquired. "That… is something I don't really want to talk about." "Oh come on. If we're going to be spending four years together aboard this ship as partners, we should get to know each other a bit. I, like most of the people here, was signed up from the time my abilities came, when I turned six. My parents arranged for me to be tested right then and there and so, my tests were already prepared and I had a bunch of people already watching me to see if I was worthy or not. Did that not happen for you? I suppose not if you had to come in on scholarship." Fera sighed before weakly smiling. "My parents wanted me to come here, of course they did. Who wouldn't want their child to come to one of these academies, there is no better place to learn at. As I said, they could never afford it though, so it was always an idea but not a realistic one. That was before they got sick. They died a few years ago and so I started studying as hard as I could to get in here. They wanted nothing more than for me to join so I tried my hardest to make that happen for them." Fera said. "You've been alone for that long?" Anita questioned as she wiped her eyes on her sleeve as if she had been crying.

"Partially alone. My grandmother visited me from time to time but it wasn't very often." They had left the auditorium during their conversation and were leaving the school campus in District A. It appeared like a normal university campus. There was a main building which was the school, then there was the auditorium, the cafeteria, and some other buildings that she assumed were the gym and maybe some extra classrooms. All of the buildings were made of concrete, like an ordinary school, and were painted a light blue with red and white painted bands close to the ground that wrapped around the structures. On the main building was a large golden phoenix which was the school's crest. Around this district, as well as the others, were large walls that encased the district to separate them from the rest. As Fera and Anita approached the gate to leave the school district, there was a checkpoint that they had to clear first. It was a small gateway that had two guards on either side and a screen on the left side beside one of them. Below the screen was a post with a black sensor on it.

The guards themselves wore blue button up shirts, black pants, and a vest of armored padding. On their belts were holsters that held a pistol and some magazines beside it. "Scan the watch," said one guard as Fera approached him. Fera held her wrist up to the sensor and heard a faint beep. On the screen, her ID appeared. It had a picture of her face on the right side and her name, Ferain Hirigaya, was written on the top left. Under her name was her height, her weight, her blood type, and her ability. Across the top of the ID was written "Olirian Academy Student ID" and after several seconds of that glowing in the monitor, it beeped again. A small plastic card came out of the post and the guard handed it to her. "This or your watch will act as your entry permit and your virtual wallet to purchase things with. Everything here requires that card or your watch to be scanned. Your phone will work as well if you have the phone synced with the academy systems." the guard explained as she looked the card over. He then handed her a small black spool that had a hook on the end for the card to clip onto, and a sleeve for the card.

She slid the card into the sleeve, hooked the sleeve to the spool, and clipped the spool to her belt loop. Afterwards, she passed through the checkpoint and waited for Anita to go through the same process. "Thank you." Anita said politely before catching up to Fera. They were then in District B, which appeared like an actual section of a city. The streets weren't that wide and there were no cars and the buildings were tightly packed together, but it felt like she was still on the mainland. All of the buildings were over two or three stories tall which she assumed made sense. Since there wasn't much room to build on the ground, the best thing next would be to build up. "So, where is our place?" she asked. Anita pulled out her book again, which also had a map of District B on one of the earlier pages. "Hmm, it shouldn't be too far. Ah, there it is. Dorm building 24." "I thought our room was 24." said Fera. "I thought so too. Perhaps we will get our room once we get there?" she said questionably. Fera shrugged her shoulders. "Either way, it is only a few blocks away so we should hurry up. If we do have to get assigned rooms, I want to get there so we can get the best one possible." said Anita, closing her book and stuffing it back in her bag.

"So, you were saying that your grandmother visited you. What was she like?" asked Anita. "Distant." replied Fera. "She blames… She has her reasons to be reluctant around me. She still helped me when I needed it but I became pretty independent since losing my parents." "That's still horrible. I'm sorry about that." "It's nothing really." "Anyways, what does she blame?" "Hmm?" asked Fera. "Your grandmother, you started to say that she blames something for something but you stopped. What is up with that?" "It's really nothing. I don't want to get into it right now." she said. Anita nodded softly before smiling. "Alright then, I will wait until we are closer to ask again." "I would appreciate that." Fera replied. Not long after they had looked at the map, they were standing in front of a large, fifteen story building. It was dull and gray and if looked at from above would appear as if somebody stacked a square at opposite ends of a rectangle, and it was now her home. Anita was the first to approach the two wooden doors that led inside. She tried pushing them but they would not budge. Fera walked up and saw a black box beside the door with a small reflective sensor in the middle.

She held up her watch and it replied with a quiet beep. Anita tugged on the doors just as the machine unlocked them and she nearly fell backwards from the unexpected opening of it. Anita looked from the doors to Fera who was still holding up her right wrist. "Ah, I knew that." said Anita. Fera shyly grinned before being the first of them to enter. The room appeared much more luxurious than the exterior led her to believe. It had polished hardwood flooring, painted walls that were a color of mixed browns and golds, and a chandelier that hung in the center from the ceiling. A mahogany desk was at the opposite end with a woman standing behind it. Two elevators were along the right wall, and a door was off to the left but it had a glowing sign reading "Employees Only" hanging above it. Some couches, chairs, and plants decorated the lobby. "Welcome to Dorm 24-B, I am Gianna and I will be assigning you your rooms. Please press your IDs or watches to the sensor here, one at a time." Fera pressed her watch to it and after a beep left the machine, her watch beeped. She looked at it and saw that a message had appeared. "Room: 1015" she read to herself. "Floor ten and room 15." said Gianna before gesturing for Anita to approach. She pressed her watch to it and got the same number. "So it still worked out in the end." she said happily as she showed her phone to Fera.

Anita began walking towards the elevators past Fera when Gianna held out her hand to get her attention. "Your supplies and uniforms have already been delivered to the room ahead of time. There are also some rules to be aware of. After ten at night, no loud music is to be played and there is a curfew of eleven at night so you cannot leave the building after that point. Girls cannot stay overnight in the same room as boys and all must be in their own rooms by midnight or you will be flagged. One flag is a warning, two flags are a punishment, and three flags lead to expulsion." "From the school or the building?" asked Anita. "That depends on your reasons for getting said flags." answered Gianna. "Also, there is restricted use of your powers here. Keep them to a minimum and don't damage the property or that too will result in punishments. There are more rules and you can find them in your student guide but they are kind of simple things like not stealing from other students and stuff like that. Your IDs and watches should be linked to your room now so I wish you two a fabulous night." Gianna bowed her head and the two girls entered the elevator. Upon reaching the tenth floor, they saw a large corridor that resembled the design of the lobby. Doors were lined up on either side, decently spaced apart to show that the rooms were well sized.

