Chapter 2

The sun smiled down on Cancer's scrunched up face as she yawned. But the sun was not the only thing that was shining today. The girl standing over her's smile was also shining down on her. The girl?! Cancer scrambled to her knees, suppressing a yawn as she scooted herself backwards into a bush. A very thick bush. A bush that, no matter how hard she pushed on it, would not let her slip through the branches and into the safety of it's foliage.

"Don't be worried, we're not here to hurt you," the girl spoke softly, as if she was talking to a scared kitten. "We've been looking for you for the longest time!"

We? Who was we? And how did we find them? Cancer wanted to ask all these questions, but nothing came out of her mouth. Her brain was still racing though. What was the best way to get out of this situation? Could she use her abilities? And where in the world were Pisces and Scorpio?

The girl's smile grew wider, and while it was probably meant to calm her down, it only made Cancer more nervous. She was like a deer in the headlights, a cornered animal, and in that moment, all she wanted to do was get out of there. But the rational part of her brain knew that she needed to stay, to figure out what was happening, and most importantly, to find Pisces and Scorpio.

"Who are you?" She decided to go with.

"My name is Capricorn." Her smile never faltered. "Don't worry, I'd never hurt you."

"What are you doing, and where are my friends?" She asked suspiciously.

Capricorn? She had to be lying. How could this girl just coincidentally be named after a constellation, just like her? It didn't make sense. Cancer reached towards the girl's mind, feeling no ill intentions or negative emotions but instead feeling calm, and hope, and an underlying feeling of excitement. The girl's emotions showed no signs of wanting to hurt her or her family. But if that was true, where could Scorpio and Pisces be?

"Where are my friends?" Asked, having had enough with not knowing.

"They're with my friends," she explained calmly. "We figured we should separate you so you guys wouldn't try and use your abilities to escape."

Abilities? How could she know about their abilities? No one knew about their abilities! She had to be one of the Bad Men. There was no other explanation.

"Everything is fine." She reassured. "We've been looking for you not because we want to hurt you, but because we want to help-"

She didn't have the chance to finish her sentence, because Cancer was gone, having snuck under the bushes behind her and escaping. It's time to find my friends.

"Come back!" She heard the strange girl yell, but of course, she didn't listen.

And then, just like that, the girl was in front of her again.

"Stop running," Capricorn spoke calmly, with only a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Cancer gaped at her, mouth wide open. Her curiosity kept her from dashing yet again, but they needed to find a place that wasn't out in the open like this.

"Here, let's go over to this alley over here," Capricorn said softly, as if reading Cancer's mind.

Cancer winced. What if she really could read her mind. Cancer had no clue. What this girl in front of her was something that was considered impossible, and even though Cancer was quite familiar with the impossible herself, she still couldn't put all these pieces together in a way that made sense. A girl with a seemingly coordinated name to hers and her "family" shows up, also possibly having abilities just like them.

Capricorn, as far as looks go, was not suspicious. She was

They quickly ran over to the alley, and ducked under a little clothesline that was hung between two windows. Capricorn pulled a hoodie off the line and put it on, shivering as she did. It was autumn, but it was a nice day, the sun was shining. Maybe she would just rather be hot than cold.

"Ok, now will you let me explain why I'm here?" She asked politely.

Cancer nodded.

"Ok. My name is Capricorn, like I already said, and my friends who came here to find you with me are named Taurus and Virgo. Us three are just like you three."

She paused to let that take effect.

"We were also born on the streets to three wonderful moms who were just trying to get by in life. We also wandered around from place to place, until one day, our moms all mysteriously disappeared. We also ran and ran, until we felt like we couldn't run anymore, and then we ran still. And we all three loved each other. So, so much."

Cancer shook her head in disbelief.

"How long have you been watching us? How much do you know?"

"We haven't been watching you, I swear!" She protested. "We have lived the same life that you have, even up to the whole abilities thing! And the Bad Men. We were scared of them too!"

She paused.