"I guess they have to be if they are meant for two people." Anita muttered. They looked at each other before walking down the hall. Eventually they found their room and with a press of her watch to the sensor over the doorknob, it unlocked. The two of them entered and saw, once again, the same aesthetic to the lobby and hall. The floors were all hardwood, except for the bathroom which was tile. The walls were painted goldish brown and the furniture was all browns and grays. "We'll need to liven it up eventually." said Anita, examining the walls that were void of any decorations. The living room had a wooden coffee table in front of a dark colored leather couch and on an entertainment stand was a T.V. The kitchen had normal things like a fridge and an oven and a microwave so they were set there. Fera at least was but Anita had complained about there not being a coffee maker so she stated that it was the first thing on her list of stuff to buy. There was a hallway which had two bedrooms and one large bathroom down it. In the bedrooms were a bed, a desk, a chair by the desk, and a computer that sat atop it. On the beds were bulky chests which Fera assumed to be their uniforms.

She undid the golden latches on her black chest and saw folded clothes inside. There was also a bag that she had given the staff when she first arrived on the ship and it was lying on the floor beside the bed. That one had her casual clothing within it, as well as her toothbrush and things of that nature. In the chest however were her uniforms, as she suspected. A note was atop the folded piles and she picked that up first. "These have been designed to the specifications we received from you. If there are any problems or if you have had a change of mind since filling out the forms, contact the academy and arrange for new ones with the correct specifications." She put the note down and then picked up one set of the uniform. There was a navy blue pleated skirt, a white button up shirt with long sleeves, and a jacket, which is what the specifications were about. She lifted it up and saw that it was as long as her current hoodie so it would reach close to her knees in length. It was navy blue with golden buttons down the middle to clasp it shut if she so desired. It had a hood and a collar, and cuffs at the end of the sleeves which also had golden buttons. Near the shoulder of the right sleeve was a black band with a golden phoenix in the center. She shrugged her hoodie off and threw it on the bed before picking up her uniform coat. She walked over to a mirror that was hanging from a wall near her dresser and pulled the jacket on.

"If only you could see me." she whispered as she twisted to examine the coat further. The sleeves, due to her specifications, were a little long so she rolled them up to her forearms. It was long enough to reach near her knees but it didn't quite meet them. After a slow spin, she stood still in front of the mirror again. Her fingers curled into fists as the corners of her eyes began to burn and water. Her hands began crackling as a blue current coursed around them. Her lights started flickering overhead until she calmed herself with a slow breath. Fera removed the jacket before laying it atop the dresser. After moving her clothing chest against the wall, she fell onto the bed to stare up at the ceiling. Her hair spread out around her, revealing a small blue teardrop shaped earring hanging from her right ear. There was a miniature silver chain between her ear and the crystal which shined brightly from the ceiling light reflecting off of it. She gripped it between her index finger and thumb and smiled warmly.

"That's pretty." Fera swiftly sat up to see Anita leaning against her doorway with her arms crossed over her chest. "Did it belong to somebody special?" she asked. Fera gave her a quick appraising glance as if judging her to be trustworthy or not. "It was my mother's. She got it as a girl and gave it to me before she passed." answered Fera. "I see. It really is beautiful. Anyways, I made some dinner, would you like some?" "Dinner?" Fera asked as she crawled to the edge of the bed. "I say dinner but it's really just some rice and a few slices of beef. I was never really great at cooking. Kind of expected really, when you have people that do that for you all of the time. Anyhow, I tried so I figured I would offer you some." Anita said. Fera bobbed her head before taking to her feet. Fera sat at their tiny dining table as Anita fixed the plates and served the food. "It's a good thing these rooms come prepared already or we would be ordering out." she said as she took her seat across from Fera.

Fera was hesitant to eat. It wasn't because she didn't trust Anita, but it felt odd to her, eating with other people. Since her parents died, she had always eaten alone, at her own table, with a few lights, and nobody to talk to. Now she had Anita sitting there and she seemed to be looking at her with a strange curiosity in her eyes. "Does she want me to talk or something?" Fera asked herself as she pretended not to notice the girl's incessant observing. "You can eat it you know." Anita said cheerfully. "Sorry, I'm not used to this." Fera said apologetically before picking up a pair of chopsticks. She broke them apart and took a piece of beef with a small amount of rice within them. Just as it almost reached her mouth, she looked up to see Anita practically leaning over the table to see her reaction.

"It's kind of embarrassing with you watching me like that." Fera stated quietly. "Sorry. I've never had somebody eat my cooking before so I'm a little nervous. At least we both get to be nervous together huh?" "I guess." Fera replied before covering her mouth from view with one hand while eating with the other. "Well?" Anita questioned as Fera chewed and swallowed. "It tastes like rice and beef." she answered. "I'll take that as a compliment. At least it's edible." Anita said before picking up her own utensils and breaking them apart. "So, what do you think we'll be doing tomorrow?" Anita asked. "I don't know. You're the one that studied the school's history. What do you think?" Fera questioned back. "Hmmm, probably just some kind of display of our powers." she suggested while pressing the end of a chopstick to her cheek. Her eyes seemed to gaze upwards at the light hanging over the table as she talked as well.

Fera gave her a curious glance. "Sorry." she said sharply as she put the chopstick down. She then put a finger to her cheek and smiled. "I have a habit of doing this while I think. If I have something like a pen or marker in my hand, I do it with that as well. Means to say, it's gotten pretty embarrassing before. Guh, I probably have stuff on my face now don't I?" Anita began wiping her cheek and brushed off a couple grains of white rice that had stuck there from the chopstick. "That's kind of an odd habit." Fera noted while suppressing a quiet giggle. "Most habits are usually odd to the people that don't have them." Anita responded in a wise tone of voice. "You have to have some kind of habit too, right? Something that you do when you're thinking about something or worried in some way?" Anita asked. Fera had to think for a moment. "Like that." she then said and Fera quickly looked at her. "Like what?" "You just grabbed your earring again." Fera then noticed her hand was pinching onto her earring and pulled it away. "Some people do things without even knowing about it but still, how do you not notice that?" she asked while laughing.