"That was, up until about a month ago, when our world flipped upside down. We were in Missouri, heading toward the border into Illinois, under the cover of darkness of course. And that was when we saw her. We thought she was a Bad Man at first, because no one had ever tried to stop us and talk to us before, so obviously we were scared.

But this woman, she was different than anyone else we had ever seen. She was almost glowing with power, and she had a kind look in her eyes that we had never seen from anyone before besides each other. The woman told us that our whole life had been a lie. She told us… some very interesting things."

What things, Cancer wondered, but Capricorn didn't have the chance to explain further, for a mysterious figure fell from some roof above the alley way, startling them both.

"Taurus!" Capricorn shouted. "You probably just scared the life out of Cancer here!"

How did she know my name, the thought pushed its way into her head, but was quickly pushed back out again. It didn't matter as much as whatever this Taurus boy was going to say.

"Sorry," he said, nodding his head in her direction. "But we have bigger things to worry about than me scaring you two. Scorpio escaped and we can't find him."

Without even waiting for a reaction, he ran out of the alley and into the road, no care in the world about being seen. In the light, she could see him better than she could when he was in the alley. He was tall, with dark brown hair that was not long and very curly. He had muscly arms and legs that were tanned, and simple black clothing that looked a bit too tight.

Capricorn followed him out into the light, straining to catch up. Cancer, despite her reservations at first, figured she should follow, because the person they were trying to find was Scorpio, and she coincidentally needed to find him as well. Capricorn turned back to make sure she was coming, and seeing that she was, gave a quick smile and began running faster.

She had long grayish brown hair that fell in waves onto her shoulders. Cancer could see a few little braids done here and there within the waves that added to the personality of the hair. Capricorn also had warm tan skin, but it was lighter than Taurus'. She was wearing a white tank top with jeans that looked worn.

Cancer caught up to her, and found the breath to ask

"Where are we going?"

"Back to where we brought Scorpio before he woke up. Where Taurus was supposed to be keeping him calm and explaining what was going on, like I was doing with you."

She gave Taurus' back a guilt inducing gaze, which he didn't notice.

"Do you know what abilities he had? That might be able to help us find him."

"He was able to control shadows so we could hide, and form them into objects that sometimes you could even touch. And he was able to control other peoples' minds, but he wasn't very good at it."

"That must have been what he did to me," Taurus added, having caught bits and pieces of the conversation and slowing down to let them catch up to him. "There we were, me trying to explain to him what was going on, and then all of the sudden I was walking the other direction and he was sneaking away."

"He must be using his shadows to hide himself," Capricorn decided, and started slowing down.

Cancer followed her lead and slowed down as well, immediately looking for the best spot to hide. Fear gnawed at her, and even though she felt as if she could trust these people for now, it was still frightening being separated from her friends. Taurus turned and ran over to them.

"Why are we stopping? We still need to find him!"

"There's no sense in…" Capricorn stopped to catch her breath. "There's no sense in running around with no idea where in the world we're going, or where he's going."

She glanced at Cancer.

"You know him best. Is there any place you think he might be?"

"No," she said, but as she thought more, she realized there was indeed something she could do. "But I might have a way to find him."

"How?" They both wondered aloud.

"My ability. I can separate my consciousness from my body and fly around, sort of."

"Ok then do it!" Taurus almost shouted, startling Cancer.

Capricorn shot a dark look at Taurus.

"Be patient, Tar." She spoke calmly. "And don't be so rude to Cancer. She's doing her best."

"I'm sorry," Taurus said regretfully, turning to Cancer. "I shouldn't have snapped at you. It's just that we don't exactly have a lot of time. They might be on their way at this very moment, and-"

Capricorn smacked him.

"I haven't gotten a chance to explain that to her yet!"

"Fine, fine!" Taurus protested.

"I'm usually not this rude," he addressed Cancer. "So I'm sorry for that. Can you do your thing now?"

She nodded, then turned her attention inward, to herself. She felt her soul releasing itself from the burdens of her body, and then she opened her eyes, and saw her silver hair beneath her.

"Hello?" Capricorn broke the silence, waving a hand in front of her face.

"Up here," Cancer said, but she knew they couldn't hear her.

She drifted away, up and over the buildings nearest, looking in every direction for a suspicious looking cloak of darkness. But she saw nothing. She started thinking of places that they had been. Places that maybe he would return to. What would I do if I was Scorpio? She thought.

First of all, if she was Scorpio, she knew the thing that she would be worried about was finding herself and Pisces. So she would probably go to a place that they had been. Maybe back to the park they slept in. She looked down upon the park, which was not far away, since they hadn't been running for all that long.

People were walking around on the paths, gazing into the little lake, and playing frisbee on the grass. If Scorpio were to come here, he would have had a hard time not being seen. He was the least cautious, but even he wouldn't like being seen by all these people, and having almost no cover besides the little bushes planted in various places on the grounds.

She floated away from the park, looking for the little patch of woods that they had crept through the night before. It was covered enough, and it was a place that was still fresh in their memories. Maybe he had gone there. She found it quite easily, and spent a few moments going through the trees, looking for a shadowy area that didn't look right. There were none, so she gave up the forest and was about to head away when something caught her eye.

It was a flashing red light. Coming from the bakery that Scorpio had wanted to break into last night. She growled in frustration, then dove through the roof. It was an odd sensation, passing through a solid object, but she barely noticed. A window on the side of the store had been broken, as well as one of the panes on the showcases.

Pastries and donuts were lying about, looking like victims of a wild natural disaster. The cash register was open, but unlike the pastry shelves, it looked like it had been picked clean. No money was left. She went out through a front window, looking around for Scorpio, but didn't see anyone. She looked back through the glass, and noticed something strange. While the cash register had been completely ransacked, it seemed as if almost none of the actual food had been taken. Maybe a donut or two, but nothing else, if even that. The food had been wrecked up, but nothing more.

All of a sudden, she felt a weird sensation wash over her. And then, she was back in her body, Taurus shaking her with his stopping arms.

"You're back!" He exclaimed.

"No!" She shouted. "I'm pretty sure I found something."

"No need," he said.

A knot grew in Cancer's stomach. If she had been reading Taurus right this whole time, then finding Scorpio would have given him a different reaction. Especially if they had caught him. So this must be something different. The wrinkles on his face silently agreed with her.

"You know how Capricorn was the one trying to explain what's going to you, and I was trying to explain to Scorpio before he ran?" He asked.

Cancer nodded.

"Ok, well our friend Virgo was also in another area of town, trying to explain what was happening to Pisces. But apparently, when Scorpio escaped me, he must have made me tell him where Virgo and Pisces were. Because he went there. And hit Virgo on the head or something. Then, he must have run away with Pisces. Who knows where they are now."

Why didn't they come back for me? Cancer wondered, but instead, she asked

"How do you know?"

"Capricorn had a vision about it. It's one of her abilities. She can see things that are going to happen in the near future. She saw somebody discovering Virgo's unconscious body and calling the police. We had to put the rest of the pieces in place from there."

"Alright. What are we going to do now?"

He scratched his head, pondering her question.

"We're going to go and help with Virgo, like Capricorn must be doing now," she answered her own question.

"How did you know that's what I was going to say?" He asked her as they started running.

His eyes widened.

"That's not one of your abilities, is it? Reading people's minds?"

"No," she almost laughed. "I'm just very good with emotions. I could tell from your face that you were thinking about someone you cared about, and it took me to Virgo."

"That's pretty cool, actually." His mouth curled upward into a fake grin, but she wasn't going to let him know she knew it was fake. "Is it an ability or just something that you can do naturally?"

"Aren't those one and the same?" She said, before truly answering him. "Yes, it's an ability, but I believe that if I was a normal person, without abilities, I would have been able to do it too, just maybe not as well. People give away a lot more than they know with just simple facial expressions."

He said nothing, and they continued running, until he randomly stopped, and turned to face an old rickety wire fence.

"We're going to have to climb this. Do you think you'll be able to?"