"I was going to say that I bite my lip or put my hands behind my back but I never knew I did that." Fera said, amazed that she had never noticed it before. "Whether you knew about it or not, I think it's pretty darn cute. I hope you don't stop now that I pointed it out." Fera smiled at her but pinched her earring again. "When did I start doing this?" she thought. Anita took another clump of rice and swallowed it down before pushing her bowl aside. "I'm full now and it's getting pretty late. I think we have an early day tomorrow so we should get to bed." Fera nodded but remained quiet while she rotated the crystal in her finger and thumb. Anita rose and stretched her arms into the air, revealing her stomach as her light blue pajama top rose up a bit. "Goodnight, Fera, I'll see you in the morning." she said with a wave. "Night." Fera said in a near whisper before watching Anita turn into the hallway. It was then that Fera's eyes widened. She glanced at the table and the bowls of food and the rice cooker still sitting in the center. "I guess she did cook. I might as well clean it." she thought while letting out a sigh.

After cleaning up the remains of their dinner, she fetched a pair of gray sweat pants and another white tank top before heading for the bathroom. She showered, changed, and brushed her teeth before heading for her bedroom. With a quiet yawn, she fell into the bed and curled up in the center of it like some kind of cat, not even bothering to crawl under the covers or pull up a pillow. She didn't need to. The day had been so exhausting for her that her eyes closed heavily and she was fast asleep. There was a loud breathing and the feeling of a heartbeat against her that was not her own. They were moving fast, there was a loud crack of thunder, and the rain was splashing around them. It was night and there weren't a lot of people around. They only passed by two or three of them as they ran from their home. Fera felt weird. She was buzzing, humming in a way that she always imagined the sound power lines made would feel if it was within her. She felt this noise trying to escape but she knew if it did, it would hurt. It wouldn't just hurt her, it would hurt the person she was with.

Her mother did not have a power like that. Her mother's power was with words. She could soothe people with the mere sound of her voice. It was not something that would keep her safe from this monstrous buzzing that she felt under her skin. Footsteps splashed under them as they ran. Fera was not running on her own legs, she was instead being carried in her mother's arms as they fled down alleys and behind buildings that she knew to be clothes shops or dessert places that her parents would take her to when she behaved or when she needed new things to wear for school. "The world is so different at night." she thought as they crossed a street and entered another dark alleyway. There were other footsteps chasing them. She didn't know who it was exactly. Fera had not seen the face of the person pursuing them. Her mother had come home, picked her up, and rushed her out of the door. "Mommy, where's dad?" Fera asked suddenly. "Shhh." her mother said quietly. It was so calming and gentle. It felt like soft summer air brushing along her skin and rustling through her hair.

"It's okay, baby. Your father is busy, he's at work right now. Just keep your head close to my chest and don't fight, okay? Just be quiet and listen to Mommy, okay?" she asked with what looked like tears in her eyes. The buzzing got louder in Fera's skin. It grew hot, painful, unstable to an extent. It was as if the sight of the glistening trails along her mother's cheeks caused her humming to intensify. "Get back here, Harriet!" yelled a voice from behind them. "Daddy?" Fera asked. "Shhh. Stay quiet, Fera dear, don't say anything. Daddy's not here right now." her mother whispered to her as she stopped to look down another alley. They were at a crossroads. "Which way? Which way?" her mother asked herself in a panicked tone. Her head turned sharply between the two of them before the voice came again. "She needs to be put down, Harriet! Come here and let me do it, for both of our sakes! It doesn't have to be this way!" the voice called out as it neared them. "Shit!" her mother growled loudly before turning right and sprinting as fast as she could.

Fera's humming grew louder again. Her hands felt weird. They felt like they were stinging and numb at the same time. She looked at it and noticed it was crackling and had blue currents creating webs between her fingers. Small arcs of static snapped and broke around her hand and her mother let out a gasp before stumbling into a wall. "Mother?" More tears ran down her cheeks as she broke out into a sweat. "It's okay, baby, stay quiet." The calm breeze of summer began to wear off though. Her mother's words were not working as well as they had been and her humming grew louder again. "Harriet! That child is mine as much as yours! I should have a say in what to do with it!" the man yelled at them. He was closer now. The time her mother had taken to catch her breath had allowed him to make up ground.

"That's Daddy." Fera said. "Shh. No, it's not your father. Don't listen to him, please, Fera. Whatever he says, he's not your dad." "But I am, Harriet! Just as much as you're her mother, I'm her father." the man said as he turned the corner. He was nearing them and in his hand was a pistol. She tried to run again but the second Fera saw the man's thin face and short black hair, her buzzing left her. "Ahhh!" her mother bellowed as she fell to the ground. Fera fell into a puddle on the ground and her mother fell next to her. "See, Harriet, she's a monster. I don't want to hurt you but I won't let this thing be the death of you either." the man said as he stood over them. She looked to her mother, her long brown hair soaking up the water from the asphalt below her, her bright yellow eyes staring murderously at the man in front of her.

Her mother crawled towards Fera and pulled her close to her chest again. "I won't let you hurt my baby girl." she said fiercely. She had never heard her mother's voice sound like that before. It sounded like it was in pain and it was full of disbelief. She pulled Fera tighter to her body so that her heartbeat was once again pounding against her. It was faster than it had been before. "Don't make me do this." said the man as he aimed the gun at them. "I will kill her in your arms if I have to. I would rather not take the chance of hurting you in the process so please, put her down and back away." "Daddy?" she asked as she looked up at him. "Quiet, he's not your father. Don't look at him, please." her mother said as she pulled her head to her chest. "But I am your father, Ferain. You're my baby girl and that is why it has to be me that does this. Please, let your mommy go and come to me. Will you do that for Daddy?" he asked her as he knelt down, still aiming the gun at her.

"No! Stop talking to her, you monster!" screamed her mother as she threw a rock she had scooped up. It hit the man in the face and he stumbled back. "She's not your daughter, not anymore! How could a man do something like this to his daughter?" "She's a walking disaster and will be a danger to anybody around her." "Not if she learns to control her power. Please, go away and leave us alone. I won't tell anyone, just run away and let us live." "I always intended to let you live, Harriet, I love you more than life itself. That is precisely why I won't let her live. She'll kill you, she'll do it without meaning to but it will happen. You would have to be so careful around her, never touching her, never showing her any physical love or affection. And what about when she gets older huh? She would never be able to love somebody without hurting them." the man said firmly.

"If she learns then…" "Enough wishful thinking. She's had this power for over a year now and has killed both of our cats and almost killed the neighbor's kid. We had to pull her out of school already and I know you don't want to admit it but I am scared to touch her. She might kill me too if I did." he stated. The woman shook her head as she broke out into a sob. The buzzing grew so loud, it outdid the pounding heart of her mother. She felt as if she was going to explode. "Mommy?" she asked as she looked into her mother's yellow eyes. "Baby, I love you so much. Don't listen to him, okay? Just listen to my voice. Stay calm, stay quiet." The sound of the hammer pulling back filled her ears. It was sharp, piercing in the silence of the dark that surrounded them.

"I'm sorry, to both of you, I truly am. It has to be done though." Fera pushed herself enough out of her mother's arms so that she could turn to look at her father. "Dadd…" There was an ear splitting explosion that filled the alley. Her ears rang sharply as she felt a burning sensation in her stomach. Her breath caught in her throat and her mother screamed in agony beside her. "You piece of…" her mother started but she couldn't hear anymore after that. The buzzing turned into a rushing flow of energy that became too much to contain any longer. It all exploded out of her. Blue static erupted around her body and her mother cried and another explosion filled the air. It was then that her eyes darkened and she fell backwards, hitting her head against the pavement below her feet. Fera's eyes swiftly opened as she launched into a sitting position. Her chest was heaving heavily and she felt the buzzing rushing around under her skin. She felt sweat covering her body while her stomach and a spot under her right breast began to burn. She clutched her left hand to her right side and saw blue currents running along the top of her skin like a hastily moving web of light racing from her shoulder to her hand and back again.

She covered her face with the sweat covered palm of her right hand while images of her mother's face, scarred and burned, rushed to the forefront of her mind. Tears began flowing down her face as she felt her power rushing along her body. The humming was growing too unstable, too noisy, too much for her to handle. "Quiet, quiet, quiet. Stop, please. Shhh, shhh." she whispered to herself as she rocked back and forth. "Shhh. Enough. Please." she begged while trying but failing to catch her breath. It was as if she was back in that moment. Her breaths wouldn't come and when they did, they were shallow, barely carrying enough air to fill her lungs. "Please. Please." she begged while sobbing. She clutched both sides of her head with her hands and grabbed fistfuls of her hair, yanking on it in a frustrated attempt to silence the constant buzzing.

"I didn't mean to. Please, stop it." she begged quietly before a breath finally made it through her tightened windpipe. The next one came easier and then the next was easier than that. After several minutes, she calmed down and the buzzing returned to normal. It was still there, but it was ignorable if she tried hard enough. She released the tightened grasp of her hair and felt her scalp burning from the powerful tugging. Her skin became clear of the coursing static and she was finally able to think again. Fera wiped her face on her arm and hands to dispose of the tears and their glistening trails along her pale skin. After making sure she had collected herself, she poked her head out of her bedroom door to make sure Anita was nowhere to be seen. Seeing that the hall was empty, Fera hurried to the bathroom to splash water on her face. She had grabbed a uniform before leaving her room so she could change out of her sweat drenched clothing so she removed her tank top and tossed it to the floor.

She noticed two scars, bullet wounds, one near her stomach, and the other a little under her right breast. The one near her stomach had also left out of her back so there was a slightly larger scar there from the exit wound. Fera tried to ignore them as she undressed and redressed into her school uniform after wiping herself down with her towel. There was a banging on the door as she was tying a black ribbon into a bow under the collar of her shirt. "Fera, are you almost done, I have to pee?" Anita asked through the door. "Y-yeah, I'll be right out." she called back as she rolled up the sleeves of her shirt and collected her old clothing. When she pulled the door open, she was met by a surprised look on Anita's face. "Already changed?" she asked. "I was… uhh… too excited, couldn't wait." she said nervously before pushing past her and rushing back to her room. After fifteen minutes, Anita knocked on her door and slowly pushed it open. "Do you want breakfast? I made some eggs and toast and I made sure there was enough for you."

Fera nodded before climbing from her bed. Anita too was now changed into her uniform. It was similar to her own but instead of a long, hooded jacket like Fera's, she had on a blue blazer. The other similarity was the band with the phoenix on it which still resided on the sleeve. Due to the size of the jacket, Fera had left hers off, and figured it would only be necessary outside of their room. The T.V. was on in the living room and it was tuned into the Olirian's news channel. A woman came on and her brown eyes had a look of distress. Her long black hair, tied into a bun, was messy and hastily done, and she didn't seem to have any makeup on, which was odd for a T.V. personality. Anita served the food before sitting down in the spot she had sat in the night before. Fera's attention was on the television more so than the food, however. A banner was on the bottom of the screen with the words 'Attack in District C, two known victims, culprit unknown' scrolling in it. The woman looked into the camera and pushed her papers aside. "As you all know, I am Tina, the Olirian's primary newswoman and your normally joyous source for anything new on the ship. Unfortunately, our story today is not one to be celebrated. The night of the Olirian Academy's entrance ceremony, there was an attack in District C where a young couple, two of the ship's engineers, were attacked and killed.