"Climb it?" She replied. "Yes. Climb it without getting tetanus? No."

He chuckled, despite the situation they were in.

"Alright then. Well, I would know about that sort of thing. One of my abilities is invulnerability. I can't be cut by anything, no matter how rusty."

"Great, great," she said sarcastically. "That's you. But how am I supposed to get over?"

"Easy," he said. "My other ability."

He gave her a wink, which made her rethink all of the things that he had said to her since they met, and then his face scrunched into a look of concentration. Slowly, a spot of ground beneath the fence began to writhe and shift around, until finally, it just shifted away like it had never been there at all.

"There," he said. "You can go under it now instead of over it. I tried to make it big enough for you to be able to get through without having to crawl, but if you need me to make it bigger, I'll probably be able to do that too."

"This is fine," she spoke, her mouth open.

She and her friends might be able to do some pretty amazing things, but moving the very ground, being irresistible- sorry, invulnerable, and seeing the future were some pretty amazing things. Maybe she was just astounded by them since it was her first time seeing them, and she had seen her friends' gifts many times before.

She quickly crawled under the fence, looking up when she got to the other side to see him scaling it with ease. His shirt caught on one of the wires at the top and tore yet another hole in his already shabby shirt. He didn't seem to mind though, and jumped down to her, stirring up the dust at his feet.

"This is where Virgo took Pisces," he explained. "We knew that this sawmill wasn't going to open until well after we were gone."

He walked as fast he could to the rusty iron door in front of them and opened it, making a large squeaking noise. He saw her worried look and his emotions turned sympathetic.

"Don't worry," he soothed. "The sawmill is still closed, and will be for at least an hour or two."

He then dashed inside, leaving her alone. She decided to linger outside for a bit longer, hoping upon hope that maybe Scorpio and Pisces had been hiding around in the scrap yard and would now rush out of hiding to save her. Nothing even close to that happened. She let out a frustrated groan. How could this day have gone so horribly wrong? She asked herself.

Nothing interesting was happening out here, so she decided to follow Taurus inside. When she entered, she found a small, depressing hallway that led to a slightly larger depressing hallway. That depressing hallway led to a large room that smelled of sawdust and sweat, which was where she found them. Hunched over a body on the floor, Taurus and Capricorn were whispering to each other in quiet tones.

Cancer shuffled over to them quickly, gazing at the body laying there. Virgo was beautiful. Her pearly white hair, which also had a faint sea green hue, fell to her waist, laying around her head in strands. She was wearing a single golden band on her upper arm, which, if it was on Cancer's arm, would probably bother her, but looked very nice on Virgo.

Even though she was unconscious, she still looked serene. She had very fair skin that should probably look dirty, considering that, if Capricorn wasn't lying, they had been out on the streets their whole lives. But somehow, it wasn't.

"She was hit by a rock, Capricorn thinks," a deep voice said softly.

Taurus stared down at Virgo, an expression on his face that, to anyone else, would seem unreadable. But no expression was unreadable for Cancer. She understood that Taurus was worried, and even though he was trying to hide it, she knew he felt deeply for this girl on the ground. Just as Cancer did for Scorpio and Pisces.

"I wish Pisces was here," Cancer said forlornly. "One of his abilities was healing."

"Well then I wish he was too," Capricorn looked up from the ground. "We don't exactly have a lot of time left. I can see that she'll wake up soon, but I can't tell if it will leave us enough time to get out before the sawmill workers arrive."

Suddenly, they heard a gasp. Virgo was awake. And then everyone was all smiles and chuckles and words of happiness as they rushed towards Virgo. Cancer tried to stay out of the way and let them have their moment, but it was hard not to be caught up in the flow of emotions that was radiating off of the other two. Everyone was happy. Well, at least content. And also, not everyone. Virgo was still gasping, and the emotions that were coming off of her were far from blissful.

"They're- they're gone!" She was still breathing deeply. "They're gone, and they're not coming back."

She turned, and her eyes caught on Cancer.

"Not even for you."