They…" The woman stopped and had covered her mouth for a moment as she looked away from the camera. "I-I'm sorry, they… I…" "Are you okay, Tina?" a voice from behind the camera asked. She bobbed her head and wiped her eyes before taking a deep breath to be able to continue. "They were found around four this morning and there were no witnesses to the crime. With that being said, there is no primary suspect and so the ship's captain and crew all wish for everyone to stay cautious. The scene of the crime has not been released to the public for obvious reasons, but know that the Olirian Police Force is doing the best they can, as quickly as they can, to ensure the capture of whoever did this. The chief of police also insists that the students be warned properly. Due to the timing of the attack, all students are to be listed as possible suspects and it is highly suggested to keep a watchful eye for any suspicious activity from any of the students. If there is any information out there or if any of you think you know anything of use, please contact the proper lines and pass along what you know so we can get this monster off of the streets as quickly as possible. With that being said, please do enjoy your day the best you can, despite this horrendous tragedy, and please, all of you, stay safe. We will be delaying the normal programming for another hour and will be back afterwards to bring you up to date with everything else, ranging from the week's forecast and… I can't… I'm sorry. We'll be back soon, stay safe everyone." said the newswoman before leaving her seat and the program changed to a commercial.

"What a way to start the school year huh?" said Anita before taking a bite of her breakfast. "Don't joke like that." Fera said seriously. "I… Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. Making light of it helps to keep the day cheerful, that's all." "Making light of it will make you forget it happened. Making light of it will make you feel like it doesn't matter. Death should always be taken seriously, and it always matters. No matter what, it matters." Fera declared as she kept her eyes locked on the television. "I suppose you would know better than me. I am sorry, I just… never thought of it that way before." "You probably have never needed to think of it that way before. To you, death is something that affects others and not yourself. She was in pain, the person on the news. She knew them, loved them. The look in her eyes was not something to be made light of, nor is the pain she felt." Fera rose from her seat, walked to her room to grab her jacket, and then made for the front door. "Fera, wait!" called Anita as she rushed from her seat. "I'll go with you. We should go together."

"Why?" Fera asked. "We're partners now." "That's not just something you made up?" "No, it's a thing the school does. Each pair that shares a room is partners and will do most activities together, unless they are solo events of course." she explained, as she grabbed her bag from a hook by the door and flung it over her shoulder. Fera did the same and left first. "Look, I really am sorry about this morning. It's the only way I know, but you're right, I don't know death like you would, like anybody would. I've never experienced it before. I lost some distant related aunts and uncles but never anyone I'm close to. Fera, wait for a minute." She reached an arm out and quickly pulled it back as a blue current lashed out at her. Fera took her hand away swiftly and held it to her chest. "I warned you not to touch me." she said quietly. "You can't control them, your powers I mean." Anita stated. "I can control them fine. I don't want to be touched so I make them that way. Don't touch me or you will get hurt, got it?" Fera said sharply. She turned to walk away. "Do you hate me?" Anita asked. Fera stopped again and turned her head enough to look at Anita, who had her head lowered.

"I don't know you well enough to answer that. We don't know each other well enough for either of us to know that yet." "Can we have the chance to get to know each other better?" Anita asked. "I want to understand why you acted the way you did. I want to understand you better as a whole. I want our partnership to work and for us to be friends. Is that possible?" Fera played with her earring for a moment as she thought. "Of course it is." she said in nearly a whisper before turning away again. Anita's eyes widened and she nearly bounced with excitement. Fera began walking. Anita rushed to her side but this time, made sure to keep a little distance between them. "So, this attack, do you think it was a student?" Anita questioned. "It's possible." Fera said. "With all of these people, all either having good control over their abilities or none at all, it's a very good likelihood that the killing was done by one of us." she added as she played with her earring. "You do that a lot. I'm still surprised you never noticed before." Anita pointed out with a smile.

"The attack aside, we should focus on our tests for now." Fera stated as they reached the border into District A. "Scan." a guard said as Fera approached the gate. She pressed her watch to the scanner and after a faint beep, it glowed green, her ID appeared on the screen, and the guard waved her through. "Scan." she heard him say as Anita neared them. Fera waited and Anita quickly joined her again. "I have one more question before we get to the school." Anita said, reaching for Fera's arm but thinking again before touching it. "I heard you making noises in your sleep last night when I walked by your room. Do you want to talk about it at all?" "No, I don't." Fera answered coldly. "Just wanted to offer my help if you needed it. A shoulder to lean on and all of that, you know?" Hundreds of students were ahead of them and behind them as they approached the school's entrance. All of the older students gawked at them as they passed and made for the main building. All of the first years like Fera had to wait out in the field out front of the main building and were then directed to the back where the sports fields were. It was a much larger, more open area than what was in the front and easily could accommodate all of the first years.

When they all were grouped up behind the school, Fera saw a podium that was elevated enough to be seen over all of the bodies and heads around her. Atop it was the woman from the auditorium, the headmaster, and another man who she did not know. They were all wearing black suits with blue ties and golden phoenix pins clasped over their right breasts. The headmaster cleared his throat and held a hand up to silence the whispering mass of hushed conversations. Once they were all silent, he nodded at the woman who gave him an earpiece that acted as a voice amplifier. "Again, I welcome all of you newcomers to my academy." he started. His voice carried across the open field so that Fera assumed even those in District B could probably hear it. "Unfortunately, as I'm sure most of you have heard, there was an attack last night resulting in the death of two crewmates. With that being the case, I want you to know that the staff here has been instructed to keep closer eyes on all of you while you are within these walls. Now, while this is a tragic event, we must still commence with our normal schedule. The classification tests have been a staple among every academy around the world and are used to test every one of you so we can find the classes most suitable to help you control your abilities better, and also find a hopeful future that you can chase successfully.

A lvl-3 might not have as much power as a lvl-1 but there is always something they can do that the lvl-1 cannot and we strive ourselves in being able to find that. Also, as I said yesterday, there is always a chance for people to grow stronger and more proficient with their powers. To put in simple terms, it's like leveling up in a video game. The more you practice and the better you control your gifts, the stronger you will become, and that means that your level will increase. I would also like to point out that each and every one of you will be tested privately. Mr. Kira here will raise a barrier that will hide the inside from anyone outside. You will be completely invisible to your peers so you do not have to be nervous about them knowing what you can do. There will be events in the future where you will compete against your fellow students and it may be wise for some of you to keep your talents secret until you deem it necessary to reveal yourself. Since we know that, we take great care in not leaking abilities."

"Then why put it on our ID cards?" Fera heard a nearby boy ask a kid next to him. "Now that all of that is out of the way, I say we get started and I will deliver more wonderful information to you after we have concluded your tests. Oh, one last thing. After your test is complete, you will be asked to line up over there, where your level will be listed. There are five rest areas for each level so I want you to go there and wait patiently until everyone is done." Fera looked to where he was pointing and noticed five large tents that were each the size of the main room in her apartment. "How did I not notice that?" she asked herself in disbelief. "I didn't notice them either so I doubt they were there when we arrived." said Anita, in her ear. "But how…" Fera started but then she noticed a man walking around from the backside of one while wiping his brow. "What a useless power, creating tents." snickered a nearby student. Fera scowled but her attention fell back to the headmaster.

"I believe I am now done with what you need to know at the moment. When your name is called, please step forth and we will begin your test." "Summer Carigold!" the woman's voice echoed across the field. A young girl with auburn colored hair and sapphire hued eyes walked forward and vanished after passing the threshold of the invisible barrier. She soon reappeared and went to the area for lvl-2s. "Liza Millar!" the woman called out again. Another girl, this one with curly black hair and a chocolate skin complexion approached and vanished. She too reappeared and went to the lvl-3 section. "Yarin Olira!" This time, a young boy with dark black hair and deep crimson eyes. He brushed a hand through his slicked hair and smiled smugly as he approached. He soon left the barrier and made for the lvl-1 area. Name after name, the crowd grew more fervent in their discussions about what each power could possibly be and why they were standing where they were standing. "Anita Caswell!" Anita smiled at Fera before pushing her way through the crowd. When she left the barrier, she gave a wink and held up two fingers in Fera's direction before going to her designated spot.

"Ferain Hirigaya!" She suddenly became more nervous than she thought she would ever be. Her buzzing began to grow so loud that she couldn't hear the people around her any longer. She wrapped her arms around herself and clutched her sides to prevent herself from touching people. Her gaze turned to the lvl-2 area and she saw Anita smiling at her while giving the thumbs up with both hands. When she entered the barrier, everything on the outside of it became muffled and hazy, as if peering past a wave of heat rising from a steaming surface. She looked up at the podium and saw the headmaster and the woman standing there, looking down at her, while the other man had both eyes closed and his legs crossed on his seat. "Ms. Hirigaya, it is nice to meet you in person. You are one of our scholarship students, yes?" asked the headmaster. "She is, sir." said the woman before Fera had the chance to reply. "Thank you, Autumn, but I was asking her. Give the girl a chance to speak." "Of course, Headmaster." she said with a bow of her head.

"Well, Ms. Hirigaya, is that true?" "Y-yes, Headmaster." Fera replied nervously. Her buzzing was growing restless and it started to cause a tingling in her skin. "Now, I do have some questions for you before we begin. First off, your test results have intrigued me since seeing them. Can you tell me why they intrigue me?" "I-I have no idea, sir." she said. "I assumed that would be your answer. Very well, moving on then. Your past, I hope you forgive me but I look into every student's background for reasons that I hope to be obvious. Your past is… questionable to say the least. Accused of killing your own mother, your father is left in a comatose state on the mainland, in Tokyo I believe. This happened when you were… five, six, correct me if I'm wrong." "I was six, sir. I gained my powers when I turned five and a little after I turned six, my father…" she paused, choking on her words. Her breath was caught in her throat as her humming grew unbearable. "He attacked…" She stopped again and put a hand to her head and took a fistful of her hair.

"Your power is so wild and angry. I see it rushing around in you and I can feel how badly it wants to be released. You keep it on a tight leash. It must be difficult." "It's not that powerful. I got my mother killed because I was born, not because of my powers." she quickly said while remembering her mother's charred body. "You're lying to me. If you're going to lie to me before I even assign you to a class, why would I accept you into my academy?" he asked her. His voice was polite but sharp, questioning but also knowing, as if he knew whatever she's going to reply with before she herself had even thought of it. "Well, I did already accept you and people are allowed to have their secrets, aren't they? You can keep up the act for as long as you want but I will tell you this now, stop fearing your powers and you will see that they are so much more a gift than you realize." he said. "Now, let's get on with this test. Show us what you can do and we will assign you a level."

"Sir?" she asked, looking up at him. "Do something with your power. If you need something to test it on, we can arrange that." He nodded at the woman who bobbed her head back. She snapped her finger in front of her and then in front of Fera appeared a pillar of earth that rose from the ground. It quickly began forming into a person shaped silhouette. She walked over to the stone body and rolled the sleeves of her jacket up. She looked at it, raised up her arm, and then looked back at the headmaster. "Decide, Ferain, fear or truth." he said. She looked back at the rock and pressed her hand against it. Her mother flashed in her mind. Her hair was burned black and was mostly gone from her scalp. Her flesh was bubbled in places as a pattern of lightning strikes ran along her whole body. The feeling of her rough, crisped skin, and the smell of her roasting flesh, filled her mind.

She screamed as her hand sparked but what remained behind when she pulled her hand away was a small black scuff. A very minor burn that would easily be brushed away and would appear as if nothing happened. The headmaster clicked his tongue and the woman snapped her finger, sinking the body back into the earth. "I am disappointed, Ferain. I was expecting something more from you, I won't lie about that. I do hope that you prove to be more in the future but for now, level-4 will suffice." he said with annoyance in his voice. She nodded and turned to leave. "Ms. Hirigaya, one last thing." he said, causing her to stop and look back at him. "Using your fear to hide what you can do is… a waste, and only proves your father right. There is no need to hide your true ability as I already know it, I can see it. Why do you decide to show yourself as weak to those around you? Are you scared they too will fear you as your father did?" he asked her. She scowled deeply at him. "I don't know what you're talking about." she said firmly before leaving the barrier. She avoided looking over at Anita as she walked towards the lvl-4 tent. She heard muffled whispers around her and she knew they had to be about her. She was in there longer than any other student and still wound up in such a low class. They had to be wondering what happened and what her power was, but they would never know, not if she could help it. Her true power, it was a double edged sword and none of them knew that, not even the all knowing headmaster that seemed to read her like a book.

He saw her power but not what it did when she used it. It took nearly four hours for the tests to be concluded and the podium was visible again to everyone around. The headmaster rose and put the small earpiece in again. "To all of you students I say this, respect each other, no matter the level you received. Some might be better at other things than you and you would be surprised to see how much you can learn from those in a lower level. I myself was taught so much about life from a man in lvl-5 during my first year here. He helped me whenever I needed it and he taught me how to be the best person I could be, despite our level difference. Others here might be hiding their true power which in that case, you may find yourselves being thwarted by those that you thought to be weak. Never let the class system decide how you treat somebody, though I have no doubt some of you will ignore this warning. For those people I give another warning that hopefully they will grasp firmly, do not underestimate anybody in this academy.

With all of that out of the way, I tell you now that your schedules will be in place by tonight and your first real day of school will start tomorrow. You have the rest of the day off and you can either explore the academy at your leisure, or go about the ship and finish your final day of easy living before your next year of hell begins. Farewell and I wish you the best of luck with your first year of study aboard the Olirian." The headmaster took out the earpiece and handed it back to the woman before leaving the podium. Fera watched him closely as he and the other woman walked back towards the school. "So, I guess we can do whatever for the rest of the day huh?" a boy said in front of her. "Yeah, seems that way. Might as well explore the ship some." another student beside him replied. "Should you two really be wandering about the ship after that awful attack happened?" a girl in front of the two boys asked them.

"Might as well. If we die then we die, right, Marrow?" "Right as rain, Copper." The two boys stood and looked at the girl. "You are of course welcome to tag along." the one known as Copper said as he held out his hand. He was tall and lean and had bronze colored hair and dark brown eyes. "I won't go about causing trouble before we even officially start school. Plus, it's dangerous right now and I think we should head back to our dorms instead of offering ourselves up to be victims." the girl said as she crossed her arms over her chest and looked at the two with an incredulous glare. "Suit yourself." said Copper. "No fun, are you?" said the other as they left the girl alone. She puffed her cheeks and stormed off after them, shouting various comments that made her sound like a mother scolding her children. "What do you think?" a voice asked behind her. Fera turned and saw a gray haired boy with golden eyes looking back at her. He had a smile on his face but it seemed nervous and unnatural.

"Think about what?" she asked him. "Wandering the ship, it is rather dangerous." the boy said as he looked off at the three vanishing students. By now, nearly all of the first years were walking towards the main building or the front of the school to leave through the gates. "I don't know. It is kind of dangerous with a killer running around." Fera noted. She avoided looking back at him again while playing with her earring. "I'm Sander, you are Ferain, correct?" he asked her. "Y-yeah." she replied quietly. He moved closer to her and held out his hand for her to shake it. She looked at him, then his hand, then his eyes before standing from her seat. "I, uh, have to go somewhere. I'll see you l-later." she said as she slung her bag over her shoulder and began to march away from the rest area. "Okay." he said softly as he remained sitting. As Fera crossed half of the field, a gust of wind suddenly blew around her like a miniature wind tunnel. She held her skirt down with her left hand as she looked around. "You didn't wait for me." Anita said as she floated down from the sky. "You can fly?" Fera asked, not believing what she had seen. Anita touched softly on the ground and brushed her skirt down flat before smiling up at Fera.

"In a way. I kind of float more than anything but I don't like to do it too often. It messes up my hair pretty badly." Anita said as she ran her fingers through her short white hair which was now standing on edge in place of the straightened look it normally had. "Sorry for not waiting. Some guy was…" "Was he bothering you? Do I need to get the headmaster already?" Anita suddenly asked. "N-n… What?" Fera asked in shock. "I was expecting some guys to be all over you but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly. The nerve of some people, touching young innocent girls against their…" "It's not that, Anita." Fera quickly said in exasperation. "I'm nervous around people. He was talking to me suddenly and I didn't know what to say back so I ran. He didn't do anything to me? Anyways, why did you think that would be a problem?" "You see, I've only ever gone to all girl schools but I heard from a friend that her friend went to a co-ed school and the boys were always flirting with her and stuff." Anita explained as she put a hand on her hip. "I just kind of assumed that a cute girl like yourself would attract all kinds of weirdos, especially with that quiet attitude you have. I heard that some guys really like that." "Well, it wasn't anything like that so you don't need to worry." Fera said as she walked past Anita.

"So, the classification tests were interesting huh?" Anita quickly questioned in an attempt to change the mood. "Lvl-4 though, I have to admit, I expected you to be placed higher. It must have been some kind of fluke or something. I'm sure if we talk to the headmaster tomorrow, we can…" "It wasn't a mistake, Anita. My ability isn't all that strong. To a person, it would probably just stun them for a second. The most I can really do is this." Fera pulled a pair of keys from her pocket and dropped them. Instead of hitting the ground, a small trail of lightning shot from her hand and caught the metal in midair. "I can do it with some larger things but not really by much." Fera flicked her wrist upwards and the keys flung into her open palm where she swiftly caught them. "I hate to say it but if we do have team events, you'll probably be carrying me most of the time. I can't really do too much on my own." she said as she stuffed the keys back into her pocket. "Can you at least fight?" asked Anita. "Like, martial arts or something? N-no, not really. I can maybe kick or punch but it wouldn't be anything special. I haven't even hit a person before. Touching somebody has always been off-limits since I got my abilities.

"If your power is so weak, why are you so scared to touch people?" Anita inquired with a tilt of her head. "Because I am and that's all you need to know." Fera answered with a murderous gleam in her eyes. They went sharp and seemed more like those of a feral cat than a human. "Okay, sorry." Anita said. "We'll just have to train you up then. I happen to have trained with a five time world champion martial artist for nearly seven years. My parents had no issue paying for the lessons and figured it would benefit me when I came here. Now I can teach you so it all works out." "Seven years? I don't really have seven years, Anita." "No but you do have some time after school each and every day so that will have to do. First off, we will need to find a weapon that suits you. Then, we will work on unarmed combat so you can fend off people even if you lose your weapon. We'll have to find a way to spar since you don't want to touch people, that will be the primary issue." "Do I really have to learn all of that?" "You have to do something. I don't mind carrying you a bit but there will be times when I will have my own hands full, not to mention solo events that you'll have to do on your own. The school also has a dueling system in place so if you were to get challenged to a single duel, I wouldn't be able to interfere."

"I'm a level four, I doubt I'll draw that much attention to myself." said Fera. "I wouldn't be too sure about that. If anything, that makes you all the more of a curiosity. You're a scholarship student, Fera. A scholarship student that was placed in such a low level doesn't make any sense. That boy, the red eyed one that was selected early on, the first lvl-1, he was a scholarship student. Two of the other lvl-1s were here on scholarships as well. The other two scholarship students were put in lvl-2 and that has always been the case. Not a single person on a scholarship has been put in anything lower than lvl-2 before." "Why?" asked Fera. "Because you need to be really impressive to have joined that way. Most of us have to pay our way in or are invited by the board personally after observing our whole education up to this point. The scholarship students are recent prospects. People that applied just before the school year and impressed the board so much with their results that they were accepted, despite not having any money or previous records." explained Anita in her usual knowing fashion.

"The fact that you're at such a low level will make most people think you're lying about what you can do and most will take that as an insult. They worked tirelessly to get here and prove that they belong here and for someone to be given a spot and not look as though they are even trying to match them will add gas to the flames. In short, this will make you a larger target than if you had been put in lvl-1 or lvl-2." "I'm not hiding anything though. I'm not as strong as you or that red eyed kid or I would've been placed in a higher level. I can't help what I am or what I can do." Fera said. "I don't know, I also think you're hiding something, Fera. I'll let it go for now but if you are lying to me, I hope it's for a good reason." Fera looked away from her and towards the ground, a slight sense of guilt building up in her. "I'm not lying, not entirely." she whispered so quietly that Anita couldn't hear it. Anita patted her shoulder and Fera jumped back. "You're real jumpy. Would it be so bad touching you though your jacket? Would you really shock me with your weak power?" she asked while stifling back her giggles.

"I suppose not but I still don't want to be touched." Fera replied. "Then think of it as touching your jacket and not you." Anita quickly grabbed Fera's wrist, covered by her sleeve, and let a strong gust of wind blow around them. "W-what?" Fera gasped as her feet left the ground. Instinctively, she latched her arms around Anita as they flew several feet into the air. A tornado of wind was below them, lifting them up above the ship. "P-put me down." Fera demanded in a hoarse voice. "Afraid of heights? We'll fix that really quick." Anita said as the wind grew stronger. They went higher and Fera clung tighter to Anita's body. Her humming was growing wildly noisy within her and she felt her hands start to crackle as webs of static would now be filling the gaps between her fingers. "Anita, you need to put me down, now!" Fera yelled as she felt her buzzing coursing around her. They flew up so that they were above the school now. She had a clear sight of the border walls that separated the districts and was soon above the towering structures within them. "Relax a little and enjoy the view!" Anita yelled back, over the rushing wind around them. Fera felt herself losing control.

The static was growing more wild and the noise of her humming was deafening, blocking out even the wind around her. "Anita! Let me go or you'll get hurt! Let me go!" she screamed as she felt herself start shaking. Memories of her mother's body came back to mind. The charred skin, the roasted hair, the lightning shaped scars that covered most of her blackened flesh. "I can't or you'll get hurt! Just hold on a minute longer!" "I-I can't! Let go…" "Ahhh!" Anita screamed as a flash of blue static sparked between them. Both of them stopped as the wind around them died out. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Fera looked at Anita who had her eyes closed and smoke rising from her chest. The ocean was past her, blue and neverending. The sky that surrounded them was clear and just as vast as the ocean. "No." Fera gasped as she felt herself start falling again. She scrambled to grab hold of Anita as both of them started into a freefall back towards the ship. Fera grabbed Anita's hand and gritted her teeth as she forced her static to stay within her body.

"Metal, metal, metal, I need metal." she repeated over and over as her eyes scanned around her. She saw a large metal tower with a dish atop it, placed on top of the school roof. "I have to try." She glanced back down and saw the ground quickly approaching them and then reached out her hand to the tower. "Come on, reach." A large bolt of lightning shot forth from her hand and struck the tower. With a strong pull, she and Anita began launching towards the structure. As they came upon it, she shot forth another bolt that propelled her into a spin around the tower as they descended to the roof, slowing down with every rotation. Once they reached the bottom, both of the girls fell to the rough concrete below and Fera rolled to make sure her back was the first thing to hit. Anita fell from her arms and she rolled another foot away, coming to a stop on her side and gasping for the air that had been knocked from her lungs.

"Anita." she gasped once enough air entered her. Fera scurried to the place where Anita was lying and saw an area of her blazer that was burned away in the center. Then there was her shirt which also had a small hole where it was burned and frayed, revealing a small section of her midsection, leaving it bare but unscathed beside a small red area. She was still breathing and didn't seem to be hurt too badly. "Thank god." Fera said with a weary sigh as she rested her forehead on the ground beside Anita's body. "I think I should be saying that." Anita said with a raspy tone. "That was something else." she quickly added, as her eyes opened slightly. "I told you to let me go." Fera said softly. Anita smiled weakly and forced herself to sit up. "I don't really listen well. How did we get here and not, you know, die?" she asked. "Don't worry about it. I thought I kil…" Fera quickly stopped and looked away from her roommate. "You thought you killed me? It would take a lot more than that to finish me off." she said with a grin.

"Don't joke. We could've died. You shouldn't have done that." "But I did, and we did live so I say it all worked out, right?" "Not right. If I didn't reach or if I couldn't contain my powers enough, we both would have fallen. That, or you might have died in my arms and I would've hit the ground. You need to be more careful, and when I say don't touch me, don't touch me." Fera said sharply. "Sorry, Ferain, I'll be more careful from now on. It was a nice view though, right?" Fera shook her head and fell back so she was sitting on her rear. "Do you ever take anything seriously?" "Not really. Blame it on my upbringing if you must but there has never been much to take seriously. I've never had to worry about things like money or bills or friends and I've always had my parents to look out for me. I was a rich, spoiled little girl, with no cares in the world. I like having fun so I make sure to have as much fun as possible. It was fun, wasn't it?" "It was terrifying." Fera answered with a weary smile. "Then it was fun." Anita replied before falling back down and staring up at the sky.